Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Cherry Active

Cherry Active
Cherry Active 

Hiya Darlin
Are you one of those people who suffer with lack of sleep ? if you are anything like me, I am dying of tiredness until my head hits the pillow and then my mind starts working overtime causing me to be awake for hours.

I was given the opportunity to sample a product that claimed to aid better sleep without drugs, well of course I wanted to give that a go, Cherry Active is 100% natural Cherry Juice made from  pure  Montmorency Cherries each 940 ml bottle contains 2900 Cherries. 2 tablespoons of juice into a regular glass of water approx 240 ml is all you need, you can also add it to smoothies, apple juice, yogurt which ever way you prefer, we took ours with water.

Mr LB and I both tried this out, he is a snorer and as such with my poor sleep nighttime can be a bit of a nightmare for me, either I can't sleep or the delights of snoring next to me keep me wide awake, and I have to say more than a little irritable. On the first morning after trying we both had the conversation " how did you sleep ? " and as neither of us could actually recall dropping off it was really rather odd, this was no fluke, this juice actually worked, it didn't stop him snoring but I only recall hearing it once or twice in the night rather than ALL night, we continued the trial with two bottles and have now run out, ( yes I have re purchased ) the first couple of nights since running out we slept ok so thought the juice maybe wasn't the answer but on night three and beyond we were back to normal with the lack of sleep, which lead me to believe we needed to replace the juice and quite frankly I can't wait for it's arrival.

On a side note I have also discovered that drinking Cherry Juice everyday can help people prevent bouts of gout as it is a marvel at reducing Uric Acid.

All I know is, that it is coming back into this house on a permanent basis.  I have made a huge blogger error and forgot to take photos of the product before using, so now only have empty containers available !

If you want to give it a try find  here 

Lyn 💋


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