Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dr Perricone Blue Plasma Review

I decided it was about time I gave my eyes some attention, although I have been fairly lucky in the wrinkle department, it is an area that I have neglected and not paid too much special attention to, that's not saying I don't have a basket full of eye creams and eye roll on tubes that I have tried in the past, I have either bought them or they seem to be a standard in the gift beauty sets that come at Christmas, my experience so far has not made me want to use these creams as a regular part of my routine, and they have just seemed to give me puffy eyes in the mornings, or managed to spread my mascara, panda style when I have tried to use them in the day, if you are a beauty expert you can stop shaking your head about now because I have found my personal answer :) GEL !!!!! dah dahhhhhh

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

Not just any old Gel, oh nooooo I went for the very best I had read about, and it was from The Doctor, nope not the fella who rides motor bikes who is nick named "The Doctor " whats his name ? Rossi, no this was a real Doctor a skincare genius Dr Perricone MD, or Nick as I like to call him, listen for this money I can call him by his first name, the dinner invitation will come later !

The Gel, or correctly named Blue Plasma Orbital, it is described as a non acidic daily peel for the delicate eye area, Oh my lordy lord, I had no idea that I needed this much help until I started using this product, firstly you only need the teeniest tiny amount to dab gently around the eye area, it instantly cools your skin and gives you a sudden wide awake feeling, you can apparently use your regular eye cream over it if you feel so inclined, I didn't. 

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

Even after the first couple of days I could spot the difference, the skin texture was so much smoother and brighter, and even to the touch felt more hydrated, if you think you don't need an eye treatment, think again, and please don't leave it till you are 58 like me to realise it's a flippin essential, *hides behind hands waiting for the backlash* I even go so far as to put a lil dab on my top lip, and area showing signs of needing help.  OK stone me for breaking rules lol.

Take a look at the website for the ingredients and full details of this range of products.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bigger Stronger Faster and Me

Today I had the joy of attending my very first Bigger Stronger Faster competition, 

Now before you get seriously impressed it was not me entering, it was my Daughters partner and we were along for support, there were both men and women from various clubs across the country competing with each other for the title of Bigger Stronger Faster.  I was seriously impressed at all the competitors for their grit and determination, more than anything our gorgeous Zak who continued after his hands were bleeding and needed taping up.  Mad but dedicated, well the point to this blog is actually a pity party, not for these fabulous competitive types, ( they choose to be in pain LOL )  nope, not them but ME !

Yep, I am the only person who can spectate and end up in bloody hospital A & E, silly old cow that I am I managed to trip DOWN a step and rip the muscle in my calf, can you imagine the bleedin shame ?  all these toughies  throwing around hundreds of Metal Kilo's and me, limping away and needing to wait to be taken to the hospital, fortunately I could see the funny side and between Ouching and limping on one leg I ended up laughing........... ha ! 

 How bad could it be ?  I have had three children, WELL, once the nurse prodded poked and made it hurt a million times more I was no longer laughing, LOL, THEN to add insult to injury she informs me I cannot do anything other than go home, with bandages and CRUTCHES, Yep CRUTCHES, not some nice pink blingy crutches.

Ohhhh no, some scabby grey NHS crutches, oh my lord, I don't know what hurt more, my leg or my ego !

On the upside, I am confined to the sofa and being waited on, not such a bad thing, till Monday and my personal valet returns to his normal job, probably for a rest lol.

I can now dine out on the story I did Bigger Stronger Faster and ended up on Crutches, it's our secret how 
it * really* happened LOL


Friday, 25 September 2015

Selexir Skincare Review

Like me, you may never have come across the German Selexir Skincare range,  there is quite a lot behind the scenes of this Innocent looking brand, 

This review brings you the two products from the range that I have tried and tested,  Selexir Peace Bath and Selexir Peace Balm.

