Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Too Old For Gold ?

Hiya Beautiful

Am really wanting opinions here, as long as they match mine it's all good ( kidding ) you can be as harsh as you want I promise not to cry ( much )

While looking for holiday bits n bobs before going away the other week, I spotted in River Island what I thought were a really cute pair of trainers that would be ideal for the flippin hills in Tenerife,  Mr LB was so not impressed, almost smirking and giving it the "well if you like them " routine.......now obviously I don't dress for him, but it really put me in a mood, why do they do that ?  when you show them something you like you clearly like it or you wouldn't be showing them !  and what most straight  Men know about what's on trend you could write on a postage stamp, I put them down and went home wondering what the hell was wrong with me ?  what was I thinking ? was I hungry ?  I couldn't think of one reason why I didn't ask for my size are rush to the counter waving my Debit Card like a sword.

Fast forward............Now we are in Tenerife, there is one shop in our area that sells, Tom Ford, etc and has some seriously gawjus shoes, and just like a MAGPIE I spotted them..........GOLD GLITTER..........ha ha, knowing the answer I ask -" what do you think of these ?   the reply  "well if you want to look like a Chav then they are OK I suppose"      that was all I needed, in my broken Spanish I asked for my size and proceeded to pay..........far more than I would have paid in the UK but I had a point to prove, I AM THAT CHAV !!!!!!! 
 Chav indeed, the man has no taste lol 

I wore my shiny shiny trainers shopping last week and they hurt like a b***tard but no worries, I limped home without saying a word about my plight, and put them to one side for another braver day and some compeed.

Was I right ?  should we wear whatever the hell we want, as long as it isn't showing boobies or bum I personally don't see why not, and as we all know they joy new shoes bring against a sour pussed old fella are no comparison :)

Let me know how much you love my shiny shiny shoes LOL

In fact now I have posted a picture I have realised I NEED the River Island ones too :)  Happy days 

Lyn x



  1. 26 May 2016 at 10:58

    Hi Lyn, I feel your pain (currently have a blister from my new shiny converse)! I ummed and ard about buying them, left them, regretted it, made a mad dash in the hope they were still there, and they were! My husband to looked at them with a quizzical look on his face but what does he know? I love them but there it is, that little imp in my ear telling me I'm too old to wear them! Days when I'm feeling fierce I punch him off my shoulder and strut my stuff but other days they linger in my closet. Men don't have this trouble do they? X

    1. 17 June 2016 at 18:08

      Blisters gone ?

  • 26 May 2016 at 14:52

    Hi Allie, Kill the imp, bet your feet look fab, although we do suffer lol, it seemed par for the course when I was young to suffer for vanity, nowadays I err on the side of comfort lol, when did that happen ? we have to keep flying the flag and do what makes us feel good, sod everyone else x


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