Saturday, 28 May 2016

OK Bouquet

Hiya Beautiful

Can you imagine the joy when a courier knocked the door to deliver this ?

Ok, it's not just a brown box.

How clever is the water container that it built into the box?

The smell when opening the box was sheer heaven.

Opened in the dining room.

On display in the lounge.

As you have probably gathered by now OK Bouquet is a flower delivery website, not just any old website, it is STUNNING and the value for money is outstanding, with next day delivery you can choose from Pastel Bouquets starting at £25.00, Roses either by the dozen as shown here at £30.00 or for £50.00 you could really go to town and have 2 dozen.

This site really is one to keep on your favourites bar, you can see exactly what you are getting for your money, no more hoping that what you have sent lives up to it's cost.

Be it as a treat for yourself, a gift or a thank you to a client, OK Bouquet really won't let you down.

I am delighted to have discovered this company, and would like to say a huge thank you to them for totally brightening my day.

Find OK Bouquet HERE

Love Lyn x

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Ark Skinperfector Hydration Injection Mask

 Ark Skin perfector Hydration Injection Mask. beauty,skincare,blogger,

Hiya Lovely

If you are a regular reader you well already know of my love of a good face mask, and this one from Ark Age Aware Skincare is no exception, you will have seen me write about Ark Age Aware skincare products before, and there is actually a lot to love about this brand, from the sleek stylish packaging to the fact the skin care is age tailored so you know it's perfect for you whatever age you are. Also that it is flying the flag and made in England.

This Vitamin filled mask is designed as once or twice weekly pick me up for tired looking skin that lacks radiance, I am happy to report that I have used this a few times now, the 75ml tube will actually go a long long way as you only need to apply a thin layer to gain the benefits. It has clean fresh almost herb fragrance, nothing overpowering or fake, applied to clean skin you leave the mask on for the given length of time for your age group from 5-20 minutes, needless to say I was in the 20 minute range, and on a couple of occasions I did even better than that and slept in the mask, my idea not Arks, when you are ready to remove simply clean off with a cloth and warm water, follow up with ideally Ark Hydrating Toner, I didn't have this so used another brand, and then follow with Ark Age Aware moisturiser which I have reviewed here   my skin was left looking plump and refreshed as though I had had a really good nights sleep.

Just as a little side note the fragrance actually aids as a relaxing aroma when falling to sleep, it was like drifting off in the middle of a salon facial :)

Find this and all of Arks Products here 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

JD Williams Summer 2016

Hiya Beautiful

Hope the sun is shining on you whatever part of the world you are in, it's a grey chilly dull day here in Surrey, UK and I am rather wishing I were back in Tenerife sat on the Villa balcony looking out to sea ( sigh )
Before I went away to Tenerife I was contacted by JD Williams with a very kind offer of a Summer outfit, perfect timing for me just when I was holiday clothes shopping, I was given a budget to spend and came up with two great looks, I can only show you one as my favourite one wasn't sent to me :(  some sort of mis-communication I guess.

I chose this second dress Joanna Hope Jersey fabric as part of the budget as it was plain & simple, easy to dress up or down in a fabulous easy wash and wear fabric.  Also it was the amazing bargain price of £15.00 which I thought everyone would love to see, I chose Navy although it does come in various other shades.
 One of the best things about this dress apart from the fabric is the cut of the top, I have put on a lot of weight this last year, and with that comes the fatty bra bits, this dress is cut that no lumps or bumps are visible and the cross over top is a modest V without your girlie's falling out.  It was ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear, the only downside I would say is that it isn't the longest dress on the planet, I am 5'6" and would say it was only just long enough for me.

 I teamed it with a pair of Sole Diva Rose Gold Diamante Sandals at £20.00  that seriously are the comfiest thing on the planet, I did take a risk by taking new shoes away with me, but these were comfy from the very first wear, with an adjustable gold fabric strap they were perfection, and I have to say I wore them far more than was intended as they were so comfortable, they also come in Silver.