Both of these products are Free of parabens, artificial colourings and fragrances, no Paraffin, Silicone or petroleum. 
Let's start with the Peace Bath, they are described as instant serenity  bath salts for unhappy + sensitive skin. I don't think I have unhappy skin although it can be a little on the dry side, I am a huge lover of Epsom salt baths so tested this as an alternative,  2 scoops from the scoop provided into running warm water, 15-20 minute soak, I used a face mask while I was relaxing, and it was a lovely experience and I have to say left my skin a whole heap softer and more conditioned than an Epsom Salt bath.  This could be due to the fact that this Company have a superb reputation for providing products that work with serious skin conditions, if you know anyone that suffers I really recommend spending some time on the website, you could discover something to really help a friend out.

Selexir review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

Next up is the Peace Balm, described as Instant serenity treatment for Extremely dry + Irritated skin,  this little gem I would keep in the house permanently , I do suffer with ridiculously dry hands, my own fault as I am a bleach fanatic, and no I don't wear gloves, ( shame on me ) I like to get down and dirty with my housework.

This Balm is a life saver, please note it is not designed specifically as a hand cream, but I get actual cracks from dryness and this really was the solution, be warned it takes some applying, it is a very rich thick ointment type balm that sinks in quickly and really does heal. This could be used on any areas of severe dryness, including the face, (  eyes )  again this is a specific product that really could be a life saver for someone with skin conditions.

Seriously worth a look if you want no nonsense skin care that soothes and heals.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hamper Gift Box Review

Hamper Gift Boxes are the brainchild of Sally Hewitt,  she set about devising these great hampers as a way for people to keep in touch with Family and friends by way of a gift, Gifts can really be for any occasion although we usually only think about Christmas and Birthdays, My favourite type of gift is the *thinking of you* for no reason gift, above and beyond anything else I think that's the one that does it for me.

I am a very lucky woman in that, my Daughters and Grandaughters often appear with a lil prezzie with the I thought of you message, My youngest daughter this week  surprised me with a new phone cover, and my grandaughter appeared this week with 2 little heart shaped candle holders,  ( spoiled ) 

With my love of surprises you can imagine my delight when the Hamper gift box arrived for me to review.

Firstly the packaging, a beautiful and also seriously useful large black damask pattern box with a magnetic lid.  On opening you are presented with lots of gorgeous black tissue scattered with natural perfumed rose buds, the smell from this box is divine.

 Nestled inside was a cute little organza bag with rose bud bath bombs, I would actually hang these from the tap when running a bath as I have never liked floating shizz in my bath water, a fragrant 35 hour burn candle, a cute little etch pattern glass tea light holder complete with candle.
The softest ever hand knitted scarf, perfect for the up coming seasons, and finally 2 hand made soap blocks in Lavender and Lime ( soothing and healing )  and Sweet Cherry ( softening and soothing) just having these in the bathroom or guest bedroom would fill the room with fragrance.

This is such a brilliant idea, can you imagine sending this for no reason to your Mum, Sister, Aunt, Gran or any loved one simply because you love them ?  A personalised gift card with your own message is included in each box.

These fab Hampers are available in a range of different gifts, including 925 Silver jewellery.

do check out the website for a stunning range of gifts.

Love N Hugz

Lyn x


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Timeless Truth Beauty Masks Review

Timeless Truth Beauty Masks or TT Masks as they are known on Twitter are the baby of Angela Barbageleta, a gorgeous lady that I recently had the pleasure of meeting.
 Angela is the exclusive UK distributor of these masks and discovered them on a trip to the Far East.

To simply call them a mask is an understatement, they are a facial sheet that give you the feel and look of a top salon experience in your own home.

If you have not used a sheet mask before it really is quite an experience !  on opening the foil pack, you are presented with what is essentially a liquid soaked Jcloth !  as you unfold the mask you soon begin to feel the luxury of the moisturiser within, placing the pre cut sheet onto your face really is something else, they simply lay on the skin drenching your face in pure moisture, these packs are not short on product, in fact there is enough moisture to use the masks twice should you wish. 

Timeless Truth Bee Venom mask review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

I actually do mine first and then pop it back in the pack to drink up some more fluid and then give Mr Lavender Barn a lil facial treat ha ha,  (silly cow ) was one of the more polite terms he used, I honestly wish I had captured the moment for you, visualise .....6 foot plus shaved headed , body building  man with tattoos wearing a facial sheet while watching telly : )  he actually loves them  and rightly so,  they are pure luxury, once the mask has done its work, I leave them on for 15 mins, you simply leave the moisture on your skin and let it carry on doing it's work.

