Friday, 16 June 2017

Transformulas Hydration Gold

Transformulas Hydration Gold
Transformulas Hydration Gold

Hiya Gorgeous 

Summer looks like it's finally beginning to hit here in the UK, so less is probably more when it comes to make up,there is nothing worse than leaving the house feeling fine only to discover your face sliding of as the day progresses :)

If you have not used or heard of the Brand Transformulas before this could be the ideal product to start with, the company tag line is 
"Beauty Without Surgery" 

If you can that in a bottle, I for one am up for it !

Transformulas Hydration Gold concentrates a lot on the Anti-Age concept, the front of the package reads, Ageless Luxury, Anti-Ageing, Line Filling, while showing a picture of the most beautiful model of youth ever, that aside I was keen to try this product out, not only for the fact that am a magpie for anything gold, I had heard good things about the brand in general.

Transformulas Hydration Gold

Contained in a glamorous 15 ml airtight pump container the formula containing 23 Carat gold powder aids hydration adds vitamins and feels super, super smooth on the skin, almost like a veil of hydration, you can literally feel it with your fingers like liquid silk.  

Transformulas Hydration Gold

When it comes to the Anti-Ageing claims, what I would say is that it does contain Hyaluronan which is famous for it's anti age properties, with this product I would say it's ability to give the impression of youthful skin outweighs any other claims, it is literally a joy to use, it works as one of the BEST highlighters for mature skin ever, you can use it as a glowing base for make up, as a highlighter or mix with foundation for an all over glow, my favourite method was as a highlighter, it was nothing less than amazing on mature skin, I find that a lot of powders sink in and draw attention to lines, this minimises the appearance of lines and just lifts the skin illuminating it while making you look brighter and more alive, I could imagine this being the only product you would need on holiday or with a tan, just a dash of gold on bare tanned skin would be fabulous, this for me is definitely a keeper, it is possibly one of the easiest products I have ever used to give such an instant gorgeous result.

Find Transformulas Hydration Gold here 

Lyn 💋

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