Thursday, 26 May 2016

JD Williams Summer 2016

Hiya Beautiful

Hope the sun is shining on you whatever part of the world you are in, it's a grey chilly dull day here in Surrey, UK and I am rather wishing I were back in Tenerife sat on the Villa balcony looking out to sea ( sigh )
Before I went away to Tenerife I was contacted by JD Williams with a very kind offer of a Summer outfit, perfect timing for me just when I was holiday clothes shopping, I was given a budget to spend and came up with two great looks, I can only show you one as my favourite one wasn't sent to me :(  some sort of mis-communication I guess.

I chose this second dress Joanna Hope Jersey fabric as part of the budget as it was plain & simple, easy to dress up or down in a fabulous easy wash and wear fabric.  Also it was the amazing bargain price of £15.00 which I thought everyone would love to see, I chose Navy although it does come in various other shades.
 One of the best things about this dress apart from the fabric is the cut of the top, I have put on a lot of weight this last year, and with that comes the fatty bra bits, this dress is cut that no lumps or bumps are visible and the cross over top is a modest V without your girlie's falling out.  It was ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear, the only downside I would say is that it isn't the longest dress on the planet, I am 5'6" and would say it was only just long enough for me.

 I teamed it with a pair of Sole Diva Rose Gold Diamante Sandals at £20.00  that seriously are the comfiest thing on the planet, I did take a risk by taking new shoes away with me, but these were comfy from the very first wear, with an adjustable gold fabric strap they were perfection, and I have to say I wore them far more than was intended as they were so comfortable, they also come in Silver.

If you have never thought to look at the JD Williams before I really recommend that you do, there are some really nice non-mumsy outfits on there and the prices are seriously reasonable.

Whatever you are planning this year, I hope the sun shines on you.


Lyn x

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