Thursday, 31 August 2017

Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue

Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue
Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue

Hello Your Gorgeous Self

We have all done it at one time or another, stayed too long in the sun when we know we shouldn't, it may have even been like I did years ago before we were totally clued up on SPF protection. Yes - I was the one cooking in baby oil frying like a chip.

Lulu's Time Bomb want to give us the naked truth, too much sun exposure can make your skin look rough, leathery and wrinkled at any age.  

 OUCH they say the truth hurts,  but it's true,  we all know the handbag look of too much sun.  Time Bomb have come up with the answer in the form of Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue it literally treats your skin to the same conditioning treatment as dried out saddle leather.  Omega9XEster™  a rich vegetable derived oil that is literally used to recondition saddle leather.  Also Containing proprietary, bioactive Milk Peptide Complex to help kick-start skin into natural repair mode, encouraging production of hyaluronic acid and healthy collagen fibres to keep skin full, firm and smooth.

Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue

If all this sounds a little harsh, or maybe that's just me ?   I guess sometimes the truth hurts and in fairness to this product it works like a dream softening the skin and producing a virtual photo shop look to the skin.  Used both morning and night, or either or - you will see and feel the difference from the first use if you have dry sun damaged skin,  if you work outside or indeed spend a lot of time say gardening your skin will get weather damage even if it isn't sunshine, so I would imagine this to be super soothing for any *weather wear*  your skin may suffer.

I found it to be incredibly softening, instantly absorbed in its peachy almost gel like consistency, there was no distinctive fragrance and my skin literally drank it up, I used this on both face and neck
 ( all the way down to almost the boobie bits )  

I can 100% imagine reaching for this all year whenever your skin has been under any kind of weather attack, even strong winter winds can cause dry damaged skin and this would be an ideal softening treatment.

Check Out  Here

Lyn 💋

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Superdrug Treat Me Range

Superdrug Treat Me Range

Hiya Darlin

Are you feeling fruity ? whatever the answer you will be once you have tried the new Treat Me Range at Superdrug !

Superdrug Treat Me Range

I have recently been using The Body Sorbet in both Avocado & Strawberry and Mango & Coconut.  These lightweight body moisturisers are simply the freshest fruitiest thiNgs I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing !  they are out of this world fresh - the absorb almost instantly leaving your skin fragranced, softened and comfortable, they are honestly like an instant holiday, I  personally think although your first thought with these is a tropical holiday, they will be even better in Winter to lift your spirits and get you looking forward to Summer again. 

Also in  the Treat Me range, I have been lavishing my bod in Body Butter,  shhhh here's a secret - there is a certain Shop that sells Body Products, that do a very similar Body Butter, forget it, these beat those hands down for a fraction of the price  Raspberry & Vanilla  along with Salted Caramel will leave you smelling good enough to eat.

Superdrug Treat Me Range

The rich creamy formula is not at all greasy or sticky at the same time as being more * heavy duty* than the Body Sorbets it absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin supple and moisturised for at least 24 hours.  Not only are these fun to look at and  amazing to smell they are skincare that works, and as always from Superdrug you are covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee, and can rest assured that these Superdrug products are Cruelty Free & Vegan. 

Available from August 2017 

Check out the Treat Me range

Lyn 💋

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Alpha-H TSV at QVC

Hiya Darlins

Once again I have the pleasure of bringing you a fantastic offer from , if you are not familiar with the term TSV it stands for * Today's Special Value *  and it's where a brand team up with to bring you a very special deal exclusively via the shopping channel, you will not find this offer anywhere else, they are offered on a first come first served basis and if you are serious about your skincare and love a bargain, not to be missed.

In this collection Alpha-H are offering four items of the very best in skincare for under which is a crazy price !!.

Absolute Eye Complex Supersize 30ml

This cooling soothing serum is an absolute gem to use, specially formulated to use over the entire orbital area ( socket to brow) to combat dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. literally press the cooling gel into the skin and feel and instantly relaxing a soothing action, containing mild flower acids derived from Hibiscus petals which gently resurface and repair, skin lifting peptides which help firm and reduce swelling alongside Hyaluronic Acid which replaces lost moisture.  This lightweight gel serum also contains light reflectors which aid the look of brightness and luminosity to the eye. Use morning and evening, it works as a fabulous eye primer in the daytime and can even be patted on over makeup for an instant refresh during the day.
I found this heaven to use, it was both soothing at night and refreshing in the morning, no stickiness or greasy residue, it just leaves you looking and feeling fresher in the eye area.

