Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kiko Make Up Review

I first Discovered Kiko on a holiday in Ibiza, the joy of spending and age lusting after this brand new brand that I had never seen before was amazing, and so reasonably priced for such a glamorous store, needless to say I came home with quite a collection.

When I discovered Kiko in Brighton, It was a no brainer to step straight in.

My first purchase was a fabulous compact foundation which is the BB glow compact, a gorgeous creamy foundation with really good coverage but with no heavy mask look, it comes with a sponge for application, I actually use a foundation brush and only a very little is required. Priced at £11.99

 Next up is a serious gem, my photograph cannot do this pencil justice, It is the pencil lip gloss which is a beautiful sparkly finish, that has incredible lasting power, a huge range of colours to choose from. £3.50

 My next little purchase was based purely and simply on lust, I could not even attempt to resist this pretty little Rose Gold compact mirror, complete with its own little carry wallet. at £5.99 why not ?

kiko make up review

I could have bought lot's more, but being so popular the store was heaving and Mr LB was getting a little restless for food, I will be back Kiko, no hesitation on that, my love for these products can only grow.

You don't even need to do battle with the girls, get KIKO ONLINE Here

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Bellamianta Self Tanning Lotion

You are probably thinking, hang on it's almost Christmas, why is this woman writing about self tan ?  well; it's exactly the reason I am writing about it, Christmas !

Bellamianta self tan review

Who in their right mind would want to go to a Christmas "do" in a gorgeous new dress all pasty white and winter looking ?      nope, even if you didn't manage to get away for a winter sun break, no need to look as though you have sat in the shade all year.
Bellamianta is no ordinary self tanning product, apart from the obvious tan, it is actually a treatment for your skin, containing a whole host of goodies from Shea Butter, Bergamot, Sea Buckthorn and vitamin E to name a few, this really is a fabulous treat to your skin, and at the same time providing you with a beautiful Golden tone.......NO Orange going on here my friend :)

A good exfoliation and you are ready to rock n roll.
Easy to apply with Super padded applicator mitt.  I was pretty impressed with this alone, I have tested a lot of tans and this has to be the best mitt so far, I have had them fall apart on me, or even let the formula soak through leaving you with over tanned palms, this one was great, and I'm sure would last forever.
Bellamianta self tan review

The tan itself is really easy to apply as it is coloured, quite shockingly dark ( don't be worried ) it's just a guide colour allowing you to see where you have been, starting at the ankles and working your way up, I always give the tops of my feet and toes a quick swoop over at the end, be careful of ankles and knees or anywhere that might me a bit dry, as the colour will grab onto those areas as with any self tan product,  if you are incredibly dry on knees, elbows and heels, you could always apply a tiny wipe of moisturiser before the tan, this is something I have learnt  from over the years, it works for me, only a tiny bit mind.
This product is super quick to dry, 60 seconds, so you don't have to do the freezing cold bathroom dance, or the dodgy walk around the house naked, once its dry you can get dressed and go about your business, it develops in 2-4 hours, I personally left it on overnight, and had my usual shower in the morning.........and guess what ? nothing on the sheets, and the absolute beauty of this product is no self tan smell !!!
Bellamianta self tan review

It lasted me 8 days, and wore off really well, its didn't do the usual patchy lizard look as with a lot of tans.

All in all I would definitely buy this, especially with the " no self tan " fragrance, and the 60 second dry time.

No need to go to the party peaky.

