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Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty

Hiya Beautiful

If you are a regular reader you will have seen me mention Ilia Beauty previously HERE from there you will be able to read the story behind the brand.

In a nutshell this brand represents goodness, pure unadulterated goodness, and their story is well worth a read if you care about the type of products that you are using on your skin.

Starting with Ilia Radiant Beauty Balm in All Your Gold

This light almost watery liquid base is bought to you as an SPF 20 sunscreen, but much more than simply protection for your face, it also offers you a beautiful light golden shimmer, that is so subtle it just lifts the skin making it look more alive and glowing, this fabulously versatile product can be used alone as a screen, or quite happily works as a base to any foundation or CC you choose to use, it is one of those products that at first glance you really can't work out why you would need it against any other sun protection, but once you have actually tried it, you wonder how you would manage without it. 100% one for the Holiday bag.

Ilia Beauty

Next up we have Ilia Translucent Powder in Moondance  Now THIS really did blow me away, I am definitely not a lover or user of face powders, I find them drying and ageing, this however, proved me wrong and has become something that I definitely use on a night out or on days where I really need my face to stay in place while still looking fresh.  Totally not drying, you only need the tiniest amount from the automatic applicator brush, simply wind open, tap gently and you have your product, a sheer light fresh feeling finishing powder that can be used over foundation base, or as I have also tested, alone over primer just to keep any shine at bay. With an organic bend of powders, fine pearl pigment and an SPF20 this is protecting while also keeping you looking good.
Refills are available for the Powder brush, which has on/off and buff functions.

Ilia Beauty

And finally.......continuing with the goodness is the Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bombora

Do not be deceived by the look of this in the photo's it does look like a dark shade solid lipstick, it isn't once applied it is a fabulous nourishing and protecting lip balm in an almost sheer nude, it also has the added bonus of a protecting SPF15, again this is perfection for the Summer giving you the confidence of make up, but knowing that you are being protected from the rays, and yet looking natural and not over made up. 

Ilia are probably not a brand you have been bombarded with in terms of advertising, it is quiet, gentle protecting and subtle, really one to look out for in my humble opinion.

Find Ilia at

Big Hugz
Lyn x

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