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Aldi Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer

Aldi Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer

Hi Darlins
As you know I am a huge fan of Aldi Lacura skincare products, and can't resist sharing them as soon as I pick them up over on my Instagram, this one I haven't shown as yet as I wanted to give it a wear test.

Firstly can we just take a moment to admire the packaging!  How this company produce this kind of packaging and product for the money is beyond belief, this glass bottle with it's dual foundation/concealer container costs just £5.99.  The only negative I am going to say about the brand is that it's a flipping nightmare to get hold of, and I often feel bad as I get a lot of you saying you can't get hold of the products in your local store.  If you are reading this Aldi ( sort it out )

Aldi Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer
Aldi Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer

When I spotted this I think there were around 3 shades, I'm not sure if there are more shades but these are all I saw,   Just checked, they only make 3 shades. I picked up the shade Cashmere as my skin is fairly pale.  Interestingly the concealer is darker than the foundation which I found a bit odd.

This is a liquid cream which blends really easily, leaving a semi matte finish, it does have a little glow but not super shiny.  I fully expected this foundation to oxidise throughout the day, it didn't.  I got a seriously long wear from it, and if I am honest apart from looking a little dry I could have easily gone out in the evening with no touch up after 10 hours wear, really, really impressive.

I didn't like the concealer, I loved the convenience of them being together, but the shade was just too dark for the foundation for me.

Overall it was seriously impressive for the money, and I would say definitely worth picking up if you can get your hands on it. I don't think it would work for exceptionally dry skin. 

I have just discovered that these are available online with free delivery here.   

Lyn  x

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