Bellamianta is £14.99 for 200ml and £5.99 for the Mitt. available here

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Skin Chemists Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum Review

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Before I talk about this product specifically I wanted to just say, I have tried a few products with strong claims about wrinkle etc.....quite recently I was at a beauty show when a lady stopped me and offered to give me a try out of her * miracle* face lifting cream, well......not one to turn down the offer of a wrinkle reduction I sat in her chair while she duly applied this magic formula to my face, I was handed a mirror while she fanned the product dry on my face, ( under eye area ) ok; looking in the mirror I was quite astounded, yes, I did look younger and yes it did make the wrinkles seem way less visible, * How Much ? * was my obvious next question where she informed me that it was reduced for the show from £145.00 to ONLY £100.00, well I thanked her politely and said I would think about it, to which she got quite shirty and told me it was a bargain ..........NOT, no way would I pay £100 on a brand I had never heard of on a whim, so after having trotted around the show looking at other products, my daughter suddenly pointed out that my under eye area was resembling a reptile in its skin shedding period !!!!!!  OMG  I looked like a lizard, all I can assume is that this wonder product was based on egg white, which in all honesty would tighten on your skin for a little while only to crisp up and flake off.  Quite frankly I am glad my hard earned shekles had stayed in my purse lol.

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

Moving on to a REAL Brand......Skin Chemists, I was contacted by Skin Chemists to test out a few of their  products and this is the first of a few reviews. 
Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake would be forgiven for thinking this is another gimmick name, no, no, no this is the real deal, I used this Serum on cleansed skin and instantly felt the tightening effect, a very tiny tingle, but I could actually feel my skin firming up, ok, I didn't read the instructions, a really bad fault of mine, and the instructions tell you to use a pea sized amount on specific targeted areas, well, my whole face is a target and my whole face got the treatment, you really could see a difference in the mirror I kid you not. With this product it is not only the immediate signs that are impressive, you actually see a further difference to your bare skin within a week.
Using award winning active ingredients seems to be the magic behind the science.

Skin Chemists wrinkle killer snake serum review

This product does not come cheap at £180.00 for 30ml I would suggest you only use it on target areas as a tiny pea size goes a long long way.

I have to be honest and say that this is one of the most impressive products, in terms of instant visible results I have tested in a long while.

"Seriously impressed."  I think It's one for the Christmas List, will want to replace it when it's empty, that's for sure.

This Serum is just one of a whole range of products from Skin Chemists, and I strongly recommend you spend some time on their site Skin Chemists

Update 28/10/15  Skin Chemists are offering Lavender Barn readers a whopping 75 % discount on their entire website, just enter code Lavender75 at checkout

Love N Hugz
Lyn X

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Salon Systems Naturalash Review

First let me say I am not a full time eyelash wearer, I have been known to have the odd flutter on a big night out, but in truth I have not applied these myself, I rely on my daughter.

When I met the team at Salon Systems it was suggested I go with the most natural Lashes and to start with the easiest ones too apply..good thinking Salon Systems, no good asking me to try Ru Paul type lashes, it would be wasted on me :)
salon system naturalash review

The First pair I was given to try out were the pre glued naturalash in natural , the beauty of the Salon System packaging is that it's all clearly spelled out for you, so even if you are a lash novice like me, you know exactly what you are buying.
 salon system naturalash review

The Box read, Natural, lengthens and defines, express lash | instant application | reusable. they are latex free and really soft and natural looking. No 116.  I loved these, they are easy to apply no messing with tricky glue and no waiting for the glue to dry. they can be used more than once, and should they lose their sticky, there is an additional sticky strip for even more uses.  If you were going to a Christmas do, these really are an easy way to add a touch of extra Glam, they really did feel very Hollywood at first but I soon got used to them and they felt perfectly normal.

Next Up was Naturalash Volume. No 149 These are designed to thicken and define, they are a thicker lash which I would think are more a night time look, The box reads. Quick | easy | reusable | adhesive included. these I found trickier, but as I said I am no lash expert, once I had got the hang of it, the right amount of glue, placing them on with tweezers, it was all systems go, lovely and thick, perfect for night time.
 salon system naturalash review

I wanted to try the individual lashes, so that I could use them just in the corners, too many Pixiwoo tutorials.
I love these with a passion, they come in various lengths, I tried medium, they are great, they just give that little boost to the outer corners of your own lashes, and are so easy to pop on it's untrue.
 salon system naturalash review

As I said earlier the packaging for Salon System lashes is fantastic, no more staring at a wall of lashes wondering what to use, these are clearly marked for you to grab and go.