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50  50ml

This for me is the one stop shop, it is literally all you need for a sound skincare routine, if you are someone with Normal to Oily skin who wants just one skincare product to pop on for both moisture and protection this is the baby for you. If however your skin is dry or dehydrated this cream can be popped on top of your existing moisturiser or serum for the perfect base for make up that is fully protected by non whitening SPF50.  It is sweat and water resistant containing a combination of 5 high protection filters blended with antioxidant Vitamin E, calming  Aloe Vera and pure Cera Alba ( extracted from Honeycomb) which helps to lock in moisture and protect the skins lipid barrier for longer hydration.
My skin can often suffer with dehydration and I find this a great way to lock in my moisturisers while protecting from harmful rays.

Alpha-H TSV at QVC

Essential Cleansing Balm 50ml

THIS I love and adore, you will have seen me write about this cleansing balm previously, it is sheer perfection to use as you will literally feel as though you are giving your skin the best salon treatment while cleansing, it removes every single trace of even the most stubborn make up by melting it away, with cleansing being the foundation to all good skincare this balm for me is a keeper and is already on my August top 5 products list. massaged into the skin and removed with a warm water cloth your skin is left both clean and glowing, with no signs of tightness or irritation.
My previous review on the Essential Cleansing Balm can be read here.

Absolute Lip Perfector Supersize 20ml

Absolute Lip Perfector is a multi-tasking lip treatment, a combination of serum and balm to soothe and refresh chapped dry lips, protect against UVA & UVB damage, it has the ability to  plump and hydrate with Honeycomb extract known for conditioning and locking in moisture for softer fuller lips. A combination of Peppermint, Wild Mint and Zinc Oxide reduce irritation and inflammation on dry troubled lips.
I have used this both day and night to great effect, my lips are softer,  smoother and this is the REALLY odd thing, my lip line is actually more defined, yes I know how odd that sounds and trust me I had to do a double take, but my top lip line 100% looked more defined !

All in all this 4 piece combination gives you everything you need from cleansing to moisturising and all from one of my absolute favourite brands.

Another thing !!!!   This has got to be one of the best things ever, for the very first time Alpha-H have not included the cult product Liquid Gold in this TSV, so instead they are offering it to customers of the TSV at HALF PRICE on Thursday 31st  on the , so you will have the ultimate liquid exfoliator at the super price of £15.00.

The TSV will go live on the shopping channel on Thursday 31st August at midnight.  The link I have placed here will be live at that time to enable you to be one of the first with this great offer.

To catch up with the Brand on the channel and learn more, tune in at

31/8/20017   00.00   Alpha-H Hour
31/8/2017       9.00  The Morning Show
31/8/2017     13.00   The Lunchtime Show
31/8/2017     16.00   Beauty Problem Solvers
31/8/2017     19.00  Alpha-H Hour
31/8/2017     22.00  Alpha-H Hour

Click HERE  to be one of the very first to pick up this fantastic offer. ( Don't forget to grab your half price Liquid Gold.

The clock is ticking, don't miss out !

Lyn 💋

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Supermood Youth Glow | Ego Boost | Beauty Sleep

Supermood Youth Glow | Ego Boost | Beauty Sleep

Hi Darlins

Now you may not have heard of Supermood They are the innovation of Anne Kukkohovi a Finnish Entrepreneur Who was formerly a Fashion Model and now amongst other things hosts Finland's Next Top Model.   During In her years in the fashion a beauty she was curious as to why there was not a skincare range based on beauty as a holistic experience, thus Supermood was born.

The thing I found really interesting about this brand is that is created for all skin types and based on life and our moods ie Ego boost which does exactly as it says.

