Sunday, 19 November 2017

No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Hi Loves
This time of year foundation tends to be a part of our daily routines  just as cleaning our teeth, in Summer it's an option although I personally find it essential in Winter ( teeth cleaning all seasons :) 

No7 from Boots is well known for its Lift & Luminate skincare range I have written about the serums previously here  I had high hopes for the Lift & Luminate Triple Action Foundation and to be fair I really wasn't disappointed,  a creamy medium coverage which actually builds easily if you need a heavier cover, 14 shades from Calico to Mocha, the range does however err on the light side as Mocha isn't terribly dark so probably not suited to everyone in terms of shade.

Why is it Triple Action I hear you ask ?  or maybe that's just me hearing voices in my head again !

Well there are actually 4 key benefits as far as I can tell so I'm unsure which are the triple.

  • Enriched with skincare ingredients so it actually does your skin good while wearing.
  • Flexible formula that stays in place all day.
  • Light reflecting blurring properties.
  • All day hydration with SPF 15.
It has an air light feel and feels more like applying  skincare than makeup, I tried with brush, blender and fingers, I found a brush to be best personally it blends really easily, lasts right the way through until evening which is pretty good for me as I am a nightmare for touching my face.  There was very little colour change through the day, applying at 7.00 am and by 11.00pm it obviously didn't look as fresh but it was still there giving cover, it tends to ride over the lines and wrinkles rather than instantly sink in,  giving a really smooth finish and definitely diminishing fine lines.

Suitable for all skin types this foundation gives a dewy look to the skin whilst still seeming semi matte, I know that's quite a contradiction but it's the best description I can give it, meaning you don't look over shiny or greasy.

If it looks this good on us oldies I can imagine it being fabulous on younger skin.


Lyn  x

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