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Hylamide C25 | Deciem

Hylamide C25 | Deciem

Hello my darlings

Here is a post that has taken me forever to research, I am probably preaching to the converted on Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company, as by now you have probably heard of them if not already use the products - but let's pretend you haven't, if you are a normal everyday person who buys product because you like the look of it, you will no doubt pick up products from Deciem, read a lil bit of info and put them down thinking - well it could be good but I don't understand it !

Deciem as a company make no apology for their scientific approach to all things beauty, as a Scientist, founder Brandon believes that the products cannot be summed in in simple statements such as "Daytime anti wrinkle cream " or suchlike, the whole brand is focused on skin health from a purely scientific approach, which is what makes it a little complicated for us mere mortals.

I have written about this company a few times previously and even went so far as to call one product Botox in a bottle !  just used the search bar on my site for Deciem.

Right, the product at hand here is from the Hylamide range, which is designed to give more instant results where as Niod is more longer term result driven.

Hylamide C25 would you guess what it is by the name ?  of course you wouldn't, it is Vitamin C for the skin in it's most stabilised form,  a lot of products will claim to have this powerful vitamin in their products, but it will not be stabilised with 25% Ethyl absorbic acid and resorcinol complex, which in lay-mans terms means by the time it reaches us, what with packaging and exposure to light, the Vit C will be hardly present. 
 This little frosted glass bottle with it's glass pipette dropper offers you the vitamin in it's most powerful form, said to visibly target Fine lines, uneven tone, textural irregularities and dullness.

On using a couple of drops into the palms and spread across the face and neck,  I saw and felt an instant warming effect, which only lasted a few minutes but once it subsided left my skin with a positive glow, I LOVED this effect, I love to feel something working instantly, Hylamide C25 is designed to be used as a first base under any other skincare you wish to use, it can also be used at night either alone, ( which is what I did )  or under your usual brand of night cream.

You will, in my for what it's worth opinion see instant results from the Hylamide range and they are definitely worth exploring on the website, be prepared to feel a little bit thick when you get into the science :) 

Hylamide C25 can be found

My * Botox* in a bottle can be seen

Love and hugz
Lyn x 


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