Timeless Truth Bee Venom mask review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

There is a vast range to chose from, I have shown you the Bee Venom which is lovely, it has a warm tingle, NOT a sting, it really leaves you with a super fresh glow. We can't all afford regular salon treatments, and I honestly think these are a fabulous weekly treat.

The Apple mask is and award winner and that really is no surprise, you need to try it to experience the fruity fresh chill, that just feels so totally natural and restful.

There is a vast amount of information on the website, with videos for you to view.


Hand Chemistry Review

Hand Chemistry from Deciem.
This product was really new for me and if I am honest I thought £19.99 was a fair bit to pay for a hand cream, but.......this is no ordinary hand cream !

 First I will give you the claims from the product.

Intense youth complex ( liking the sound of that )

Concentrated multi functional hand cream targets 8 signs of hand ageing simultaneously. The extraordinary 19.5 % active complex concentration visibly improves firmness, elasticity,density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.  Big claims you may think,  the box even comes with a little before and after 10 days example.

Big Claims you may think !

Deciem are right to make this claims, in my opinion this really is the  miracle of all miracles when it comes to hand cream, my daughter who is 40 a Mum and Waitress constantly has her hands in and out of water, does not use gloves and as such her hands get fairly dry, visited and wanted to try this cream, so while we were chatting she rubbed it on the back of her hand, said it felt nice and we thought no more of it, until the next day I got a phone call saying that she needed to re visit as she now had one good hand and one that looked like an old lady, ( I swear to you this is the truth )  I of course laughed, told her she was imagining it, actually she wasn't, there was a visible difference between the two hands,  the company say you should notice changes within 11 days or less, well I think 24 hours is enough to convince us that this product is more than worth the price.  I have been using it now for around 8 days and there is a visible improvement on the dreaded age spots and texture of my hands. 

And something else which is rather lovely is that the product is tested on HUMANS. :)

If you want to try it you will find it at Deciem Here



Love n Hugz
Lyn x

Whilst I am given a lot of sample products to try, the reviews are based on my trying the product personally. Not all reviews are PR samples.

Grow Gorgeous Overnight Hair Masque

Grow Gorgeous
Overnight to Gorgeous air Masque

I for one have never used an Overnight hair product, let me just start by saying if you plan a romantic evening, give it a miss that night !

I think it's one of those products that are best used when you are alone, send him away fishing, golfing or whatever other boring pursuit takes his fancy, and spend a whole evening/night of fully pampering, in fact go even further and book an overnight spa stay and take this product with you :)  win win.

I love the product directions, saturate dry hair with a generous amount, place a towel on your pillow, go to sleep, wake up rise, go out and make people jealous.

My poor bleached hair drank this is in like a sponge, the smell was divine a bit like hair Aromatherapy, the company say it makes you sleep better, and yep going to sleep with that fragrance was pretty flippin good.

In the morning, I was ready to rinse and make people jealous, rinsing took a while, this is a heavy weight product and not a cheapie conditioner so I would have been disappointed if it had rinsed out to easily, as for making people jealous ? ......well I worked from home that day but the dog was looking a bit sulky and envious :) My hair felt softer, was REALLY easy to comb through, had a lovely shine, which any blonde will know is nigh on impossible to achieve, so imagine the shine on darker hair !

At £22.00 would I say it was worth it ?  yes I would not on a weekly basis, but as a lovely treat to your poor abused hair, definately.

Available at Deciem Here


Water (Aqua), Behentrimonium Chloride, Panthenol, 
Polyquaternium-37, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil, Oenocarpus Bataua Fruit Oil, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol , Glycerin, Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

Paraben & Sulphate Free

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I Can See Cearly Now

The day has finally come when I need to give in to the fact that I need glasses for real !
I remember as a kid wanting glasses thinking they would make me looking clever and bookish, I really did need help looking clever it was no joke :)

And of recent years I have been buying the reading specs that you test yourself in the supermarket, this has actually worked for me in fairness, and I truthfully believed I only needed them as print was getting smaller on products and I was bored of standing squinting in the shops holding a product 2 inches from my nose to read the ingredients, or better still making huge mistakes with products because I didn't have my speccies to hand while attempting to read the instructions !  Don't pretend you haven't done it lol.

