Thursday, 18 January 2018

KNOW Cosmetics

Introducing Know Cosmetics.
I had not heard of this brand so was curious to explore a concept I had never seen before.

Known as the "Fixer Brand"  Know Cosmetics have a solution to every make up problem ensuring that whatever products you are using Know will make them perform at their best. Well known in the U.S.A and a favourite in Sephora, Know are now available here in the UK.

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips

No Bleeding Lips™

If you are a lover of darker shade lipsticks I would imagine that you have suffered at some stage the "lippie creep"  you start off looking stunning and rocking the film star deep lip vibe, to all of a sudden notice that your lippie has decided to creep over your lips in a not very attractive look!
Know Bleeding Lips is a clear twist up pencil that eliminates the need for any coloured lip liner and 100% stops lipstick bleeding, it is such a genius idea. I love it, even though I don't wear dark shades I have used this in place of normal lip liner and it works a treat at giving definition to the lips.

Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows

No Dark Shadows™

The twist click applicator delivers just the right amount of product to the brush for easy application. The formula is available in two shades. Waterproof and Oil Free it blends easily either over or under foundation totally covering any areas of darkness. Perfect as a highlighter to brighten up any dark shadows on the skin.  It really does give a great finish that doesn't look heavy or caked as some concealers can, one of the points I particularly loved about this is is that it doesn't sit in or highlight fine lines.

No Thin Lips™

We have all seen and probably tried lip plumping products, my usual method is to apply, wait for the tingle and keep checking the mirror, not always to any great effect. This liquid works!  My top lip is thinner than my bottom lip so this works beautifully at giving more balance. When I first tried it I did my usual routine but 100% saw an improvement in both texture and definition, my lips were plumped and my top lip visibly has more definition, it won't last all day and will need the odd top up and I have to say could easily become addictive!  as you get to really like the look it leaves you with.

No Bare Brows™

When is a brow pencil not just a brow pencil?  This is a universal buildable shade that should suit everyone. I personally love this as it's a complete 4 in 1  brow kit in one stick, pencil, brow wax, brush and sharpener. The formula is soft with good staying power, especially when waxed and groomed with the brush, the beauty of having the all in one sharpener is that you can have a perfectly sharp point at all times allowing you to draw on tiny individual hairs.

To sum up. These are an unusual addition to your make up kit, and when i first saw them I thought, love the packaging but can't really see the need!  How wrong was I? since using these products I have found them pretty much invaluable especially the lip products. I love it when something you thought you didn't need surprises you and leaves you wondering what you did before you discovered it.

The products shown are available in the UK at LLoyds Pharmacy Here
and at Sephora in the USA

Lyn x

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