Sunday, 28 June 2015

New Look Summer Outfit taking care of the "Arm thing "

This week's weather has got me shopping again, and as much as I like a vest/strappy top for the garden, I think when it comes to going out a lot of us give some thought to the "arm" thing......well lucky us, my favourite kind of drop shoulder top is top of this seasons list, these tops enable you to show off your shoulders while at the same time keep the less flattering bits covered !  win, win.

This top is from New Look and really has the perfect relaxed Summer vibe, 100% easy care Viscose with a soft cotton feel, navy embroidery and crochet fringing. £17.99  available Here

Also available in Navy, this little top would be perfect teamed with some white jeans, I personally love boyfriend jeans for the relaxed casual look New Look have the perfect pair at £24.99 available Here

Complete the outfit with a pair of strappy flats from £7.99  at New Look, gorgeous, feminine , comfy and perfect.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Saturday, 27 June 2015

The thing about Blogging

I adore blogging, there I said it, for me it's perfect as I can talk the hind legs off a donkey.  I get so excited when I find something new  that I bore the pants off my family, and I get a lot of  "you told me that already ".

I get such pleasure at just how brilliant and funny other bloggers can be, before the Google and the Interweby we only had glossy magazines and they sure as hell were only going to show you a perfect idealist life, yep I know  we all like to dream, but really ?  way to go to make feel like you are not living the perfect life !

In real life stuff happens, and that's what blogging  has bought us, real life, real people, real houses, real lives, it has bought us the human side to life which I love, as a nation we are nosey, ha ha that's not being harsh, we just are !  shows like Big Brother, and soap operas are living proof that we like to view other peoples lives.

YouTube, although not something I don't think I would ever be brave enough to do, has been a real eye opener for me, not naming names but....some of the very best videos I have seen have been of ladies who are not size 8 twenty somethings that are more than happy to go on camera with no make up, and start their vlog with "excuse the mess "  Wonderful relatable real life from REAL women :)

I totally admire and am  in awe of the young bloggers and their ability to touch the lives of youngsters in a way that was never possible in * Our Day*

I have experienced first hand the positive influences that the likes of Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter have made to my Granddaughter and her friends, flipping heck at the ripe old age of 58  I even know who Dan & Phil are as she is off to see them in Brighton, two cheeky chappies who make funny YouTube Vids......." "Nan watch this ! " 

I have also purchased every Zoella product on  the market, and have spent I lie, minutes being wracked with guilt at my failure to obtain the limited edition candle lol  BAD NANNA !

Well, that's enough rambling for now, what are your thoughts ? you clearly love blogs as much as me for having the patience to read this :)

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Friday, 26 June 2015

10 Things your Mumma Said.

10 things your Mumma said !

 " Will you just look at the dirt on your face"  if this were possible I would have joined the circus.
"Charlie's Dead" Leaving me desperately worried as a child that some long lost relative had died, when what she actually meant was that my slip was showing !
"Eat your dinner people in Africa are starving"  This one earned me a slap at about age 8 when I suggested she post it.
"Don't you look at me with those eyes " well.........really ? do I have a spare pair ?
"The sandman is coming"  OMG this was the best !  Laying in bed terrified some old fella was going to come and sling sand in my eyes !
"Close your mouth and get on with your dinner "  reoccurring theme here my tellings off seemed to revolve around food lol.
"Don't you make me come up those bloody stairs "  Meaning if she missed a second of Coronation St, I was in deep doo doo.
" When I was your age "  another slap occurred when I innocently asked if people wore crinolines in those days, ha ha trendy 50's Mother was not overly impressed.
Apparently nice girls don't pass wind or burp.......we all just walk around like over inflated helium balloons.
And finally, " Eat your crusts " Don't even ask me why crusts are good for you, to this day I have no clue.
If this rings any bells with you I would love to hear your comments, and how many of us have heard our Mother's coming out of our own mouths ?
 when we swore we never would lol
Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moda in Pelle Happy Feet

How excited was I when the postman came today !

I was absolutely desperate for these sandals to arrive as to me they are simply perfect for any occasion, the sparkly 2 tone jewels really do go with any colour, and I just love the leather insoles with the gold toes.  

Add caption

They actually come in silver, gold or black.  I chose gold as I just love it with white in the summer, but to be honest I may well treat myself to another pair in silver while they are on sale,  lets be honest they are hardly going to go out of fashion so will be just fine for next year :)

 I am so sad I will wear sandles till the very very last days of summer, and for me the more bling the better, they are seriously comfy and gave them a little run out into town this afternoon, I nearly walked straight into a pushchair staring down at my purdy shiny feet...oops.