They are fantastically priced all at around the £3.00 mark.

You will find Salon System at Salon Services here

Love and Hugz
Lyn x

Belle Gel Rapide Home Nail Kit Review

 If you are anything like me, you love the look of freshly polished nails, but don't have time to keep going to the salon to get them done, then this really is worth a read.

Belle Gel nail review

I will go to the salon, adore the result and then find that I am too busy or simply can't be bothered to go back and get them taken off/re-done, for me it's a 20 min drive and find a parking space blah blah.......too much hassle !
I always find they will be at their worse when I need them to be their best, last minute invite, rubbish nails, or the best one, you are hosting the dinner party, get together or whatever, have your nails done, faff about preparing the house, food whatever, and chip, which is enough to give you the miseries before you even get dressed.............This kit could be your answer, I was asked to test this kit out, which actually was pretty rash, as I expect a hell of a lot from a polish, I am not one of those  "ladies that lunch"  I get down and dirty with bleach and loo's etc, I am a bit of a cleaning fanatic and I don't wear gloves, so this kit really did get a bit of a harsh road test from me.
On opening the box, you will find the LED light which is folded into the size of an IPhone, The gel  glossy topcoat, Protector basecoat, a raspberry shade of polish, cleaner and wipe off liquid , and a nail file, also included is a rather handy fabric roll up case, for storing your whole kit. while travelling.
Belle Gel nail review

I was also given some extra shades, and the peel off Gel, which means you can do a whole nail treatment and just peel it all off when you are ready, the nail polish actually peels off in one complete sheet, wayyyyy to tempting as it is so much fun, this peel off gel can be used also with your regular nail polish !

I sampled the  ice pink gel polish, first using the base, cure for 60 seconds,  no need to worry about timings the LED lamp switches off at 60 seconds 2 THIN coats of polish curing for 60 seconds between each coat, finishing off with the Glossy Top coat, a quick wipe over with the cleanser fluid and done :) 
 The result was a glossy salon finish,  This lasted over 7 days before I got bored with it and wanted to try another colour. I forgot to photograph the  Ice pink, oops.

Next I tried the Oyster Shade, a pale beige with a pearly sheen, with the Peel off gel, again same procedure as before, and I was left with a great finish, as you can see.
belle gel nail review
This again had great lasting power, and once I wanted a change it simply was a case of peeling each nail off in one sheet, soooooo satisfying.

This Kit Retails at £85.00 Polishes are available to buy separately. It is less than the cost of 3 salon visits, so actually pays for itself over and over again.

All gels are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Di-Butyl Phthalate. Made in the UK.
Available at   

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Who Is She ?

Bit of a funny old post for me, as it's all about me . I think the title of this post speaks for itself, Who Is She ?

I have heard rumour of some negative feedback lately by bloggers once again criticising other bloggers, in terms of.......who knew ? ........ we actually have to qualify ourselves now as being * something* in the beauty industry, lol, this really did make me laugh, I am nobody, my opinions are not those of a beauty expert, I could send you a list of qualified beauty bloggers if you want it, I follow them and soak up every word, in terms of the *industry*  I am a bottom feeder, the consumer, the one spending hard earned sheckles on beauty products, and as such I have a voice, my voice will tell you MY opinions on something I have used on my own face or my own body, or in some cases the face of ( him indoors ) Under no circumstances have I ever claimed to be an expert.

If you want my CV I will happily send it to you, it will read as follows, Worked on the shop floor for a very a well known brand did my training but as a youngster I was desperate to work in an office, I wanted to be a telephonist of all things ! I thought it would be posh. 
 Back into retail sales for a few years, in Fashion, then fell into sales, estate agency and then into recruitment, leading on to Directorship, and then my own business for many years, again sales, (interiors )  now  at the ripe old age of 58 a housewife superstar, with opinions, so please don't tell me I can't blog, in fact please don't tell me anything negative. 

 If you don't like my blog, don't read it, if you think I have no right to voice my opinions, question yourself, not me; I am not criticising you, I am happily slapping products on my face and writing my thoughts on I do not write negative posts, I have no need to slate a brand, if I don't like the product I don't write about it, simple !