If you have never thought to look at the JD Williams before I really recommend that you do, there are some really nice non-mumsy outfits on there and the prices are seriously reasonable.

Whatever you are planning this year, I hope the sun shines on you.


Lyn x

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Trio | Lipstick

IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Trio | Lipstick

Hiya Lovely You

thanks for stopping by again :) it's nice to know I am not clacking on to myself.

Here I am again as promised with another review from the US brand IT Cosmetics, this time it is with a Trio of lipsticks, real name Vitality Lip Flush 4 in 1 reviver, I think it's wrong of me to call these lipsticks as they are so much more than that, packaging reads,

 Anti-ageing not sure about that, but hydration is always good on the keeping things looking younger so OK we can live with that.
 Lipstick, yes they do act as a lipstick.
 Lip gloss & lip stain, for sure they are both of those.
AND cruelty free with no parabens.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Trio | Lipstick

The three shades in the set are: 

Pretty Woman which looks like a dark Burgundy in the case but is a sheer wash of colour that has both gloss & depth.

Je Ne Sais Quoi which is a clear balm until it hits your lips where it turns into a gorgeous pale pink gloss as if by magic.

and finally Love Story, which despite the colour in the tube is a fabulous natural looking nude that really would suit anyone.

Let me just say at this point, I never ever wear dark colours, I do wear everyone of these, with a balm texture they are sheer but give colour without looking heavy at all, you actually feel as though you are treating your lips rather than wearing make up, but not wishy washy like most glosses.

IT Cosmetics are only available in the UK from  as always with a 30 day money back guarantee.

My next review for IT Cosmetics is all about eyes :)

Love n Hugz

Lyn x

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Too Old For Gold ?

Hiya Beautiful

Am really wanting opinions here, as long as they match mine it's all good ( kidding ) you can be as harsh as you want I promise not to cry ( much )

While looking for holiday bits n bobs before going away the other week, I spotted in River Island what I thought were a really cute pair of trainers that would be ideal for the flippin hills in Tenerife,  Mr LB was so not impressed, almost smirking and giving it the "well if you like them " obviously I don't dress for him, but it really put me in a mood, why do they do that ?  when you show them something you like you clearly like it or you wouldn't be showing them !  and what most straight  Men know about what's on trend you could write on a postage stamp, I put them down and went home wondering what the hell was wrong with me ?  what was I thinking ? was I hungry ?  I couldn't think of one reason why I didn't ask for my size are rush to the counter waving my Debit Card like a sword.

Fast forward............Now we are in Tenerife, there is one shop in our area that sells, Tom Ford, etc and has some seriously gawjus shoes, and just like a MAGPIE I spotted them..........GOLD GLITTER..........ha ha, knowing the answer I ask -" what do you think of these ?   the reply  "well if you want to look like a Chav then they are OK I suppose"      that was all I needed, in my broken Spanish I asked for my size and proceeded to pay..........far more than I would have paid in the UK but I had a point to prove, I AM THAT CHAV !!!!!!! 
 Chav indeed, the man has no taste lol 

I wore my shiny shiny trainers shopping last week and they hurt like a b***tard but no worries, I limped home without saying a word about my plight, and put them to one side for another braver day and some compeed.

Was I right ?  should we wear whatever the hell we want, as long as it isn't showing boobies or bum I personally don't see why not, and as we all know they joy new shoes bring against a sour pussed old fella are no comparison :)

Let me know how much you love my shiny shiny shoes LOL

In fact now I have posted a picture I have realised I NEED the River Island ones too :)  Happy days 

Lyn x


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder With Brush

Hello Beauty Lovers

Here is a bit of exciting news, the famous IT Cosmetics from the USA has now hit the shores of blighty and is available exclusively at QVC, this is not an advert by any means for QVC but if you have only ever thought of them as TV shopping, hit up the website it's amazeballs and with 30 day no fuss return policy, if you hate something, kerching no problem.

