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Bliss Mask A-Peel Ruberizing Mask

Bliss Mask A-Peel Ruberizing Mask
Bliss Mask A-Peel Ruberizing Mask

Hiya Darlins

You may have well seen my scary face featuring this mask on Instagram 
( thelavenderbarnltd)  it came in the Natural Edition collection that I have just featured here on the blog, of all the gorgeous products in this collection the Bliss Mask was the one I was desperate to try.

This was my first time ever using a rubberized mask, and I have to be honest it was the best fun !  apart from that you want to know if it works.

Bliss are traditionally a Spa that now produce Spa grade products for you to use at home, this mask claims to purge pores ( I loved the sound of that )  absorb impurities and calm skin.  I have no problems with my pores and my skin didn't need calming, but hey ho I wanted to use it anyway.

Bliss Mask A-Peel Ruberizing Mask

In the box are 3 little pots each filled with the mask in powder form ready for you to mix yourself with cold water, the pots have a fill line so no mistakes can happen, literally mix for 30-40 seconds using the spatula and apply, the application was like icing a face cake,  I loved it, I started of quite sparingly but soon figured there is a ton of product on the pot so there was no danger of running out.  The mask felt cool at all times, it was incredibly comfortable and you could feel it drawing but not in a dry tight way like a traditional clay mask, after 15 minutes you literally peel it off, mine didn't come away in one piece it came away literally in 3, honestly amazing, I was left with a couple on tiny spots of residue which wiped away with a wash cloth.

Bliss Mask A-Peel Ruberizing Mask

Here's how clever this mask is..........once you remove it you can actually see on the back of the mask every line, wrinkle and pore on your face, you are left with soft refreshed skin ready for moisturiser, as I said earlier I don't have trouble with pores or spots, but I did have a tiny tiny lump that was under the skin on my cheekbone, it went away with exfoliation and came back the next day, this mask removed it completely from under the skin ! 

Check out the Bliss mask and other goodies Here 

Lyn 💋

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