Having owned a business I understand that a business is personal to it's owner, I wouldn't publicly say someones baby was ugly would I ?

So, If you are reading this, and are the person that has a lot to say about me, I give you the worlds biggest hug, and hope your life gets better, I also thank you for thinking I am that important to gossip about :)

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Friday, 16 October 2015

Things that make me feel old

Don't we do well with all this technology ? I think so, but there are times when I just feel old lol, yeah yeah, I suppose you could say 58 is no spring chicken, but these things frustrate the drawers off me, as I don't like this feeling.

Here are a few things I don't understand and things that make me feel ancient lol.

I would like to blame this confusion on the Menopause, but that ship sailed leaving me with no place to hide my stupidity.

Buzz feed 
and any other gizmo that I cant quite work out.

Clever tricks with photos, mine never look arty farty, although I do throw the odd rose in now and again.....go me.

Remembering whats in the they even have charts now. when did that happen ?
Instruction books bigger than the item itself
Impossible to open plastic packaging.
Saying group instead of Band
Only just learned Bae from Grandaughter.
Saying concert not Gig 
Being scared of the underground late at night alone.......didn't used to be a problem.
Funfairs........I look at the nuts and bolts and the dodgy geezers running them. Nothing used to be fast enough or high enough.

Lusting after the prettiest 6 inch heels and the sensible head saying " silly cow you will break a hip "

PASSWORDS...........don't even get me started, having stood staring blankly at the machine in Sainsburys unable to remember the pin I have used for 8 years !

Terms I see on Twitter......shakes head........moves on.

Well I am not yet having to have my food mashed up for me so I guess it's not all bad.

I can only imagine it's going to get worse, and eventually my old head will explode into a mass of jumbled letters and numbers.........oh and dust lol.

This list is not complete, but I am getting old and lifes too short.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


He Drives Me Nuts Because

I probably had the raging hump through lack of sleep, but being in bitch mode made me think of all the other things that drive me nuts, I'm sure at least one will strike a chord with you ha ha.

Pants on the bathroom floor that you failed to notice before friends arrive.

Talking through your favourite programme.

Being a pain in the arse when shopping until fed.

Bringing you tea when you are sleeping, who gets thirsty when they are asleep, it's a ploy to get you up.

Failing to notice your new top, haircut, shoes etc, although handy as neither has he noticed the spending :)
Did I mention snoring ?

Socks on the floor.........don't get me started about sock fluff !

They say we nag, my theory is that they either don't listen the first, second and third time, or is that they think by ignoring your request you will eventually forget about it..........wrong........we will repeat the request and be accused of nagging, because of course we love the sound of our own voices, even more than we love the sound of snoring.

Love N Hugz
Lyn X


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Aldi Lacura Expert Mimox Intensive Care Beautifying Serum Review,

You go in for loo roll and come out with Serum ! I personally Love Aldi it is a haven of the weird and wonderful and always ends up being top of some best Christmas food review list or another.

Aldi Lacura Expert Serum Review

This new product from Aldi came to me highly recommended so I thought I would pick it up along with the odd pineapple and avocado,  as you do :)  I have in the past tried other bits and bobs from the Lacura range at Aldi, nail Polish which was pretty good, and lip gloss which was fab actually, the problem with Aldi, is that you rarely see the same thing more than a couple of times so if you find something good you have to clear the shelf for fear of not seeing it again.

Aldi Lacura Expert Serum Review

I do believe this was the case with this Lacura Serum, I managed to get the last one on the shelf and at £3.99  for a good sized 30 ml,  I'm honestly not surprised it was sold out.
Lacura Expert Mimox x intensive care beauty serum is simply fantastic value.
It is bang up to the minute with it's packaging, we all love a pipette and a glass bottle.