The reality is that my bargain eyes were not cutting the mustard, I was beginning to get a bit head achy and am to the point that my cheapies are looking more like a hair band as I cannot go anywhere without them, so the top of my head was the ideal storage spot

So after a bit of nagging from my children I took the plunge and made the appointment, no one told me they would blow air into my eyes ! quite frankly I wasn't ready for that, although it amused my daughter no end as she knew what was coming, but failed to tell me, thanks Biatch :)

And so it is, not only do I need them for the computer and reading, it turns out I need another pair for driving, although I completely fail to see why I would need to know the number plate of the car in front, I am a blogger not a member of the Police force or private investigation agency !

What is it about actually needing them that I find so offensive ?  I have been wearing the cheapies for years and have been quite happy, maybe it's the lack of choice that bugs me, it is no longer my choice and as a control freak I do like to think everything is in my control, or is it that It's another step in this ageing process ?  who knows ?  but what I do know is the company that got in contact with me recently offering me the * opportunity* to review is range of products to help the elderly can sod right off,  glasses are one thing, but I don't yet need help to sit on the loo, that's another blog for another time maybe.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

I was asked to test this teeth whitening kit by The American Company Smile Brilliant, Although I personally didn't want to try it Mr Lavender Barn jumped at the chance, although I never felt he needed it, teeth whitening was something he had always thought about doing. 
The cost at the dentist is pretty horrendous and having it done in a beauty salon didn't quite seem right to me so this was the ideal solution, a product from a company that only specialise in this area, his volunteering was really handy for me as I could monitor the process from start to finish ( not that I am bossy at all ) 

The Kit arrived and was seriously impressive, it contained everything needed to produce the custom made whitening trays to fit his teeth perfectly, along with the whole whitening treatment.

The first step was to take the molds of his teething using the blue paste that you will be familiar with from the dentist, this was then posted off to the States, if you are in the US the postage is pre paid by the company, it only cost me £5.00 to post it from the UK.

His whitening trays were back in no time, and we were kept informed when they received our package and again when they shipped back to us.  The trays were a perfect fit, in a soft clear plastic/silicone that he said were a comfortable fit, so we were ready to try it out.

Although I didn't think his teeth were really in need of whitening he was convinced they did, so I proceeded to take his before photo. And typically he needed a shave lol.

The whitening Gel comes in a syringe which has more than one application, you don't need a lot just to run a line along the inside of each tray, he could still speak while wearing the trays (unfortunately) and in truth you couldn't even notice that they were on, we were a little nervous as there is a possibility that the whitening process can cause some sensitivity, although the company prepare for this by supplying de sensitising gel. (again in a syringe )

He kept the product on for 20 minutes as recommended for the first go, and followed with the de sensitise, he did say his teeth felt slightly on edge but nothing major, we left it a couple of days and repeated the procedure, again with no issues, you can apparently increase the time and frequency of your applications, but me being ever cautious would only be happy with 20 minute sessions.  the whole process was really easy, carried out over 2 weeks and didn't cause him any problems at all.

As you can see from the after photo there is a definite improvement in the whiteness of his teeth, and to be fair look even better in real life, our camera has not done the product justice.

I do believe that if you wanted the Hollywood Ultra white smile you would definitely achieve it with this product at a really low price. The whole kit only costs $119.95  which at today's rate is   £79.53, there is plenty of product for you to maintain your whiteness and additional syringes are available to buy from the company.

All in all I would say this kit is fabulous if you are even considering teeth whitening, it saves money on the cost of a traditional dentist, you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home, it's something you can continue to do at a low cost, and the uber whiteness can easily be achieved if that is the look you want.

The company website is SmileBrilliant.com

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kevyn Aucion The Sensual Skin Enhancer Review

I first Discovered Kevyn Aucion in Space NK the home for all things Cult status.

