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Let me start by saying  I do not claim to be an expert,  My views are just from an average Woman's point of view and my aim is to take the confusion out of "Hype" that I think surrounds a lot of things today, "does it do what it says on the box ? " 
I am originally from South London and now live in a village in Surrey UK, I am 61 with 3 grown up children and 2 Granddaughters, having run my own interiors business for many years I am now in the fabulous position of Blogging at home full time.

Being of  (mature) years has not yet made me a grown up, I still like to laugh uncontrollably, play around on the swings and make a total fool of myself on many occasions, I don't really hold with the idea that you should act a certain way when you reach your prime. I like nothing more than embarrassing my family :)

Most of the products I review (not all) are PR samples and are given to me  to test and review, I DO NOT write good reviews of a product that I don't think is good value or worth the money, my reviews are literally products that I have tried on myself or tested on a family member.

 If I add links for you to purchase these products, I literally make a few pennies from each sale and I thank you for using those links , as this is a part of how I make my living.

I hope this little blog brings you a smile.

Lyn xxx

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