This Serum is Labelled  as an anti-age product, and is recommended for between 30 - 55, well that's me buggered at 58 I clearly don't need anti-age.........seriously ?  It claims that wrinkles are reduced by up to 
31 %  skin elasticity improved by up to 33% and suppleness improved by up to 34%  all in 4 weeks. Mimox is a blue green Algae Extract.

I have given this a try over a couple of days and to be honest I was shocked at how good it is, I am not sure about all of the percentages but it is a beautifully rich serum that glides on well, and does give a fabulous fresh look to your face.  I would definitely give this a big thumbs up in the value skincare range.

Have you tired any supermarket beauty brands ? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Murad Skincare Review

 I very much doubt there is anyone who has not heard of Murad, but if you haven't it is, in my opinion one of the very top skin care brands, founded in 1989 by Dr Howard Murad Md everything about this range screams not only luxury but sheer quality and science. if you check out the website there is a solution to every problem.  

Murad Skincare Review

I was fortunate enough To try The Resurgense Regeme Starting with The Renewing Cleansing Cream 200 ml Step 1 that is another of the reasons I like this brand so much, there is a belief that there are 3 steps to perfect skincare, and each product in the three steps is numbered so you know exactly where you are, this is something I wish other brands would follow as I think nowadays skincare can become fairly complicated, and this makes it simple and straightforward.

This is no ordinary cleanser, having read my previous blogs you will have spotted my love for hot cloth cleansing, and I was delighted to discover this is a rinse off cleanser, the Murad renewing cleanser is applied to damp skin and rinsed away, it is a thick pearly cream that is just like cleansing with a moisturiser, you need so little due to the richness, the tube will last forever even with double cleansing, It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated with no signs of irritation, Just gorgeous.
Murad Skincare Review

Next was Step 2 Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum 30ml This Serum claims on it's packaging to Visibly increase firmness after one application, and that 81% of people tested saw an improvement in wrinkles after 2 weeks !!!  Big claims huh ?  well, I am here to tell you that no part of that claim is false, my skin felt fabulous on first application and after 3 weeks of use I have actually had a comment that my lines above my lip have decreased ( hanging head in shame for being an ex smoker ) guaranteed to cause horrible lines.

Murad Skincare Review

On to Step 3 Age-Balancing Moisture, Broad Spectrum SPF30  50ml  This really was a pure surge of moisture, I applied this after giving the serum a couple of minutes to absorb, I usually use a primer before make up, but in all honestly these products left my skin with a perfect starting base for my foundation, and It actually lasted longer during the day.

Would I buy it ?  100% yes 

Check out the website here Murad.Co.Uk

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Flat Pack Wine. |Travel | Wine lover |

This I just had to write about, a new discovery for me that when I first heard of I was sceptical to say the least, I honestly couldn't see why anyone would need wrong was I ?  Flat Pak Wine.  The Foldable Wine Bottle.

This really is what is say's on the Pack ( A Flat Pak Wine Bottle )  it's also a hell of a lot more; I actually think the inventors of this bottle have missed a trick......I am no marketing guru, but even I can see it's uses are being undersold by it's deceptive title, or maybe it's just me liking to get a lot for my money, talking of money this little baby is on offer at the moment. 

Wine ? why not water ? Juice ? washing liquid for travel, or actually for any other liquids when travelling, one of the things that occurred to me, was how many times do you leave shampoo at your holiday destination to leave more room in the case coming home ? 

I am rambling now with ideas;  as it's such a versatile product I could go on and on......The Flat Pak Wine bottle, lets talk about it in it's design purpose alone, 

  • It will take 750ml of wine, I want to say liquid, but it's a wine bottle  :)
  • It is BPA free which having read up on the topic of toxins from plastics is incredibly important to me.
  • It weighs almost nothing. rolls up when empty.
  • Easy fill spout.
  • As it fills the base pops out and becomes stable.
  • Kind to the planet. Cuts down on re-cycling.
  • Perfect for day's out, events, camping, parties, picnics etc.
  • Totally reusable, rinses out easily.
At first I didn't get the re-cycling aspect of the bottle as my thinking was, but you have to buy a glass bottle to fill it..........dumb.......of course you can buy a wine box, which saves money and of course is recyclable. so now the neighbours don't need to see how many bottle have gone out of your house on a weekly basis ( kidding)

Imagine a day out with little ones without a lot of money, yup I have been there, you could fill this bottle with juice, and save yourself a few pounds on cafe prices. the fact that it rolls flat to carry home is a godsend.