I tried the Egoboost one minute Facelift Serum, big claim eh ?
The main ingredient in this serum is Chaga Mushroom which is a fungus that grows on the bark of Finnish arctic trees  ( Birch )  it has a very mild clean not unpleasant fragrance that is said to resemble Birch forests and rain.
All I can say about this brown liquid serum is that is sheer magic  literally a couple of drops from the glass pipette was all that was needed to instantly tighten and brighten my skin, lines around my eyes and lips were dramatically improved and this made a fabulous base for face cream, you can actually feel it work while you wait the allotted minute, it tightened without feeling tight and uncomfortable, brilliant I love it ! 

30ml £53.80 

 Next Up from the Beauty Sleep group of products is Supermood Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum
2-3 pumps from the Glass pump dispenser  gives you all you need for a perfect night time treatment,  if you buy this, do a little test out on the back of one hand first before you use it on your face, the reason I say this is that the visible difference is incredible !!!  It works beautifully and my skin looked and felt as though I had literally had a great nights sleep.  30ml  £69.40 

Finally Is the Is Babyface Mask from the Youth Glow group of products. This rich creamy mask has a very slight Mint fragrance and did have a very very slight tingle to the skin when applied, nothing unpleasant it just felt fresh.
Products on the Youth Glo group are said to be peeling and pampering as we all know dead skin makes for dull complexions.  The instructions tell you to apply generously but it is so rich it didn't feel like huge amounts were needed.  The mask remains moist during the 10-20 minute procedure, I waited 20 minutes and rinsed off, as promised baby soft glowing skin, my face didn't feel dry or tight after using this mask.

The main ingredients are said to be strong doses of Vitamin C and Gingko Biloba alongside Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip and Sweet Almond to name a few. 
 75ml £ 38.20 

“One wonder serum cannot solve anything if you don’t take care of yourself. Putting it simply, the concept of Supermood is to improve the quality of your life with products that are designed to work in combination with how you live, sleep, and eat. Rather than just “cosmetics” we see beauty care and wellbeing as a combination of natural cosmetics, good sleep and correct nutrition, an all-round holistic experience.”
– Anne Kukkohovi

Supermood is available at

 A fabulous website featuring a host of Beauty and Wellbeing Brands including the fabulous Argentum la potion Infine which I reviewed on my blog here 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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Kenneth Turner Candle in Posy Vase

Hi Darlin Reader,

Every now and again something arrives that causes a massive smile, the most beautiful package from Kenneth Turner who is famous for floral couture was just that thing.

Kenneth Turner Candle in Posy Vase

They very kindly sent me The Bubbly Scented Candle in a Posy Vase.   A mix of Freesia, Rose and Jasmine, with tones of Pear and Patchouli, it is simply Summer in a vase.  The gorgeous glass posy jar Is engraved with the KT logo and adorned with a little silver leaf ornament that bears the name of the fragrance.

This candle is hand poured in the UK and has a burn time of up to 50 hours, after which the little vase can be used to hold a tea light or a small bunch of flowers.  Literally as I opened the parcel the fragrance hit me, even unlit the room is filled with this fabulous scent, if you are unsure as to which fragrance you may choose from Kenneth Turner they will happily send you the full selection of fragrance cards free of charge. 

The packaging on these products is outstanding, it totally has the wow factor, so you are guaranteed to make someone happy if you were sending one as a gift.

Leading up to Valentines Day Kenneth Turner are offering Free gift wrapping and free postage by entering the code LOVE16 at the checkout.

Kenneth Turner Floral Couture

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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Lee Pycroft and My Make-Over

Hi Loves,

I wanted to write a post really in praise of Lee Pycroft, I am sure many many of you will already have heard her name, she is a renowned Makeup Artist who has worked with some very famous people in her time and was also head of the Makeup team on Britain's Next Top Model.

I first discovered Lee via Twitter about 18 months ago, I don't know why it caught my eye but it was just one tweet that led me to discover the amazing work that she does, and no I am not talking about superstar faces, although in a way I guess I am, as every woman is a superstar in her own right.  Lee is responsible for founding and running an incredible initiative called My-MakeOver a fabulous scheme that uses beauty and makeup as a form of self care for the most vulnerable women in our society, here are a few examples; 

Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends.
MY-Makeover visits once per month to Maggie’s at Charing Cross Hospital to deliver bespoke makeup and manicure sessions.
My-Makeover visits Solace Women’s Aid once per month to deliver a makeup and manicure sessions.
Solace Women’s Aid’s vision is of a world where women and children live their lives free from domestic and sexual abuse.
My-Makeover visits Solace Women’s Aid once per month to deliver a makeup and manicure sessions.
HCCT  work with people who are socially excluded in a variety of ways both in Camden and Islington.
My-Makeover visits Holy Cross Centre twice per month to deliver a manicure session.
Band of Sisters
Team H4H is an extremely passionate bunch. Our passion comes from our links to the Armed Forces; some of us have served, others are related to or know someone who has.
My-Makeover delivers sessions twice a year to Tedworth House & Colchester Recovery Centres for their respite weekends and quarterly to the London based support groups. Larger events have also been created for Band Of Sisters and Band Of Brothers with the intention of creating an environment where couples and families could enjoy the experience together.
Widowed & Young is the only national charity in the UK for men and women aged 50 or under when their partner died.
My-Makeover created an event for 25 of W.A.Y’s guests where each person could enjoy a variety of treatments and take home a goody bag.
Phyllis Tuckwell is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, living with cancer or other serious progressive illnesses (such as heart, lung or neurological disease) across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire
My-Makeover delivers approx 3 sessions per year to this hospice treating approx 15 people per visit to multiple treatments.
Trinity provides skilled, compassionate care and support to people with progressive, life-limiting illnesses and those close to them.
We support people living in our central and south west London community, at home and at the hospice.  
My- Makeover delivers approx 4 sessions per year to this hospice and treats around 20 people per visit to multiple treatments.

I asked Lee what her motivation was for starting My-Makeover ?

My mother was diagnosed with cancer some years ago and as she became progressively more ill she started to fear that she would  become dishevelled and start to smell of the sickness she was carrying.  Her appearance meant a lot to her and she loved to look groomed and always used to apply wonderful body creams and fragrance when she was well. So, when she became poorly  I would paint her nails or do her makeup for her as a way of her experiencing something different during her day and as a reminder of the things she loved. On the day she died I had done her makeup for her and taken lots of pictures with her and that time we shared was a wonderful way of saying goodbye. 

After Mum passed on and I went through my own emotional struggles but  I started to see how I  could use beauty and makeup as a from of self-care with lots of people who were vulnerable and going through challenges and i was fortunate to have a network that could help me achieve what the My-Makeover Initiative is today. 

Through the MY-Makeover events I create I met a woman called Linda Magistris who is redefining how bereavement  is dealt with in the UK care system by bringing all the necessary resources under one umbrella. She started a charity called The Good Grief Trust and it will help people all over the  UK as with one click of a button everything you need for support will be found in one place. 

 I feel bereavement is something that will impact us all I am honoured to be the Ambassador of the charity and work with them by creating MY-Makeover events for them and helping them raise awareness and funds. 

Check out Lee's website here 
Lee's work has really touched me and made me think of a time I spent in hospital, in the bed next to me was a beautiful soul who was not only quite poorly but also suffering with Alzheimer's, Ivy commented on how nice my nails were, I asked her if she would like hers painted and bless her she was delighted, it just made me think how such a small thing was something that was overlooked in all of her care, of course it wasn't anything to do with making her better, but it certainly made her feel better, even for a little while.

Not only does her work involve makeup and the beauty industry she is also passionate about her therapy/ coaching service that she offers to individuals and corporate staff covering any issues people may have.
As Bloggers we are in the fortunate position to be given an awful lot of very lovely things, and it occurred to me that to show our appreciation it would be nice to give something back and support where we can, YES this is the part I ask you for money, even if you could only spare a couple of pounds, or the price of a lipstick, it would feel great knowing that we were helping a good cause even in a small way.
What do you say girls ?  can you help ?  It would be fantastic if you could, and I for one would love you forever.

As Lee is Ambassador of The Good Grief Trust it would be amazing if we could all support this charity.

The Good Grief Trust aims to raise awareness of issues around bereavement and try to change the way we deal with this taboo subject in the UK, ensure acknowledgement of the potentially severe effects of grief and encourage us all to talk it about it more openly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and please, please help if you are able.

