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another new discovery for me, you may have already spotted SkinFix in the shops.

The Original SkinFix healing balm was first discovered being made in a kitchen in Nova Scotia Canada in 2012 by Amy Gordinier-Regan  a beauty exec frorm London & NY of over 20 years experience  who had settled in Canada with her children, the rest as they say is history, the brand who proudly stand by the name Skinfix  "Thats what we do "  is now available here in the UK, the brand is new to me in that I had seen it in Boots but had not tried it.  Specifically designed to alleviate the problems associated with dry skin conditions such as Eczema and is a soothing as it gets. With some great awards and accreditations to it's name it also prides itself on being cruelty free and as natural as possible. You can spot by the key ingredients in each product that this is all about soothing and repairing.

Bearing in mind I have no particular skin issues other than often being on the slightly dry side I tested out 3 of the products in the vast range.


Starting at the face with the Skinfix Moisture Boost Serum 30ml

Housed in a hygenic plastic pump dispenser the white liquid literally turns clear and almost gel like as it touches the skin, it smooths on easily and has no distinctive fragrance, at first I was left waiting for it to absorb and thinking hmm not keen on this it's sticky, of course all it needed was a little more application on my part and it was soon absorbed leaving my face feeling primed to the touch, I actually gave it a good massage in as I wanted to check for the dreaded rolling that some serums do, this was not even slightly a problem as no silicons are included in the product, this was a pleasure to use, it plumped and moisturised as promised and allowed make up application without the need of a primer. Key ingredients Red Seaweed, Peony Root, Aloe Leaf Extract, Macadamia Oil and Rice Bran Extract.

Skinfix Soothing Lotion 370ml

This for me really was the star of the three products I tried, it is a lightweight fragrance free lotion for the body I found it particularly useful  for my shins and elbows which do suffer with dryness, and I actually tested it out as an aftersun on a very overcooked partner and it worked beautifully, the pump dispenser makes it easy to apply, saving the need of dipping your fingers into a gloopy jar. the key ingredients are Oatmeal, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. Not the most glamerous packaging but I think in this case the concentration is on healing and not beauty, although for me as a new discovery  I would call a beauty product.


Skinfix Hand Repair Cream 90ml

Let me start by saying if you are looking for a pretty flowery little handbag handcream then this is not for you, this is the Big Guns of hand care.  It is a very rich fragrance free  formula that I would describe almost a barrier cream, you are left with residue on your hands to hold in the moisture and protect from further damage, if you have problems with dry skin on your hands, cracking or flaking then this is 100% for you, although it wasn't for me personally for use during the day, I am a huge lover of cotton gloves and hand cream and this is where this one came into its own for me, it was more of a treatment than a luxury and left my hands literally flake free and smooth. key ingredients  Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Almond Oil.

Discover SkinFix Here

Available to buy in the UK Here 

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