I, like a saddo have carried this bottle around in my bag for the last 48 hours filled with water, yes I get thirsty but that wasn't the reason, I wanted to check for drips and leaks........non.....not a drop, perfect.

Can you imagine being this excited over a plastic bottle ?  I didn't think I would be, but it's usefulness is endless, of course for the purpose of it's design, my friend is an avid Theatre goer and if you have ever bought a small glass of wine in the intermission, you will understand why she loves her Flat Pak Wine, saves a  small fortune.

DO NOT quote me on this, but it did occur to me that it could be left in the car for petrol emergencies ?  although I have yet to test my theory, as you can see my brain is full of ideas for this fabulous invention, and I bet yours will be too !

The Flat Pak Wine Bottle is currently only available on Amazon, as it has only just arrived in the UK from America.

It is currently on offer at £6.00 or 2 for £ 9.99  after offer price  £9.99 each  

Use Code 15OCTFPW at checkout.


Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Female Viagra The Little Pink Pill

 The little pink pill, I know we have all heard of the little blue pill, but when I saw something on the internet saying that Viagra for women was now available, I had to have a look, as you do ;  you are by now thinking ohhhh yes, ?????
 I know what she is up to !  ha ha, my curiosity was peaked, thinking about it peaked is probably not the best choice of words when talking about Viagra.

And yes I do know that this subject is no laughing matter, but being English humour is the best way to deal with awkward situations, here's the thing, I was not intentionally searching for female Viagra but let's be honest at a certain age it did seem worth a read :) 
 and it suddenly made me think the little blue pill seems to be used not , just by men of a certain age that have been prescribed it by the doctor !  

and for some reason that seems to be ok to talk about, so why is it different for women ?  why are we not supposed to say....." Oh gawd I would rather have a cup of tea and a book "  I'll tell you why, because it makes us sound old, boring and for want of a better term past it !'s nothing to do with being old, although I will admit that women in their 40's are enjoying their peak,  make the most of it wont last lol, that said I do know a woman in her 70's who wears men out, I think they are scared of her.

It's easy to let life get in the way, at any happens !  And I do wonder if this pill was designed by male scientists...what's the betting on that one ?

The point of this blog, is to actually tell you where this reading led me, 
 Disclaimer  I am not an expert or a scientist I am telling you this as a personal opinion and cannot be held responsible if you suddenly get a very active sex life :)

Apparently there is a hormone in your lady brain that diminishes with age, don't quote me but I think it was dopamine, it is apparently a hormone that also keeps us happy, the article said, the thing to do was to try what they called the natural Viagra........well..........of course I did.

Bloody hell, at a tenner why wouldn't I ?
I have been taking these for a week or so, and no I am not going to tell you I have Mr LB swinging from the chandelier, but what I am going to tell you is that I have seen a huge increase in my mood, I wasn't miserable before or at least I didn't think I was, but these pills have definitely put a spring in my step :)  as for the other thing........well, I am English and it's not something we discuss lol.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Make Up Revolution Review

Make up Revolution is my new addiction.  Here's the thing, I am very lucky and get sent a lot of skincare to try but for some reason I never seem to get get asked to try out make up, I can only think that make up brands are of the opinion us old birds don't still have fun playing make up;  wrong......on so many levels, anyhow, not one to be left out of the loop I spend a small fortune on trying new brands, colours etc, and my new love is the Brand Make up Revolution, now I know you younger girls and a lot of others have heard of Make Up Revolution and are groaning......what is she on about, but my thinking is that a lot of women my age group ( granny group) are only influenced by mainly TV Marketing and the brands we are used to, and when it comes to change a lot of women don't want to risk shed loads of money on an item they may try and hate, or try and it end up being stolen by your Daughters or Grandaughters, or both in my case.

