Monday, 20 February 2017

Blogging for Bloggers

Hiya Lovelies

Am rambling again, I have just done my usual early morning scroll through Twitter, yep naughty habit I know but I do it everyday, and a thought suddenly occurred to me ( dangerous ) Firstly the number of tweets about other bloggers, sniping and just general bitchiness, and secondly the "look at me " style that seems to have become synonymous with blogging, of course I am not saying you shouldn't want to promote your blog, of course you do, it's something you spend time and love doing, but really ?  do you have to ram it down peoples throats with every bloody auto tweet on an hourly basis ?  give it a rest girl, we know you exist. You look at it and wonder if you should be doing the same, is it an English thing from my generation where we are taught that showing off isn't nice ?  what's the saying ?  "know more than you say, and show less than you own"  something like that anyway.

It's the same on Instagram, if every picture is one of someone showing off a selfie, I for one ain't following,  Oh my lord I fear this post is sounding bitter, it really isn't and I honestly don't expect everything I read to be deep and meaningful but come on ladies, there is more to life than just us, this brings me back to the topic of this post as once again I digress.

Who do you actually blog  for ? 
I think it's a huge trap that we can all easily fall in to, forgetting who we actually write for, I 100% hold my hands up to being guilty of falling into the "other bloggers are reading this " trap,  and it's lovely that they do, as women we need the support of others, but we are not writing for other bloggers, when I started this blog, it was with the intention to bring products to mature women that we may not have heard of, something different to what the TV tells us we should be using, and as such have tried to keep a range of low budget and high end in the mix.

BUT I am ashamed to say I am guilty of the cardinal sin of falling into the trap worrying about being judged by other bloggers, I have products here that are out of this world, have I written about them ? NO.........Why ?  because in my stupid old head I think,  "Oh Lyn everyone knows about that " everyone has written about that ages ago, and yes maybe they have, but my gorgeous audience who I started the blog for probably haven't and I am doing them a disservice for fear of being judged ( late to the party )  by my blogging peers !  Sometimes I think we all could do with a reality check and to put things into perspective every now and again, does it matter if you are not writing about a product that the world and his brother have just been sent ?  no of course it doesn't, we all love to receive surprise parcels of something lovely, and I am grateful and amazed on a daily basis that companies think my posts are worthy of their products, but who are we trying to impress ?  other bloggers ? ................... STOP, take a breath and ask yourself, does it matter that you didn't receive the latest whatever it was in the post ? and the answer is my gorgeous friend, of course it doesn't, what matters is you, your family, friends and pets.  Write your blog posts for you and your audience and sod the rest :)

Once again, I thank you for giving me your time if you managed to wade through this longer than it should have been post

Lyn 💋



  1. 22 February 2017 at 22:45

    Lyn this is so true and its one thing that holds me back. I think well I don't live any where near London and I'm well over the age of twenty or I don't have an Instagram page that's filled with pretty products so whats the point. But I love writing about great things I've found and writing about them so i really should get my arse in gear and do it!

    1. 27 February 2017 at 19:37

      You should totally just go for it, don't let the little things stop you, I am ancient and I left London 30 years ago, just do it for you and sod anyone else.
      Lyn x

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