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Frezyderm Night Force A + E | Eye Balm

Frezyderm Night Force A + E | Eye Balm

Hi Darlins

You have heard me talk about the brand Frezyderm previously when I wrote about the Sun Screen Velvet SPF Here, this time I have been trying out 2 products from them, Night Force A+E  Anti Ageing Night Cream Retinol & Vitamin E 50ml  and also Eye Balm 15ml

The first thing I have to say is that I really dislike the website, it is awkward to navigate and not particularly informative, I don't usually list ingredients in my posts but on this occasion I have listed a few as they are not shown on the website, and I know that to some people ingredients are of paramount importance.  

That said, this really is the only negative point I can mention, I love the products, they work really well and are an amazing price for no frills skincare. I adore Retinol with it's ability to speed up cell turnover and boost collagen production, it can be found in varying degrees depending on the product, a derivative of vitamin A  Night Force also contains Vitamin E, therefore the A + E in the name, I'm guessing because if you didn't know Retinol was from Vitamin A you may be left wondering !  this lightweight night cream is easy to use and is not heavy or greasy which I love, as there is not much worse than your fabulous products ending up wasted all over your pillow, it leaves you with fresh glowy morning skin, that feels better to the touch, it is suitable for all skin types, as with all of the Frezyderm products I have tried it comes in the airtight pump system that saves you contaminating the product with your fingers, keeping it fresher.
Listed Active ingredients Vitamin A lipisomes, Isoflavones, LMW Sodium Hyaluronate, Procyanidins, Yeast Extract.

Ingredients list.
aqua,caprylic/capric,Trygliceride,Glycin,Squalene, Sacchomyces/Xyilinum black tea ferment,Betaine, + 45 others

Frezyderm Night Force A + E | Eye Balm

Frezyderm Eye Balm 

This 15 ml pump system will last you for at least the 12 month life shown on the packaging, you need the tiniest amount for each eye, as you will know from previous posts I am not a huge fan of eye creams as they tend to make me look puffy, this is not one of those, a light cream gel that is really effective effect on fine lines, they appear softened and less visible over time, there is no irritation for me when using this and I have to say it out performs many that I have tried for less than a fraction of the price.

Listed active ingredients
Acetyl Tetrapeptide,Caffine, Escin, Argan Oil Protiens, Bioflavinoids.

Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Panthenol, Squalene, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, plus 22 others.

Of  the 3 products I have used from Frezydem I can honestly say they have been a really lovely experience, I think they are definitely worth exploring. My current favourite has to be the SPF.  

Frezyderm is available in the UK Direct from their website

Lyn 💋

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