Make up Revolution is the perfect solution, totally up to the minute trends for literally nothing money, you can so afford to play and go nuts with this brand, That said, don't be fooled into thinking it's a rubbish cheap bit of toot..........oh no, this is really good value for money.

I am no make up artist and certainly not a brand snob........but.......I am really fussy about what my make up looks like, and no kidding these products give any high end packaging a real run for it's money, in fact I don't know how they do it for the price.

Gawd I can ramble, this is supposed to be a product review, well I am only bringing you a couple of bits today, as I have bought wayyyyyy too much of late to review it all, and have given away most to my girls.

Lets start with The fast Love pallet.
Make up revolution make up review.

Oh my lord, I just love the neutral muted shades in this pallet a mixture of shimmer and matt and not a shouty shade in sight. once it's on it has a good staying power, easily blended, and really buildable, so you can be as subtle or as defined as you want. 
The pallet quality is brilliant and with a super sized mirror whats not to
 love ? This was in the last chance to buy section for literally a couple of pounds, they have eyeshadows starting at £1.00 !!!!!!!

Next Up is the Protection Pallet in Light.
Make up revolution make up review.

This little Gem contains everything you need for concealing, contouring and highlighting, with a super silky finishing powder, again with a fab gloss finish case, with the large mirror. again this was a bargain at £4.00

These prices are no joke, everything on this site is fantastic value. you really can stock up for yourself, or impress the females in your family with brilliant gifts. One look at these products and you will see why I keep going back.
Finally ( well for this post at least )  a Lipstick, I wanted to try a lippie as everything I go for is gloss and sparkly, This is wonderful, creamy, easy to apply and reasonable lasting quality, and ready for it..............£1.50  nope not a typing error, it really was only £1.50, tons of shades to choose from I went with a pinky beige shade  #liphug  "when you came to me "
Make up revolution make up review.

Get on this site and spoil yourself for less than the price of  a skinnyfrippyfrappymochachino. 


Love n Hugz
Lyn x

Cowshed | Gorgeous Cow | Grumpy Cow | Knackered Cow | Review

When I first discovered Cowshed as a brand I had fallen a little bit in Love before I had even tried the products.   Everything from the website design to the smile worthy names of the ranges. Although I did hope for a personalised bottle of miserable old cow, but alas no, maybe that's just me :)

When these products arrived ( thank you Cowshed )  I was really hoping not to be disappointed, a bit like a first date that turns up looking great, opens his mouth and it's all downhill from there.

I love and adore the packaging,  Clean, modern and practical, and the names well...........If you have not experienced this brand before you are in for a surprise, ready to smile ?

I started with Grumpy Cow Uplifting Shower Gel £18.00 for 300ml followed by Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion  £20.00 for 300ml both of these products do what they say on the pack, the ingredients are guaranteed to make you feel good not only with a beautifully cleansed and softened body, but there is something about them that does great things to your mind, energy boosting and stimulating. 
 What Cowshed say..........Red Mandarin invigorates whilst Petigrain can help purify the mind............and who am I to argue ?  just wonderful.

Next Up was Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion, now this one really did live up to it's name, sweet smelling floral tones containing botanical actives and pure essential oils.

What Cowshed say.....Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Bulgarian Rose and Indian Palmarosa Oils evoke a happy blissful mood, while French Lavender can help soothe and balance the mind.
This really is heaven to apply, and has the feel and fragrance of an expensive salon treatment, my skin was left fully hydrated for at least 24 hours, where usually come the evenings whatever morning moisturiser I have used has long left me.  £20.00 for 300ml

And Finally, the one that describes most of us to a tee, Knackered Cow  relaxing Body lotion, in my humble opinion this lotion is best saved for your nighttime routine, it has the perfect mix of ingredients to fully relax you and get you prepared for a fabulous sleep, I don't know about you, but going to bed with a beautiful subtle fragrance can really help me sleep. albeit ignoring the snoring !