I picked up this little pot not really knowing what it was and tried it on my wrist, OMG the perfect coverage for any blemish possible, it actually felt like soft putty clay, seeing my interest the gorgeous assistant explained to me that it was a multi- purpose product that could be used as a foundation, highlighter or concealer ..............SAY WHAT ? 
Anyway, something else took my interest and I was away with other products, as you do in Space NK, I left the shop without my little pot of wizardry, I couldn't get it out of my mind, the thought of a product that was heavy enough to cover blemishes but also used over serum or mixed with moisturiser a foundation.........I had to buy it, and buy it I did.
Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

My parcel arrived, now I knew this wasn't going to be a large pot, I had read the reviews of disappointed customers, I don't actually recall the tester in Space NK being as tiny as the actual pot that arrived, that being said I don't care, having used this little gem a few times now, I can assure you that will never find anything as concentrated, I would imagine this pot would last at least 6-8 months !
Kevyn Aucion skin enhancer review www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

* The best things come in small packages *  think of Tiffany boxes :)
It wasn't cheap, just under £40.00 but when you think of how long it will last it actually is really good value.

I honestly cannot praise this product/brand enough, this is the start of a new love affair, and I will definitely be back for more.

What the Company Say about the Product.
Provides maximum coverage to hide imperfections, compliment skin tone, and to create a flawless canvas

• A versatile skin-perfecting enhancer used to achieve a youthful, dewy complexion
• Use as a concealer, highlighter or all-over foundation
• Apply with the fingers, or our concealer brush for any desired finish
• Great for all skin types

• Honey and jojoba oil create a soft, dewy finish
• Offers sheer to complete coverage
• Can be mixed with moisturizer for tinted moisturizer look

Available at Space NK  £38.00

Available at Cult Beauty   £36.50

Love N Hugz

Lyn x

Bodhi & Birch Review

The UK skincare company Bodhi & Birch was Founded by Elijah Choo, his creations draw inspiration from the healing power of nature and traditional botanical remedies, bringing together Eastern and Western skincare and wellbeing philosophies. 

Everything about this company has nature, sustainability and the environment in mind even down to the FSC certified packaging.

If you have not tried Bodhi & Birch I want to bring you an introduction to this gorgeous brand, the company is so confident in it's products it allows you to purchase Sample and travel sizes in the confidence that you will certainly fall in love and return for more.

This was how my affair with the brand started.  My skin is  mature and can be dry especially when the weather changes and the central heating goes on. 
The facial skincare range I chose was Rosa Rosa recommended for normal to dry skin.

Bodhi & Birch review, www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser 
key ingredients

  • Bulgarian Damask Rose
  • Tunisian Neroli
  • Rosehip
  • Meadowfoam
  • Frankincense and Camomile
The moment you apply this cleanser you are enveloped in the most beautiful Rose fragrance, it leaves your skin feeling really soft and fresh.

Next is the Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner
Key ingredients 
  • Damask rose floral water
  • orange blossom floral water
  • Aloe Vera leaf water
  • Witch hazel floral water and glycerine
Again the most beautiful fragrance, this gentle toner really cleans away any last traces of cleanser.

I then applied Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil, a tiny amount is all that was needed.
key ingredients
  • Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto
  • Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Tunisian Neroli Oil
  • Kukui Nut Oil
  • Strawberry Seed Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Vitamin E
This oil melted into my skin leaving a great base for the moisturiser.

 Rosa Rosa Daily moisturiser.
key ingredients
  • Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto
  • Tunisian Neroli
  • Rosehip
  • Meadowfoam
  • Shea Butter and coconut
This moisturiser is really thick and creamy again with the heavenly rose fragrance, it really did leave my skin feel refreshed, soft and hydrated, this continued throughout the day and continued into the evening, which is pretty rare for me as my skin tends to lose moisture gradually through the day. As you can see by the lists of ingredients Bodhi & Birch really have sourced the best from across the globe.

Bodhi & Birch review, www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

The next products I sampled where from the Indulgent body care range, I chose Jasmine falls Bath and shower therapy followed with Jasmine Falls body moisturiser.