Oh I almost forgot, these are from Moda in Pelle  called Lainey and are on sale reduced from £69.95 to £36.95.....gotta love a bargain !

if you want to grab them or just browse the site it is 

Available by clicking here

Love n Hugz 
Lyn x


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

St Tropez gradual tan in Shower lotion

 I have to admit I am a bit of a tanning freak in that Summer and Winter I do like to have a little bit of colour, I just think it makes the skin look healthier and clothes just that little bit nicer, also, and this is a big plus for me,  I think it makes you look slimmer.

 I have recently discovered the EASIEST way of fake tanning EVER, St Tropez  gradual tan in shower , it literally takes 3 minutes to apply, very similar to in shower moisturisers, simply shower, rinse, turn the shower off, apply tan on wet skin which makes it really easy to apply, make sure to wash tan of palms,  wait  3 minutes and rinse off, the lotion leaves you beautifully moisturised and the tan gradually builds as you go about your daily business, it can be used daily or whenever you feel like a little boost.

This is currently on offer at  Boots Click here and is £9.67 instead of £14.50, Boots currently have 1/3rd off all San Tropez products.

Happy Tanning.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

If you have never tried a Hot Cloth Cleanser you really have been missing out, there is nothing like the feeling of freshly washed skin without the dryness or itching of soap, back in my day you were very posh if you used Pears  soap ha ha.


At Christmas I was lucky enough to be given Liz Earle products as a gift, Including the Hot Cloth Cleanser, I loved it but using it twice a day it didn't last too long.  I came across Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser purely by accident, I'm so very glad I did, it's gorgeous !

It's thick and creamy and smells lush, and even comes with it's own muslin cloth, I was actually lucky to spot the cloth in the bottom of of the box as I honestly didn't expect one at the bargain price of around £3.00 not sure if this was a half price offer but even at twice the price it's a bargain !

Being a typical woman and being totally blind without reading glasses I failed to read the instructions while in the bathroom :)......  you know you have done the same !

Anyway, you are instructed to avoid the delicate eye area.......oh no, not me !  It was brilliant at removing eye make up without any ill effects, please note this is not recommended by Superdrug.

This product is ab fab, it left my ( mature ) skin feeling clean, fresh, not tight, no itching, and so moisturised it would be easy to forget moisturiser on non make up days.

I think sometimes it's easy to overlook own brands thinking they can never be as good as the expensive brands but so confident are Superdrug in their own brands they offer 100% returns policy should you not be happy.......who knew?

I am no beauty expert but this really is one to try, it is definitely staying in my bathroom.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

Superdrug Shop Now


Monday, 22 June 2015

Loft Space tale,

Recently I had the task of entering my Loft, and by loft you are probably thinking  of some airy New York looking space...............

No...........I mean the REAL loft, that scary grubby space that is a hole in the ceiling that you enter with a dodgy ladder at best, I have lived in this house for around 20 years and have entered the hole possibly once, by enter I mean poking my head inside the hole while being very brave on a ladder ( I don't do heights) even standing on a chair is a challenge,  Blimey !   I could break a hip at this age :)

The loft to me is a place that I am in control of by standing at the bottom of the ladder giving instructions as to what colour theme Christmas is going to be, and describing boxes.

On this occasion I REALLY went in and what did I discover ?  I would love to say something really precious and valuable , but no I discovered that I have a veritable aviary going on up there, for some strange reason this weird old house was built with a huge gap all around the roof joining the house, it is now full of nest housing Swifts, Don't laugh but I am scared of birds lol.

I wouldn't have the heart to evict them, BUT it now means that I can't open my bedroom window fully in case one of them flies in and pecks my eyes out !

Am feeling a little chuffed with myself and may now add conservationist to my resume.

Love and Hugz
Lyn xx

10 Things about ageing 


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age reversing line/wrinkle creme spf 15 Review

"Estee Lauder"

Estee Lauder
Advanced Time Zone

Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme SPF 15

Product Details  (taken from the Estee Lauder website )

Look younger—fast. Help "rewind" the appearance of ageing.
Instantly skin feels softer, smoother. A fresher, more radiant, less lined appearance is quickly revealed.
Includes our Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex™.
Women say their skin looks younger, more beautiful. You will too.
The Normal/Combination skin creme is lightweight, silky, refreshing. The Dry Skin creme is luxuriously emollient and velvety smooth.
How to Use
Apply AM and PM after your Repair Serum.
Reduces the look of wrinkles. Fast.
Suitable for all skintypes.
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of firmness, tone
  • Dryness, dehydration
  • Dullness, loss of radiance
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-comedogenic; won't clog pores

Estee Lauder are currently running a promotion, spend over £50.00 and receive this gift set worth £70.00

I am in no way affiliated with this brand and these are my own personal experience opinions.