I do have a few item from IT to bring to you and this is the first, Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder + Brush.
I personally avoid powder at all costs, being 59 I do have some wrinkles, yes I know hard to believe but true :)  I tend to find anything powder drying and ageing as it collects in lines and highlights them by the end of the day, not so with this powder, it is ultra fine and has anti ageing and blurring technology which really does give your skin a smoother photoshop type finish, I have used it both alone and over foundation, when used alone it works to absorb any hint of shine and leaving you with a finished no make up look, over foundation it really works to keep the foundation in place all day, and didn't creep into wrinkles as I had expected.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder With Brush qvc

Now here's the thing, I have seen really mixed reviews on this powder so can only bring you my personal opinion, would I buy it ?  yes actually I would, apart from the powder being great the brush is out of this world, It is £50.00 worth of anyones money, although the whole set is a fraction of that, a soft, dense large powder brush that picks up product with ease and give a great even finish.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Powder With Brush

This powder for me needed a bit more colour at this time of the year with a bit of a holiday tan, so I literally swished the brush in bronzer and dipped everso lightly in the powder for a flawless finish, winter time the powder would be perfect alone, it does come with a pretty little puff, but I personally wouldn't use it as I prefer a brush.  As mentioned earlier with the QVC money back guarantee it's easy to test this out with confidence.  I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts on this new entry into the UK beauty arena.

And they are totally Cruelty Free :))

Love n Hugz

Lyn x

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Ageless Lifter Acropass Eyezone Care

Hiya Beauties 

They do say "it's all in the eyes"  and that's all very well and fine as long as it's not bags and wrinkles !
I was recently asked to try out a product that claims to reduce these lil nasties and that can only be a good thing, if they work !

These Acropass Ageless Lifter masks are individual little under eye masks that you sleep in,  each one delivering 100% of the highest quality French hyaluronic acid and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to moisturise, lift and rejuvenate the skin.
Sold in a box of four sets, it is recommended that you use the treatment every 2-3 days  for the first 4 weeks and then as required for maintenance.

Ageless Lifter Acropass Eyezone Care

I have tried these both at night and during the day, the company say that the patches deliver all of their goodness within two hours so if you really don't want to sleep in them you can use them whenever suits. At my time of life I am not afraid of frightening Mr LB at night and often go to bed in face masks, ( and they say romance is dead ? ) ha ha

Ageless Lifter Acropass Eyezone Care

Ageless Lifter Acropass Eyezone Care

You simply open the hygienic packaging peel off the sticky strip and place under eyes taking care not to actually touch the product in the centre of the patch just holding the edges, and you know what ?  they were actually quite comfortable and fine to sleep in, I expected to have a restless night and to be aware of them, I wasn't so all good.  When I removed them in the morning you could see a visible difference in the hydration and smoothness of the under eye area for sure.  I also trialled them for 3 hours during the day while pottering around the house and again perfect :)

Ageless Lifter Acropass Eyezone Care Skinova

All in all I would say these do give instant results, are comfortable to wear with no adverse side effects and a heck of a lot cheaper that salon treatments.

Find them here.

Also I am currently running a giveaway that you can enter to win a box for free. 
Good Luck

Lyn x

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Reumex Curcumin | Joint Pain

Hiya My Darlins

A bit of a different post for me today, but something I felt 100% needed sharing.

As I spend wayy too much time on the Internet I often come across things that are not widely known or advertised in the main stream and REUMEX Curcumin was one of those products, I have seen reviews and really thought it was worth exploring from Mr LB, you see he is a fella of a *certain age*  and has all his life worked in a very physically demanding job he is an Arborist which to us normal folk is a tree surgeon so has spent his life free climbing trees like a chimp and hanging around in a harness as well as a ton of heavy lifting on a daily basis, couple this with his love of weight training and you have a hell of a lot of wear and tear on joints, a couple of years ago an accident at work left him sleeping on the floor for a couple of weeks unable to move, and after various MRI scans and hospital visits it was damage to his lower spine joints, and the recommendation and treatment was physiotherapy,  well that did nothing !