The ingredients included Jasmine ( obviously ) Lavender and Vetiver, this product promised relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing ideal for a good nights sleep, they weren't wrong, it was like an aromatherapy treatment, the fragrance was really heady and relaxing, I used it as a shower gel and to be honest |I think had I used it in the bath would have fallen to sleep, woke up in cold water and skipped the moisturiser :) as it was I used both products, my skin felt lovely and I had a great nights sleep. I did pop on a few drops of the Desert Rose face oil for the real aromatherapy feeling, honest to god falling to sleep with that fragrance is just heaven.

It really is worth getting yourself some sample sizes from across the ranges for little indulgent treats that will  have you going back for more, having had a great experience.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Glo & Ray Make Up Review

Glo & Ray may be a company you are not familiar with, they really are worth discovering, beautiful make up that really is great quality with reasonable prices, The range isn't huge but what they do sell is quality to match most high end price tags.

Having tried the foundation  I decided to venture further with more make up.

This time the most beautifully pigmented  Nuage powder blusher that comes in it's own  mirror compact, complete with brush.  I chose  Dawn Seed number 504 which is a gorgeous peachy glow with a slight undertone of gold shimmer, it picks up really well on a brush ( I used my own ) and sits perfectly on the skin without looking dry or powdery.

This lovely blusher comes in 7 shades and at  £11.00  is definitely worth a try.

Up Next is Wonderland hydrating lip gloss.  This really is quite fabulous, it gives a good solid colour unlike a lot of glosses that look good in the tube but like Vaseline on the lips, the shade I chose was Flamingo Dance number 702, it is a super flattering peachy coral shade with glistening gold shimmer, I'm not sure if has a plumping agent in it, but it certainly makes your lips look fuller, not Jordan full, but just a bit smoother and less lined,  without the sting of plumper's, not sticky and really good lasting power. £10.00 with a choice of 6 colours. only downside is that it tastes quite nice, and you are tempted to lick it, lol maybe it's a marketing ploy to make us buy more, I cannot guarantee it's a sugar free diet gloss, but worth taking the chance :)

As far as I know Glo & Ray are only available on their own  UK site

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Am I Grey ?

This is just a little post , about the slogan "Am I Grey ? "  which I spotted on tee shirts worn by the models at the Grey Model Agency in London www.greymodelagency.com, this is a specialist agency ( yes I know it's obvious ) who celebrate gorgeous grey models, who in my, for what it's worth opinion are highly under utilised in today's market.

If you look at the men and women on this site, you will actually want to turn grey they are so gorgeous, and a fabulous reminder of the changing culture we are developing nowadays towards all things ageing.

Even the teens are turning to grey hair colour that's how trendy it is :)

I think the beauty and fashion industry are finally having light bulb moments and realising that not only is there value in (the grey pound ) a slogan which has been around since the eighties, that we actually have a voice and do not vanish into knitting shreddies when we reach 50 !

I saw an article written this morning where  Nikki Taylor was interviewed regarding the sales of beauty products to mature women, and why there are not enough older sales assistants, it was a fabulous thoughtful post, you really should catch up with her thoughts nikkitaylor.me

I know it is probably quite hard for a 20 something to look at a wrinkled person and think they are beautiful as we are programmed to measure beauty with youth aka on my blog recently, but the joy of being older is seeing beauty in all things, we can readily accept  and admire the beauty in a gorgeous taught skinned model, while at the same time look at these mature models and sigh at such beauty.

Does your partner think you any less gorgeous as the years tick by ? of course not,   I can look at those crow feet that get deeper with a smile and just feel warmth and love at the smiling paper bag face lol.

On a personal note, I live with the frustration that my hair will not turn grey enough to leave alone, and the growing out process would be far to harsh for me to live with, so I spend my pennies on turning this blonde nest into a grey nest, there are some fabulous products out there for this, and specialist hair care, I personally love   

( if you can't make it fake it ) 

Thoughts on being grey blog www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.co.uk

Would love your thoughts on this topic

All models from The Grey Model Agency.

Love and hugz
Lyn x
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