Love n Hugz, Lyn


My juicy review

I have since Monday embarked on a juice only diet, cutting out all caffeine, I decided to give this old bod some TLC............well its been a lil journey this week.

Not juice lol, my double shot Costa (before my juicy week )

Day one was haaaard especially as I had to cook a full English fry up for Mr Lavender Barn and sit drinking my juice with him while he ate dinner lol. but I survived, went to bed thinking I never expected to get through the first day, chuffed.

Day two was a little difficult in that this was when I felt most tired, felt happy enough and had the required amount of juices plus copious amounts of water.

Day three was a bitch !  felt really hungry all day, and in truth wondered why I was doing this lol

Day four was simply fantastic, had to force myself to have my juice as I wasn't even hungry, felt fab :) excited enough to buy a new juicer.

Day five was a breeze, still managing to cook his fry up ( and smile) lol had my juices although defiantly not starved, this is becoming quite addictive, lets see what day 6 brings.

Day five came with the added bonus of being featured on the Joe Cross  website ( Fat sick and nearly dead fame)   to be fair he is my Aussie god, if you remember from a previous post it was watching the film on Netflix Fat Sick and nearly dead, that sparked my interest in juicing.

Joe Cross: ‘We all have the ability to encourage each other’

watch this space.

Love n hugz, Lyn x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

10 things about ageing

Ok here we go, this is going to hit some home truths hopefully in a lighthearted way lol.

1. Getting out of bed...this is not how it's supposed to feel, I would like to jump up throw on some trainers and run around the village, well that ain't happening !  getting up requires a great deal of stretching just to get things bloody moving.

2. Getting up to pee a zillion times in the night.......yes you know !

3. Looking in the mirror and seeing your Mum looking back at you, no matter how dear she is/was too you it's not something you want to happen :)

4. Laughing too hard = pee, coughing too hard = pee, being tickled = pee, jumping too hard on kids trampoline,  yep you guessed it !

5. If you are not already attached, of our age look old wrinkly and ugly. Get a CAT.

6. Here's my fav, memory.....who said that ?  seriously what happens ? where does it go ? I thought it would start to diminish in my eighties but oh nooooooooooo.  she who found the TV remote in the fridge :)

7. Looking really old and stupid in front of your kids, when they criticise you for not being able to understand the latest piece of technology, remind them who taught them how to use a TOILET.

8. Small print, now I don't know about you but I am convinced print size is smaller nowadays, I can often be seen staring closely at the ingredients list on a supermarket product, with squinty eyes and my nose pressed against the packaging, it's THEM not us.

9. Sleep, Hot & sweating like a bloody furnace or freezing cold, and please do not get me started on listening to snoring grrrrrrrrrrr

10.  "NAN be careful "........oh no I wont, and yes I will show you up in the play area at the park......why ?  because I can and it amuses me lol.

I could probably go on.........but I can't remember what I was going to type.

Love n Hugz Lyn x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review


Advanced Night Repair

Synchronized Recovery Complex II



 There is a lot of hype about Anti Ageing products and believe me I have spent a fair amount on most of them, I do believe though that you get to a point where you find a product that you have absolute faith in and just stick to it.........this is one of mine, not cheap prices start at 49.00 for 30ml's one of those  *you get what you pay for * products.

A little of this magic serum goes a long long way, and the bottle lasts for ages,  it come with a little dropper that makes you feel all sciencey, yep I know there's no such word :)

I promise you can actually see a difference in the texture and moisture level of your skin in the morning.

Estee Lauder claim that this is their #1 Anti ageing serum and I honestly can't say I'm surprised it is fabuloooooos.

How to Use ( taken from the Estee Lauder site )

 Use several drops. Smooth in gently all over face and throat.
Try This Nightly Ritual
1. Apply a drop on each fingertip of one hand.
2. Touch fingertips of both hands together.
3. Massage serum over face and neck, starting at the centre, outward.

