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Supermood Youth Glow | Ego Boost | Beauty Sleep

Supermood Youth Glow | Ego Boost | Beauty Sleep

Hi Darlins

Now you may not have heard of Supermood They are the innovation of Anne Kukkohovi a Finnish Entrepreneur Who was formerly a Fashion Model and now amongst other things hosts Finland's Next Top Model.   During In her years in the fashion a beauty she was curious as to why there was not a skincare range based on beauty as a holistic experience, thus Supermood was born.

The thing I found really interesting about this brand is that is created for all skin types and based on life and our moods ie Ego boost which does exactly as it says.

I tried the Egoboost one minute Facelift Serum, big claim eh ?
The main ingredient in this serum is Chaga Mushroom which is a fungus that grows on the bark of Finnish arctic trees  ( Birch )  it has a very mild clean not unpleasant fragrance that is said to resemble Birch forests and rain.
All I can say about this brown liquid serum is that is sheer magic  literally a couple of drops from the glass pipette was all that was needed to instantly tighten and brighten my skin, lines around my eyes and lips were dramatically improved and this made a fabulous base for face cream, you can actually feel it work while you wait the allotted minute, it tightened without feeling tight and uncomfortable, brilliant I love it ! 

30ml £53.80 

 Next Up from the Beauty Sleep group of products is Supermood Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum
2-3 pumps from the Glass pump dispenser  gives you all you need for a perfect night time treatment,  if you buy this, do a little test out on the back of one hand first before you use it on your face, the reason I say this is that the visible difference is incredible !!!  It works beautifully and my skin looked and felt as though I had literally had a great nights sleep.  30ml  £69.40 

Finally Is the Is Babyface Mask from the Youth Glow group of products. This rich creamy mask has a very slight Mint fragrance and did have a very very slight tingle to the skin when applied, nothing unpleasant it just felt fresh.
Products on the Youth Glo group are said to be peeling and pampering as we all know dead skin makes for dull complexions.  The instructions tell you to apply generously but it is so rich it didn't feel like huge amounts were needed.  The mask remains moist during the 10-20 minute procedure, I waited 20 minutes and rinsed off, as promised baby soft glowing skin, my face didn't feel dry or tight after using this mask.

The main ingredients are said to be strong doses of Vitamin C and Gingko Biloba alongside Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip and Sweet Almond to name a few. 
 75ml £ 38.20 

“One wonder serum cannot solve anything if you don’t take care of yourself. Putting it simply, the concept of Supermood is to improve the quality of your life with products that are designed to work in combination with how you live, sleep, and eat. Rather than just “cosmetics” we see beauty care and wellbeing as a combination of natural cosmetics, good sleep and correct nutrition, an all-round holistic experience.”
– Anne Kukkohovi

Supermood is available at


 A fabulous website featuring a host of Beauty and Wellbeing Brands including the fabulous Argentum la potion Infine which I reviewed on my blog here 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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  1. 3 April 2016 at 17:50

    Great review. These sound lovely. I've not heard of the brand before x

  2. 3 April 2016 at 22:50

    It's totally new to the UK Sandy
    Lyn x

  3. 9 September 2017 at 16:22

    Sounds like a great brand, not that I have ever heard of it.

    1. 10 September 2017 at 21:40

      Hi Kas
      It's one to look out for, I wouldn't be without the Beauty Sleep now I have tried it.
      Lyn x

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