Reumex Curcumin | Joint Pain

Having spent every day eating pain killers like they were sweets, I did some research and came up with Osteopathic treatment for him to try, this was like a miracle he almost skipped out of the practise having been push, pulled and joints duly crunched,  Yayyyyy problem solved £40.00 per session, it didn't last, it was good but not a solution.  So once again we were back with daily pain, not only in the problem back but to be fair all of his joints are painful and showing signs of wear,  getting out of bed is a slow process watching him stomp to the bathroom was like watching Herman Munster, and rolling on the floor before work every morning trying to get the joints mobile was amusing for the dog !

Anyway..........I contacted  Reumex and asked if we could trial the product, nothing to lose, we will try anything to ease this, oh I forgot to mention we even bought a TENS machine.   They very kindly sent along a box of 60 capsules that would last a month.

OK now here's the thing,  old cynical Sid took them not expecting anything, within a WEEK he was getting out of bed like a normal person, and within two weeks was literally coming home from work saying how good his back had been all day, I cannot begin to tell you the difference these pills have made to his life ! of course I am not saying he is 100% ache free BUT he his pain free and has so so much more mobility he has more energy as anyone with constant pain knows it is exhausting.

With my hand on my heart I cannot tell you how happy I am that we have discovered these, so happy we have more on order and two of his tree climbing colleagues have asked us to order for them too !!!

I am not going into the whole ingredient list but I URGE you if you have joint pain to check out the website for yourself.

Love n Hugz
Lyn xx

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Summer Garden Furniture Inspo

Hiya Gorgeous

As you know I have just returned from Tenerife and the blazing hot sunshine, with this in mind as soon as I landed home it had me thinking about this blazing summer that the Met office are promising us this year, and why we should make the most of it, I think it's so easy in England to drag out the same old tired stained furniture in the garden thinking " Oh that will do we don't get decent Summers anyway "  but every year as I sit my rump down on the same tired old toot I regret not having something lovely to go with the weather, when we are away we take luxury for granted and expect beautiful outdoor furnishings as standard, so why not at home ?


Probably because it is without doubt an investment, but with today's technical advances in Furniture that can live outside all year and still look good, I think it's going to be money well spent, remember the days when a shiny white plastic table and chairs was de rigueur ?   

This is really my Summer wishlist, and should the Postcode lottery land on my doorstep I would buy the lot at once, but in the meantime, I am deciding on which is the most essential and practical, leaning towards a sofa set that can benefit the whole family when they visit, although I do like these coloured chairs, they remind me of a Miami Beach theme, not that I have ever visited Miami but you know what I mean :) *checking Google for a pink plastic Flamingo *


And in an ideal world I could sleep all day on a daybed, or just hide with a book in my own little cocoon heaven.


John Lewis  for when you have had enough of the sunshine (like never)

 The Range 

I hope my little post has you looking forward to Summer, and sharing some love and TLC with the garden this year.

I found items at    and 

Love n Hugz

Lyn x


Friday, 13 May 2016

Bio Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum by Bio Essence

Bio Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum by Bio Essence

Hiya Darlin

now I know what you are she goes.......will try anything ! and you would be right, I will, I was desperate to try out this Snail Secretion Serum, as I had previously tried out a snail serum mask by another company and liked it.  The reaction from my girls when I showed them this was brilliant, you would have thought I was asking them to lay on the ground and be covered by land snails :)

My Snail trial wasn't just any old snail, oh no, it is The Helix Aspersa Muller oh yes, I know my snails, are you impressed ?  :)

Bio Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum by Bio Essence

In 1980 a Chilean family set up a snail farm with the intention of exporting them to Europe as food, they found while handling the snails that their skin was incredibly soft and cuts and grazes healed really quickly without leaving any scarring.  The eldest son in the family was Dr. Fernando Bascunan who scientifically researched the use of snail secretion for use on human skin.