Lyn xxx


Gosh Growth Serum - Brows

Hiya Darlins
Are you like me, of the overplucked generation ?  Why did we do it ?  what seemed like a great idea in the 70s has now left us struggling now that eyebrows are the be all and end all of your face !
Who knew that was ever going to happen ?

We are now in the sparse gang struggling with all manner of brow products trying to keep up, I have for the last few weeks been using this new release from Gosh Copenhagen which is part of their AW17 Collection.

Gosh Growth Serum Brows

 Gosh Growth Serum 

This serum works on thickening and lengthening the brow hairs and to stimulate the growth of baby hairs with an ingredient called  SymPeptide Xlash  Which stimulates the keratin genes enhancing the growth of new hairs.  You use the serum twice a day after cleansing, allowing it to dry before using any brow products. I do have to admit to popping it on a couple of extra times in the day when I am having a no make up day, it probably isn't doing anymore than the recommended twice a day, but I want better brows like yesterday :)   The small application brush is specifically designed to brush through each individual brow hair coating it in product.

I can literally hear you shouting, stop yakking Lyn did it work ?

Yes indeedy it does, you are not going to awake with brows long enough for plaits BUT within a few weeks you will notice a difference, I had to tidy my brows, which is something I rarely need to do,  well, so rare I don't do it, they are tidied by threading literally only twice a year, so I quite enjoyed a session with the tweezers and having something to tidy.

As always with Gosh, cruelty free, paraben free, and this product is free from perfume.

Lyn 💋

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Friday, 25 August 2017

XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette

XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette
XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette

Hi Loves
Nothing makes me happier than trying something totally new, I had heard of the brand XIP on the grapevine, well Instagram to be precise, I honestly think nowadays you find the best products via social media and word of mouth, I'm not sure any of us believe the hype behind a super expensive glossy ad's any more ? This Dutch brand is the creation of makeup artists and industry experts, there are a few things I love but none more so than the fact that the packaging is recyclable, super glam in white and gold, the brand is best described as small but perfectly formed :)

XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette

I do have a few bits to bring you from this brand, but rather than overwhelm and to be honest I think they each deserve a post in their own right, I am breaking it down into individual reviews starting with.

XIP Golden Touch Sculpting Palette Cream 

Let's start by me saying I am not an instagram superstar at contouring and shading, however I do a little bit just to throw in some shadows and hide some chubby bits !  did I really just admit that ? This cream palette is heaven to use 6 shades from the palest cream to deep chocolate, allowing you to mix and match to your hearts content, the pigmentation is amazing so you don't actually need a lot of product, which is nice as it means you can be subtle for day and dramatic for night should you wish. I also favour cream products as I often find that powder contour literally highlights any imperfections on the skin. ie: wrinkles ! 

XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette
XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette

To compliment the ease of use there is the most beautiful Sculpting Cream Brush, with its pearled wooden handle graduated gold and silver shaft the synthetic cruelty free bristles are as soft as velvet on the skin, blending the product seamlessly. If you are not into contouring this would make a fabulous foundation stippler.

XIP for Xtremely Important People.

Check them out

Lyn 💋

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Look Fabulous Forever

Look Fabulous Forever

Hi Loves

This is a really quite exciting discovery for me, I have seen this brand name before it is especially popular on Facebook and where there is a massive army of dedicated fans, and I am beginning to learn why !

Look Fabulous Forever is the brain Child of Founder and CEO Tricia Cusden who won't mind me saying is one of us "mature" ladies, as such she wanted a makeup range specifically designed to flatter and enhance mature skin as our makeup needs change.  The beauty of LFF is that it is specifically tailored to flatter your personal colouring and skin tone, when you look at the site you are guided though what will suit you as though you have a beauty expert holding your hand.

I discovered with the help of the site that I am warm toned so the products I will show you here may be different shades to what will suit you, but it will give you the idea..

Your blank canvas starts with your base so that's where we will start .

Look Fabulous Forever
Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous Base

Fabulous Base 30ml

The shade I have here is 02  This foundation base is rich and creamy with a beautiful "feel " to it.  On first impression I thought it was going to be too dry for me and give me that flat matte looking base, which I hate, but no, it applied really well with a beauty blender and brush,  I did try fingers but it's not my favoured method, although it works equally well, once applied the base gives your skin an almost luminous finish, not dry, but not greasy, more of a soft dew. It actually looked better after a few minutes warming on the skin, the final look was incredibly flattering with nothing sinking in or highlighting lines.  The base lasted literally well into the evening without any transfer or patchiness, there was honestly no touch up needed and you could go straight from a day out into the evening without any problem.

