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Rita Hazan New York

Rita Hazan New York

Hiya Darlins

How many of us colour our hair nowadays ? to be fair I can't think of many people I know who don't, if put to the challenge I probably couldn't even tell you what my natural colour was, before it went grey, it has been coloured since I was 15, which between you and me was many years ago ha ha !  and YES they did have hair colour way back then !

You would be forgiven for not having heard of Rita Hazan in the UK, she is famous in the US as a colourist/artist/innovator and has worked of such famous locks as Beyonce,Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson to name a few. She is both daring and innovative when it comes to colour and as such has become known as the  "The Hair Colour Authority "  her range of products cover the whole spectrum when it comes to coloured hair from damage, fading, grey's and texture changes, for every problem Rita has a solution.

With 7 items in the range, I have sampled 3 for this post.

  • True Color Shampoo
  • True Color Conditioner
  • True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss (5 shades +Clear)
  • Weekly Remedy
  • Triple Threat Split End Remedy
  • Root Concealer ( 5 shades )
  • Root Concealer Touch Up Stick Temple and Brow Edition (3 shades )

Rita Hazan True Color Shampoo 250ml

With it's mild botanical fragrance this shampoo is said to replenish and hydrate while deep cleaning and protecting colour.  I used the smallest amount 10p size around the size of a US Quarter, this lathered quickly into what only can be described as a rich cream, it was like massaging your head with moisturiser, I have never experienced a shampoo quite so rich, it felt really luxurious and rather special, my hair only needed one wash and was left super clean but not over washed as to be squeaky.

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss 150ml

This was a totally new concept for me, it is a lightweight foam that you apply between shampooing and conditioning, ideally straight after colouring, it is used to give you the ultimate gloss and to keep that just coloured shine that tends to fade quickly, you pump a handful apply directly after shampooing, and rinse immediately, for a super gloss leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing, I LOVE this, it is so simple and yet so so effective, I would honestly say it's one of those products that you could quickly become addicted to.

Rita Hazan True Color Conditioner 250ml

Again a lightweight botanical fragrance, this conditioner is the finishing step for the ultimate condition and gloss, again a small amount is all that is needed, my hair was left super soft and shining after using this.

I did the unthinkable when testing out this range, I wanted to see firstly how long the shine would last and secondly to test out my theory that high end hair products work better than cheaper ones, I wash my hair every other day as a rule, by day 2 it usually looks a bit flat and I ( feel ) rather than see it needs washing, by day 2 with this, it was as fresh as day one so I left it, and I left it on day 3, on day 4  I went out to dinner with unwashed hair, you would not have known it needed washing, it still had lots of movement and looked fresh, by day 5 I gave in, rather than the product giving in, I probably could have gone on for another day with the testing, but my mind was getting freaked at having unwashed hair, I have never experienced anything quite like it.

Rita Hazan True Color Range is available at Selfridges.com  Here 

Lyn 💋

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  1. 12 July 2017 at 22:04

    I've never come across the range but I also wash my hair every other day and these sound amazing, the shine Gloss sounds fab x

    1. 13 July 2017 at 20:28

      LOL I swear you could go over a week !
      Lyn x

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