Thursday, 1 October 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks Review

My first foray into the world of Charlotte Tilbury was on a recent trip to Harrods.

I had seen various reviews on the merits of the range and totally fallen in love with the website, my advise to you for what it's worth, is spend time on the site before making your selections, I can honestly say the site in itself is a work of sheer genius, with Charlotte's own blog, tutorials on how to use the products, and the stories behind them, I was totally fascinated and almost felt that I was back in the Island when I discovered Beach Sticks, each one evokes the romance of Ibiza in its own way, I was tempted by Formenterra as it brings back such wonderful memories for me, but I had to pull myself together and remember I was buying make up and not a holiday lol, so easy to get drawn in to the vibe ! 

 I have to say at this point I was disappointed in Harrods, nothing in the range was priced, which I guess goes with the theory that in Harrods you shouldn't need to ask the price, but not all of us have the driver waiting outside to carry our bags !  I most definitely would have bought more than the couple of items I left with, but got way too embarrassed by having a sales girl follow me around with the price list and having to ask the price of every product, even though she was lovely, so not her fault.
Charlotte Tilbury beach stick review

Once I saw these in the flesh, Moon Beach was my first choice, it is the most beautiful peachy, rosy gold shimmer, the idea behind Beach Sticks is to give you that beautiful warm glow that you only get from a sunshine holiday, not a tan, a Glow, these little tubes of joy are perfect for everyone, even if you are not a make up lover, you will love these, a simple swipe on your cheeks a dab on the lips and you are good to go, and of course with full make up you are shimmering like a golden goddess. at least that's what I like to think ;)
 These are not ( just ) make up...........oh no, they contain Ceramidone which is a genius ingredient that acts like a plumper/filler, so not only do you look gorgeous you are doing good as well.

I can honestly say I have never loved a make up product as much, at £30.00 it's not the cheapest, but you know what ? it's worth every penny. And to top it off while out at dinner with a girlfriend I was singing the praises of the range and my friend pipes up oh Charlotte was in my class at school,  a local school to me that is particularly creative,which really figures with her hippie creative soul.

Charlotte asks on the website  "which one are you ?"  My answer would be everyone in the range :)  

Check out The Website below for products  
Charlotte Tilbury 

Love N Hugz
Lyn x



  1. 2 October 2015 at 11:13

    I've tried the beach stick in Ibiza and it's great!
    Rita x

  2. 4 October 2015 at 21:08

    I would love them all Rita lol, if only ...............

    Lyn x


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