Are you beginning to feel a bit more love for snails now ?  This 30ml glass bottle of Serum, is like liquid magic, it feels gorgeous when you apply it, yes it slippery as you would imagine, absorbs almost instantly, leaving you with tighter fresher looking skin, said to repair pimple marks and scars this serum is full of proteins and vitamins as well as the Allantonin and collagen proteins provided by the snail secretion.

There are further products in this range which I would imagine enhance the whole experience, including a mask at only £3.50 so totally worth a try.   I LOVE this serum, it smells and feels gorgeous, works beautifully under moisturiser, helping to keep the skin full of moisture throughout the day.

Big Love
Lyn x

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Sunshine On The Island

Hiya Darlins,

a quick hello from sunny Tenerife, It's a week in the sunshine that I love, and  there is something about this place that is so relaxing, even if it's a little overcast, you know it could change within half an hour to blazing sunshine. We are at the furthest point on the Island at Los Gigantes, which is surrounded by *The Giants * huge ancient volcanic rocks.   The beaches here are not nice, tiny little black sand stretches that remind me of mud, not my thing at all, but with the pool right outside the villa door, it's not a problem for me, and nothing makes me happier than just sitting on the balcony watching the sunset before heading off out for the evening. 

Although we have done it a few times previously, I am off out tomorrow to watch the Dolphins and Whales, there is something about seeing the Dolphins playing that kind of puts everything right in the world, to a lot of people it may be a simple thing, but to me it never ceases to make my heart sing. 

Internet here really is touch and go, so I thought while it was a little cooler and I had 5 minutes alone, I would share some pics.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Sunday, 8 May 2016

White Hot Hair. Glorious Hair With A Gorious Discount #AD

White Hot Hair. Glorious Hair With A Gorious Discount #AD

Hiya Darlins

as you know I am a lover of White Hot Hair Products and have written about them previously here.

I was over the moon when the Company contacted me wanting to give a discount to my lovely Lavender Barn readers.

White Hot Hair. Glorious Hair With A Gorious Discount #AD

You would be forgiven for thinking that White Hot is aimed at just older women with glorious grey locks, It Isn't, I first discovered the company when my hair was bleached blonde and suffered with that horrible yellowing that blonde hair can go through, White Hot Products solved this for me, I would dearly love to be naturally grey, and do have some coming though but not quite enough, so I now colour my hair grey and continue to use White Hot products, there are 6 items in the range, and can now be found in Boots, The discount code is only available online at White Hot Hair.

I have actually tested these products on a friend who is lucky enough to have naturally grey hair, but suffers with the dullness that can often afflict natural grey, she discovered, softness, shine and manageability ( not my words ) that no other hair care range had ever provided, and is now apparently a convert.

Starting with:

This is as a says Brilliant shampoo, use once or twice a week to literally neutralise any brassy or dull tones to your hair.  I personally always use this is if I have an occasion as well as twice a week.

This is your everyday go to shampoo, it will keep your hair clean and detoxed from everyday pollutants which are known to dull your shine.

With White Hot Hairs trademarked ingredient Kervasis it is guaranteed to give you bounce and shine.

This is a deep conditioning treatment mask for once or twice a week to give your hair a real treat and boost, a touch of blue Lupin and optical brighteners really do give your hair a much needed boost.

This product is for short hair that needs a boost, fluffy or flat hair is whipped into shape with this weightless creme swoosh.

I would never ever be without this little bottle or gorgeousness, used on damp or dry hair, it adds, gloss, removes any static and defies damp to keep your hair soft and smooth.

The quality of White Hot Hair products is so high you only need the smallest amounts, I found them to last me ages, giving better overall value for money than cheaper brands, and with 15% discount it would be an ideal time to try them out for yourself.

White Hot Hair. Glorious Hair With A Gorious Discount #AD

ENTER CODE WHTLB16 at checkout for your 15% Discount. 

Offer starts 9th May 2016 and will run until 21st June 2016 

Love N Hugz

Lyn x

This post was in collaboration with White Hot Hair, all views are my own. 

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