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SmoothSkin Bare IPL Device

SmoothSkin Bare IPL Device

Hiya Darlins
This post has just about taken me forever to bring to you. The reason being that I wanted to give this device a seriously good trial before coming to any conclusions.

I don't know if you have ever considered alternative ways of hair removal?  Unwanted hair is the bane of our lives that's for sure! I remember it always being a standing joke that as women we were hairy in the winter as no one would see, but with Gym, Yoga etc there is now a need to be hair free always. Plus I for one hate the feeling of leg or armpit hair at anytime! And don't you always always find that you will get an invite or a doctors visit or something and there is that instant 'frig I need to do my legs' moment that runs through your head.  

SmoothSkin Bare IPL Device

When SmoothSkin Bare offered me the chance to test out the IPL hair removal device I immediately said yes please. Anything to solve this pain in the rear problem was welcomed. Although I must admit to being a little sceptical about the effectiveness of a home device, yes, I've tried home waxing! Heating up the pot etc and no It wasn't a huge success. I also tried the dreaded Epilator!   OMG don't even go there! My daughter swears by hers, mine just made me swear!  That lasted all of two attempts.

The first thing to note about this device is how small and compact it is. It's the size of a ladies shaver and fits comfortably in the hand. A huge plus point is that it has unlimited flashes, some devices run out after a certain amount. I need to explain flashes;  The device flashes a beam of light into the hair follicle which heats up to stop the hair growing back. Do not be alarmed at the words heat up, it is not hot in any way, you feel no pain at all ever.

I have read many reviews of salon treatments that describe the light pulse as being flicked by an elastic band in terms of pain, I don't fancy that at all. And fortunately there was nothing like it with SmoothSkin Bare, at most it feels like a warm sensation, if anything.  

The company claim up to 92% of hair reduction in 4 weeks.

I had never used one of these devices before and have to admit to thinking one treatment and I would be fuzz free. Duh of course it wasn't one treatment! Basically what you do is shave, I did legs and underarms although you can use the device in any area even your face. I don't think it would be advisable to use it on your lady garden but I guess you could ask the company if you were that way inclined (and to be fair it would save having it ripped out!)

So................I set about using the device, as you plug it in you hear a slight sound of the fan, this is to keep it cool. 
On my legs I ran the device upwards in smooth long strokes as though I were shaving. On the underarm area I used a stamping/ dabbing method as it was impossible to do smooth strokes. 
It was so quick and easy it didn't seem right, but it does claim that you only need 10 minutes, and they were right, easy peasy.  Each and every time you shave there is less and less hair. I noticed it first on the underarms, the hair was coming through much less each time and definitely finer. 
The only problem, and it really was the only problem for me, was remembering to do it. I am so used to jumping in the shower, dressing and dashing, this took effort in that I had an extra process to add in. It really was no big deal but it only works if you do it!
I am at the stage now after using the device for 12 treatments, where I struggle to see hairs, I can sometimes feel them slightly if I run a hand up my leg, but they are no longer visible to the eye. To be fair towards the end I was using it at 3 week intervals and would imagine being completely hair free eventually.
 I have truly been shocked that something you can use at home is as effective as this is. I often think of home treatments to be a gimmick and this has 100% proved me to be wrong on that theory. As I say if you are expecting an instant miracle then no, but if you follow the instructions and actually keep at it you will get the results.

Find the Here 

Have you ever tried a home device? let me know.

Lyn  x

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