Monday, 5 June 2017

Tena Lady Pants Discreet

Tena Lady Pants Discreet
Tena Lady Pants Discreet 

Hi Loves

Last week I was treated to an amazing day out by the PR company that look after Tena, a small group of over 50s ladies were invited to the beautiful Ampersand Hotel in London, where we were greeted with Champagne and a presentation by Tena.

I learnt that Tena moments are not just for oldies, it can be a problem for girls as young as 18.  I think times have changed an awful lot when it comes to being open about female problems nowadays, nobody has a problem discussing periods, while I remember buying them from the haberdashery shop and them being placed discreetly in a brown paper bag under the counter as though you were buying some sort of illicit drug, and my young male cousin once embarrassing the hell out of an entire family by walking into Sunday tea wearing a towel looped from ear to ear under his chin, claiming that he had a sore throat, which is what my Aunt had told him they were for when he discovered them in her room !

Tena Lady Pants Discreet
Tena Lady Pants Discreet 

So, back to today, we all joke about Tena moments, but if you are one of those ladies that suffer with bladder weakness you need to know firstly that you are definitely not in a minority and secondly there is nothing at all to be embarrassed about, like stretchmarks, period pains and sprouting random hairs it's part of the joy of being female ! That being said at least there are now products on the market that make life so much easier, I guess back in our Mum's day the must have used Sanitary towels to solve the problem !  that's the first time I have ever thought about that, yuk.

Tena Lady Pants Discreet 

Tena Lady Pants have been re invented to be more like your usual pants, and made to  look and feel more feminine with a beautiful new design commissioned by Lingerie designer Ceri Williams, perfect for dealing with a problem that is likely to make us feel far from feminine, in a faux cotton breathable soft fabric they are made low rise, so that nothing shows if you bend in jeans or trousers, gently elasticated and flat at the sides to make them discreet even under the slinkiest dress, nobody but you knows you are wearing them, Tena produce these alongside a vast range of everyday products to be used on occasions where you need more discretion ie: an event or occasion, they are not marketed for everyday use, although in my opinion, why wouldn't you ?

After our chat about Tena we were introduced to a lady who was an image therapist who gave us great hints and tips re body image and colours, we then  took a break for a stunning buffet Lunch and continued our chats and lessons about positivity as you get older and the things we all do to feel younger, we came to the conclusion that women fight ageing far better than men, but you knew that anyway :)  we were then whisked away by taxi to the amazing Duck & Dry salon in the Kings Road Chelsea for some pampering and Prosecco, It was a fabulous day, I learnt a lot and met some fabulous ladies, who may be mature in years proved that we are still as daft as the young ones, especially with an all day Champagne and Prosecco tap !

Thank you Tena for providing a great experience, and huge hugs to Alex and Camden. I swear there were plenty of Tena moments with this crowd.

Lyn 💋

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  1. 13 June 2017 at 12:22

    OMG that sore throat story is hilarious. You're trying to make us wet ourselves on purpose are you Lyn! lolz.

    1. 14 June 2017 at 05:54

      Ha Ha, it was a sight to behold Lyn, hope you are well darlin xx

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