Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Prismatic Bronzing Powder + Lip Gloss

Hiya Darlins,

maybe it's because I am off on my travels soon, or the few rays of sunshine we have seen of late, but I really am getting in the Summer mood, so much so that I inadvertently bought 3 bronzers in the last 2 days ????  who knows, don't ask ! 

I totally an utterly fell in love with the hype surrounding the whole range of Sunset Bronze from Elizabeth Arden, firstly I am 100% obsessed with the word bronze, and imagine myself floating around in an exotic kaftan all bronzed and glossy, well lets be real, that ain't happening, I am English.......says it all really ! but I can dream :)
secondly I am a total sucker for packaging and have a historic love for Elizabeth Arden, when I was young it was an aspirational posh woman brand, and has always had that memory for me.

Just take a look at this packaging and tell me you are not in love :)

Lets start with the Prismatic Lip Gloss 03 Sunset Kiss. oh my lord, the look of this gloss in the tube is really something to behold, it has the most beautiful glitter, shimmer, iridescent bronze gorgeousness screaming for a tanned face, my little heart was literally singing looking at it, however....................having read reviews that said this is so glittery it is almost hard to remove, I am thinking yes yes, I do love glitter.   Alas this really is not the case, I had expected a total bronze shade with all the sparkle of diamonds. what I got was a very very pretty almost clear shimmer, that literally shone with every turn of the face, It is lovely in it's own right, It is absolutely amazing over lipstick, but alone with it's moisturising properties it is ideal for a gentle feminine shimmer that works wonders on softening your lips. 

That will teach me to be sold on write ups alone, I didn't even bother testing in the store, I just KNEW I had to have it.  While it really was not what I expected, I had to stand back and review it as though I had never heard of it before. 
It is fabulous, it truly is, after first trial I was so disappointed I thought it was a one use only product, WRONG, I have used it daily since having it, and even bought a second for holiday.

Next Up Sunset Bronze Prismatic Bronzing Powder. in 02 Deep Bronze 
From the first trial of this I simply fell in love, having  ( cough ) mature skin, some powders, even a little I find can be ageing, not this, as always from this brand, sheer quality, it applies like a dream, gives you the look of a sun glow rather than a tan, all I need now is the Kaftan. 

Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Prismatic Bronzing Powder + Lip Gloss

The Gorgeous compact comes complete with a little applicator brush and mirror, it is just perfect and by far the best of the three that came home with me.

Find Sunset Bronze Lip Gloss Here £18.00

Find Sunset Bronze Bronzer Here   £28.00

Happy Bronzing
Lyn x

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