  • Multiple signs of ageing
  • Visible age prevention
  • Dryness, dehydration
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Dullness, loss of radiance
  • Oil-free
  • Oil-free                                            
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Non-comedogenic; won't clog pores
  • Fragrance-free


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Feeling Vintage

 I had to write about this as it was a pretty amazing experience, My Son and his girlfriend were visiting for the weekend and after months of being nagged I finally gave in and let him in the loft !
He has been bugging for a while as there was an old Dansette record player up there and a suitcase of my old records.

In truth, I failed to see why these were of any interest to him.  I am so glad I conceeded, it was a complete eye opener for me.............they had never seen one before let alone played with one lol.

 How funny that the things we take for granted as being part of our normal youth,  are in this age of super duper clever technology, NEW to the kids !   It was truly fascinating to me to watch them not know how to use a record player, imagine not knowing what the stylus was, the arm was, the switch to 45 was ? and the little pop out centres ?

It seriously tickled me, and took me way way back to the day before ipods, pads, bluetooth etc, the days of trying to record the latest tunes from a radio and clicking off before the DJ started talking lol.

The days when you were so excited to buy the latest single that you left the arm of the record player it would repeat and about Auto play ha ha we hadn't even heard of it.

The days when you piled so many singles on that they would slide making the sound really freaky, blowing the fluff off the needle..........anyone with me here ?

 Along with his super new toy came a very battered old brown suitcase with no zip in sight, My almost daughter in law was so excited and claimed it was vintage lol, bless, she is a photographer and will use it as a trendy prop.

  Inside said vintage case was the library of my misspent youth, the best of it was I didn't need to feel any shame as they hadn't heard of 99% of the artists. My old Motown, Soul, Reggae.   Although I did do a little inner cringe lol.

It was truly lovely that they got so much pleasure out of something I hadn't given a second thought to, and on reflection I could of got some serious payback on the rolled eyes when mumma cannot figure out something technical that is * the latest thang*.........  and god Mum you are so useless hardy ha ha.............can you make a flower pot out of an old album ?   NO ?   well who's useless now ?

On a serious note, it was a joy to watch, and I am so so happy that something so simple gave them so much pleasure.

Love and hugz

would love your thoughts and comments on " the good old days "  were they ? or do we just have rose coloured glasses ?


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Thoughts on Reflexology | Holistic massage

 And relax................

For the very first time in 58 years I experienced a full body massage this year, I was lucky enough to be bought a spa day by my granddaughter for a birthday gift, off we went to The Marriot at Lingfield Park Racecourse, we both had facials and full body massages..............well !  I have never experienced any thing like it, although a little chaotic in that we weren't told for our £100  each we could use the full spa facilities, the treatments were fantastic ! the therapists were gorgeous and totally professional, and I was so relaxed she could have had my purse, bank details and anything else of value and I couldn't of cared less lol ( she didn't, but could have )  I seriously didn't know my own name !

This started the bug, My beautiful friend Natasha Edwards is a Holistic therapist, I say beautiful because she is both inside and out, she is aiming to practise her therapy as a full time role and am convinced that she will be successful in this endeavour, having experienced the joy of both full body massage and reflexology with her and I am hooked on both, the reflexology was a first for me, and as the sun was shining we decided to do it in the garden, along she came with her massage bed, and we gave the neighbours something to talk about ha ha.

If you have never had any sort of treatment, as a lot of us feel it is a little too indulgent, I urge you to treat yourself, and promise you will thank me for it.  As women we spend all of our lives looking after other people, look after deserve it.

Love and Hugz

Nutribullet | The juice Master | Primal Bluebrint | Fat sick nearly dead | The Body Coach

My Daily love affair

Lets talk diets, This is a biggie so grab a cuppa ! Not the usual Slimming World, Weight Watchers kind of diets, been there done that got the tee shirt, I am not knocking them but as I have got older the focus for me is more on health, with this in mind I have spent untold hours reading books, websites, blogs etc on the subject, if you have netflix there are a ton worth watching, and they really do make a lot of sense about the *fuel* we put in our bodies.

My journey started with looking at Paleo, ( having seen first hand the weight my son in law lost) now the followers of this lifestyle hate it being called a diet, although the claim is that you lose body fat while following the lifestyle of a caveman, in short no grains, pulses, junk food, lots of real fats, the favourites being butter from grass fed cows and pure coconut oil and olive oil.  Paleo is dairy free which didn't sit with me, even though I don't have tons I do still like a cup of tea a couple of times a day !  this moved me on to finding the Primal way of eating ( Paleo but with a bit of leeway ) The God of this lifestyle is Mark Sissons, just look at his picture for testament !
My next subject for examination was Juicing, this really holds a lot of logic for me putting pure fresh veg and fruit straight into your system. If you have Netflix, do check out Fat sick and nearly dead also the follow up now is fat sick and nearly dead two, Joe Cross, a charming amusing Australian has totally changed not only his body but the lives of millions, when I first saw this I thought it was a little hardcore and whilst looked fab I couldn't see me doing that length of time on it. having learned more Joe has 3, 5, 10 and 15 day re boots.

