Thursday, 13 July 2017

Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Facial Wash

Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Facial Wash
Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Facial Wash

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Goldfaden MD is not a completely new brand to me but one that I would very much like to discover more of, I completely fell in love the Doctors Scrub in 2016 which you can read about here  this time round we are discovering the Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Facial Wash, anything containing the word detox hits the spot for me, although I have to be honest and say I am not usually a lover of face wash of any description as I tend to find them drying and itchy, although this is described as a face wash I would consider it more of a treatment.

Firstly it contains some of my favourite ingredients a combination of Lactic, Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that beaver away to remove dead skin cells and dirt build up inside the pores, therefore giving your skin a huge deep cleaning detox, as always whenever using any product containing Acids do NOT forget your sunscreen as they will make the skin more sensitive to harmful rays,  this foaming cleanser has been designed for problematic skin, although I have no problems with my skin, I have become a little bit obsessed by this facial wash as I love its deep down cleaning effect, I use a an oil based or balm cleanser to remove make up and then one pump of this fabulous foam ensures nothing grim is left on my face at all.  There is nothing drying about it although you would half expect it to be with the acid content, it simply leaves you super clean, soft and positively glowing, but the best bit is the smug feeling you get knowing that your skin could not get any cleaner.

Available July 2017 at

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