Friday, 7 July 2017

Transformulas Lip Volume Chocolate

Transformulas Lip Volume Chocolate
Transformulas Lip Volume Chocolate

Pucker up !
Is lip volume something you worry about ? or even give a second thought to ? forget the fad of the duck face pout I am talking about what happens to our lips as we age, it's that dreaded diminishing collagen striking again, we end up with less volume and thinner skin on our lips which is incredibly aging,  also who wants to see wrinkly lips when you look in the mirror ?

Transformulas Lip Volume Chocolate

Transformulas are a company I have explored previously, and you can read about Hydration Gold here.

This time I have been exploring Transformulas Lip Volume in Chocolate. I actually do think these type of products help, some more than others in fact it seems to me to be a bit of a buzz word recently where companies like to add in for marketing effect and they don't actually work !  

This product works, and works well, I have been using this recently instead of lipstick, as being "Chocolate"  it has an almost bronze shimmer which is nice for not overly made up days, what it does do is plump out the lines in the lips giving a fuller smoother look, it makes lipstick look 100% better and not only does it work instantly, yes you can see it, not so much so you are going to look in the mirror and say wow look at the size of my pout, but enough to make you happy with the result, there is a very very slight tingle, no massive bee sting with this product, if you love Chocolate you may have to re apply quite often as it tastes pretty good !

Lyn 💋

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