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Nyasa London

Nyasa London
Nyasa London 

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You may not have heard of Nyasa London, it was a totally new discovery for me, and now you would need to prise these products from my cold dead hand before I would part with them. Nyasa was founded by Kate Athansi and Maria Grigorova, friends who came together over their shared passion for skincare, wellbeing and personal development.

 Here's the truth, I was offered the brand to test at a time that I was overwhelmed with skincare to review and said that I would try a couple of items but it would be a while before I could do anything, fortunately the PR company were lovely and understanding and sent them along, once I got around to using the products I literally loved them so much I asked if I could trial more as I wanted to do a full review, this is something that has never happened to me before !!!

Not just a new range of skincare products Nyasa is more of a philosophy in that the brand wholly believe in well being being the key to glorious skin, and encourage us to encompass all aspects of well being  from exercise to sleep, I could write for hours on the ideology of the brand but for fear of turning this post into a book I urge you to check out the website  ( I will pop a link below )

The collection is based around two key ingredients The Resurrection Plant, a desert plant that has the ability to survive drought and the capability to regenerate itself, and Pure Swertiamarin from Indian Gentian leaves from the Himalayas a plant that has been used since ancient times in the Ayurvedic medical tradition, alongside a host of essential oils.

The Range consists of six products 

  • Pure Glow Nourishing Cleansing Balm
  • Metamorphosis Revitalising Beauty Oil ( not tested )
  • Luminosity Illuminating Super Serum
  • New Dawn Rejuvenating Daily Moisturiser
  • Midnight Feast Replenishing Night Balm
  • Superstar Restorative Eye Serum.

Nyasa London

Pure Glow Nourishing Cleansing Balm  100ml

A clear rich balm with a spa like fragrance that you massage onto wet or dry skin ( I always do it on dry skin )  it literally melts away dirt and make up in seconds, remove with a damp flannel or washcloth,  if you want a deeper cleansing treatment you can leave the balm on the skin for an additional 5-10 minutes, relax and breathe in the fragrance of the essential oils. Your skin is left touchably soft and super clean, interestingly Nyasa is a Sanscript word for "to touch" or "to place"

Superstar Restorative Eye Serum 15ml

Housed in a glass airtight pump system this feather light eye serum absorbs almost immediately and rather than being just an eye serum that you apply and dash off it is recommended that you use this more as a ritual and relaxation treatment, dab the serum around the entire eye area then push gently on the pressure points at the inner side of the eye sockets where they meet your nose and the outer rim of your eye socket where you will feel a slight dip as you press down, this application will increase circulation and relaxation.  This is an instant results product to me, you will see an instant improvement in fine lines and over time a reduction in dark circles and pigmentation. Once applied you wouldn't know it was on it is so lightweight non visible.

Luminosity Illuminating Super Serum 30ml

This glass bottle pipette system delivers just the perfect amount of products for  your face neck and decolletage, this is probably one of my favourite products in the range, it sits beautifully under moisturiser to clarify and brighten the skin, I adore applying this and have been using it twice daily under New Dawn and Midnight Feast, it leaves your skin looking brighter, fresher and with more bounce to the touch, it isn't heavy or greasy and is best massaged into the skin to really appreciate the treatment process.

Nyasa London

New Dawn Rejuvenating Daily Moisturiser 50ml

Again in the glass pump system for freshness this super rich liquid moisturiser absorbs well leaving a very slight film to the skin, the Frankincense and jasmine fragrance literally has you deep breathing to capture the spa like aroma, although I liked this a lot on first use, I have come to love it much much more over time, my skin is literally blooming, I doubt anyone other than me would notice any difference at all, but you, like me know your own face and can spot instantly if something is improving the texture, and without a shadow of a doubt I have loved using this.

Midnight Feast Replenishing Night Balm 50ml

To me this really is the star of the show, and would be seriously surprised that given time this does not become a cult product, yep it's THAT good.  whilst the formula is lightweight it is far richer than New Dawn and feels like a real treat at the end of the day, massaged into your skin, as you lay down to go to sleep you are again breathing in Frankincense and Jasmine as you drift off to sleep,  regardless of what kind of night I have had or how little sleep I achieved my skin looks and feels great in the morning, to the point that I am doing a close up examination of it I am that happy !  

This brand may be new to a lot of people but  watch this space !

The one thing I would say, is as the brand is in the high end bracket it would do well to produce sample sizes, as I'm sure once tested it would be love at first use.

 Nyasa do NOT test on animals and use Organic ingredients where possible but say tat some ingredients are impossible to find in an organic formula.

Nyasa use fully recyclable packaging.

Nyasa do NOT use  sulphates, petroleum, parabens, pthalates or synthetic fragrances.


Lyn 💋

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