Look Fabulous Forever
Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous  Eye Prime

Next I applied  Fabulous Eye Prime. 6ml 

I don't know about you, but I have had the fear as I have got older that eye makeup can sometimes be ageing, starting off looking great and within a couple of hours clinging to every line and wrinkle it can find !  ( very attractive )  I do wear a primer when applying any shadow and this one from LFF I found especially good as not only is it easy to apply the consistency is smooth and it has a skin tone neutral shade, so any darkness instantly disappears, you are left with smooth primed lids ready to play !

Look Fabulous Forever
Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous Eye Shade Cream

Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous Eye Shade Taupe

Fabulous Eye Shade 2g

These little mini compacts of eye shadow are the perfect size for your makeup bag. Complete with their own mirror, the powders are a creamy soft texture, (in fact I had to double dip to check that they were actually powder ! )  that apply easily in a really subtle way. The lasting power is outstanding coupled with the eye prime.  I really like these individual pans as with most shadow palettes you only end up using half the shades, this way you are not wasting money by buying colours that you wont wear. There are 9 shades to choose from, shown here are Taupe & Cream.
Look Fabulous Forever  Fabulous Lid Colour  Golden Mist

Fabulous Lid Colour 6ml

I am head over heels for this product, it's a creamy shadow that applies like a dream , giving the most beautiful glow to your lids, you can either be really subtle with this shadow or bling it up for a more glam evening look, it holds well, never creases, and is honestly one of the loveliest shades I have used this year. there are 3 gorgeous shades available, the one shown here is Golden Mist.  

Look Fabulous Forever
Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous Lash Mascara 

To finish off , Fabulous Lash Mascara ( Black ) 8ml 

This mascara has the ideal length wand for easy control, it will lift and separate lashes without causing clumping or spider legs - we all know about that look !  The lashes are left soft and pliable. Easy to remove with any makeup remover as it is non waterproof, there is however a waterproof version available should you prefer.

Another thing that has really impressed me is the shelf life of these products, there is a huge awareness of late as to the dangers of using out of date makeup, we have all done it, hung on to that favourite lipstick or eyeshadow without ever checking the use by dates ! Look Fabulous Forever have really good shelf lives, the base is 24 months,  eye shadows 36 months, eye prime 24 months, and mascara 24 months, I think it is especially important with eye products, as the last thing you want is a nasty infection from old products !

Overall I am thrilled to have discovered this brand flying the flag for mature girls, it's very easy to become invisible after a certain age, Tricia Cusden is here to hold your hand throughout the whole makeup choosing process.

Discover Look Fabulous Forever yourself by visiting them here

Lyn 💋

Post has been written in collaboration with Look Fabulous Forever, all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Anti-Pollution

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Anti-Pollution

Hiya Gorgeous

I don't know about you, but I do like to go no make up on occasions, and yes I was recently caught out by one of my gorgeous readers in a supermarket lately, where I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I found myself saying " oh it's so lovely to meet you, excuse my face ! " LOL  I wish I had been wearing this NEW product from Gosh Copenhagen at the time.

Gosh Primer Primer Plus Skin Adaptor Anti Pollution is unlike anything I have tried before, on first glance on the shelf you may dismiss it as "just another primer "  it is so much more than that, described as multi-functional makeup, it truly is a bit of a wonder product in my opinion.

The One shade it comes in is aptly named Chameleon, as you apply it the pale shade formula adapts to your skins natural tone, and leaves you looking no make up, but 100% better, as a primer is sits beautifully on the skin, is moist without being wet, leaves a perfect base for foundation, not only does it leave you looking more "dressed" than if you were to go bare faced it is also protecting your skin from today's pollution, due to the key ingredients;

  • CITYGUARD+  : A complex made up of two components from marine origin.
  • OAK EXTRACT : With it's intense astringent and oxidant properties.

This really does give you the best of both worlds,  paraben & perfume free, cruelty free.

Lyn 💋

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