What Cowshed say...........A herbaceous blend that helps you slow down and unwind. Lavender restores harmony whilst eucalyptus clarifies the mind. 

£20.00 for  300ml 
All Cowshed products are made in England, paraben, petrochemical and sulphate free, suitable for vegetarians and contain certified organic ingredients.

Shop Cowshed Bath & Body


BBeauty Korean Masks review

Korean skincare ?  the current buzz in the beauty market seems to be all things Korean, let me start by saying I am no expert on these things and have never been to Korea !  If anyone is offering to loan me their home I thank you in advance :)

Moving on.............I have recently had the joy of discovering Korean Face masks, not just any old masks claiming to be Korean skincare, these masks are supplied in the UK from Korea by a little known Company by the name of BBeauty Limited 

BBeautylimited Face mask review

These soft cotton sheet masks are pre cut to fit over your eyes nose and mouth and are drenched in product, so much so you could probably use them twice by sealing them back into the foil pouch.

I have recently tried the Avocado which was beautifully creamy and the Snail which.....Yup lives up to your visions, it was slimy but surprisingly gorgeous, it left my skin soft and dewy. 
Mr Lavender Barn tested the wine mask for me, to be honest I think these could be marketed as relationship enhancers as we hadn't laughed so much in a long while, watching TV in our Korean face masks, was a sight to behold , I'm just glad no one called round that evening ! when asked his thoughts his words were, Yeah that was really nice, do I look younger ? and do you fancy me ?  thanks for being so eloquent Karl, Stick to the Tree Surgery as you are rubbish as a beauty reviewer !  but he liked it, which is a good thing, as Mr blunt would sure as hell say if he didn't :)

BBeautylimited Face mask review
I am totally addicted to these masks, and although the majority of the pack is in Korean the ingredients list is in in English and there is nothing in them that would cause me any concern, although I do have to say I have not seen the list on the Placenta mask, but think I will be giving that one a miss anyway, each to their own, just not for me :)

I really would recommend giving these mask a try, they are so cheap at £2.49 and for that price surprisingly great results, and besides what price a good belly laugh with your partner ?
There are lots of different ones to choose from on the site, and there are even multi packs which give you a further discount.

These fabulous Korean sheet masks can only be bought Directly from the  website.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

LAB2 Make Up Brushes Review

Is it possible to have too many brushes ? no, of course not............unless they are cheap horrible quality brushes that make you look as though you have had an affair with a hairy animal, and you have lots of spare time in the mornings to pick black hairs off your face ?

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

I have recently had the pleasure of testing out 3 different packs of LAB2  
"Strokes of Genius"
"I'm Turning Pro"
"Triple Threat"
LAB2 have created a whole range of professional quality brushes at a bargain price, yes there are cheaper brushes around and we have all had the misfortune of testing them.

These are serious quality, beautifully made and foolproof to use.

First up is the
This pack contains 5 brushes. totally dedicated to eyes.
Eyeshadow brush.
Crease brush.
Pointed eyeliner brush.
Brow and liner brush .
And finally the lash and brow groomer.

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

 Next up is the  Kit  contains 
foundation brush, which works well with both foundation and concealer,
Contour Brush, which is angled for easy contour application
Buffing brush, which can be used for powder or just to finish off giving a smooth almost airbrush finish
Shadow brush, which is an all purpose eyeshadow brush.

As a stand alone set this would give you everything you needed to start a brush collection.

One of the great things about these brushes, is each one tells you what it's for, fabulous for us non make up artists

LAB2 Make up brush set review.

And finally the Multi-purpose brush.
This is a really dense flat topped brush, that is actually my personal favourite of all the LAB2 brushes, I use it instead of the Buffing brush for buffing, it gives a beautiful finish and eliminates any foundation streaks, perfect for making sure there is no "neck" line.

I have used these sets exclusively for the last few weeks, and I have to say I am totally in love with them, they clean well, are easy to use and have no hair loss at all, the handles are slightly grippy, which makes them easy to work with.

LAB2 Brushes are available

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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