Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Joan Collins Nail Lacquer

Joan Collins Nail Lacquer
Joan Collins Nail Lacquer

Hi Loves

I have been AWOL this last few days, it's been crazy hectic here and I have needed to put domestic shizz before my ramblings on here. I needed to bring this to you as I absolutely love it for many reasons.

You know already that I have a bit of a *thing* for Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection, it is sheer glamour which for us *ladies of mature years*  brings back memories of when makeup and beauty was literally all about glamour and we would be desperate to be grown up and own a golden compact like our Mum's and Nan's had, if you are one of by beautiful younger readers this will bring you the retro vibe of Hollywood glamour which we all love.

This review is for the Joan Collins Nail Lacquer, I tried out the shade Amanda there are 17 shades in the range, from Pearl right the way through to a Vixen Red, all shades have female names, they come in a generous 12ml Diamond cut glass bottle with the most glamorous golden brush handle, these are sheer ornaments for your dressing table :)

The formula is fast drying, not strong on chemical varnish fragrance and coats in one coat, I used two as it's habit although I could have easily got away with one. The brush is soft and makes application really easy even for the most clumsy of use the ridges on the handle give excellent grip making the whole process simple even with dark shades.

It had great lasting qualities alone 3-5 days, but used with my usual top coat of I managed to get 8 days with no problem at all.

A Quote from Joan  " I don't feel dressed without nail lacquer, it is as essential to me as lipstick "

If you are a lover of matching lips and nails, there are lipsticks to match your nails in the range.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty 

Lyn 💋

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  1. 2 August 2017 at 18:35

    It's a beautiful bottle and reminds me of how special nail polish bottles used to look, "back in the day." Will certainly give it a try! Gail x

    1. 4 August 2017 at 07:25

      Everything in the JC range is so glam Gail, I love it :)
      Lyn x

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