I absolutely adored watching this film, it really bought home the abuse we expect our bodies to endure with today's modern eating ! if you cant see the film the book The re boot with Joe/ juice diet is definitely worth a read.

The UK Guru of all things Juicy is our very own Jason Vale, aka The Juice master, I have just finished reading The Juice Master Turbo charge your life in 14 days.  and lose 7lb in 7 days which I am currently on day 2 of lol wish me luck, this will possibly be a future blog on either my success or epic failure !

My next Guru, and in my humble opinion *the next big thing * is our very own Joe Wilks aka The Body Coach, I first heard of Joe Via my granddaughter who knows I am obsessed with the healthier eating lifestyle, and tolerates 2 healthy meals a week at nanna's house, rock those sweet potatoes !
"Nan you have to see this guy's instagrams check out leanin 15, so I had a quick glance thought it was fun but didn't give it too much time, wrong was I ?  this guy deserves to be seen, he runs online coaching and holds your hand through 90 days of good eating and fitness.  he also has a book coming out in the new year, which is available to pre order. 
In conclusion, all these gorgeous guys advocate healthy eating, clearing the crap and moving more, I am by no means an expert on any of the above and these as purely my own opinions, I have tried all of the above with the exception of the Body coach, I may well write individual blogs on each of these if requested :)


Friday, 12 June 2015

Bored ?

I keep getting asked the question "Don't you get bored being at home ? " 

Well quite frankly no lol, I honestly don't know how I had time to do anything when I was working full time, I was clearly superwoman *joke*  or at the very least an exhausted woman, the only downside to being at home is that my poor old brain has relaxed so much I keep forgetting stuff, and walk into a room and wonder why I am there, now I know this is a standard joke but it REALLY is happening :)  having found the TV remote in the fridge I began to question my sanity.  My children find much amusement in the "you already told me that Mum " sentence..........ha ha bitches, you wait it will happen to you :)

I remember my Mum having tropical moments and watching her standing at the back door in desperation trying to cool down, thinking ohhhhhh drama, she is probably looking down mocking me now, sighing and saying drama who ? as I throw the bedding off at night convinced a certain someone has left the heating on !

What do they say about what goes around comes around ?  My wish for my Daughters is stay cool girlie's, the years soon pass lol.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chillaxing !

Look at me using trendy terms like chillaxing..........I hate the word but it seemed appropriate lol.

What do you wear on those days when you really don't want to doll up but still need to look decent so as not to scare the postman or anyone that has the nerve to pop in unannounced ?

Oh no she didn't !
Jammies or nightie may seem to be a really attractive thought, and yes I have been known to hide at home spending a day in nightwear ( shame on me lol )  but seriously haven't we all ?  but a matching velour tracksuit really is probably best suited to ???????? bear with me I'm thinking, oh that's right NO ONE.  Nothing wrong with yoga pants, stylish joggers or harem pants these are great for feeling like you are still in nightwear but still look "dressed" at least you can pop out for milk without the neighbours giggling.


Ikea Furniture

Who would have guessed that this is how a sofa arrives ? If you have never bought from Ikea before prepare yourself for some serious re-cycling.  The day arrived of the sofa delivery and with the room being all finished and waiting I was desperately excited to see it in situ, imagine the shock when the delivery guys arrived with a sofa in a BOX alongside screws and a little tool to attach it's arms.............hmmmmmmmmmm sleeves rolled up and and a couple of hours later it's arms and loose covers are on, ( go me)  This room was the bargain of the century and I am pretty pleased with the way it has turned out, although a little worried about having white furniture with a black dog it has turned out to be pretty simple to look after. I planned that the covers would need washing every couple of weeks so bought a spare set in preparation so it's all good on the cleaning front.


 At last the decorating of the lounge is finally finished, If you have never bought from Ikea before it really is an eye opener.

This little chair was a bargain at 110.00
The fireplace got the white treatment
Every radiator needs hiding :)

A set of spare covers was only £55.00 worth every penny.

Some of my beloved accessories or as Mr K likes to call them clutter lol

 The next on the list is the bathroom, watch this space.

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