Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Tena Lady Pants Plus Adventure

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Back again talking about a problem that affects more women than you could possibly imagine, regardless of age bladder incontinence is a common problem that can affect us all in ways you wouldn't even think. A simple cough, laughing too hard, playing on a trampoline with your children, simple things but a big problem!

Tena Lady Pants Plus Adventure

Tena Lady address all of these simple problems but also now want you to take the adventure further, relax, there is nothing stopping you doing whatever you want with confidence. Be it a favourite sport or walking the Great wall of China, Tena have you covered. With triple protection there is no need to worry about leaks, odour or moisture. The design of these plus pants is plainer than the discreet pants that I wrote about previously, in a pale peach colour they are designed with a really snug elasticated fit to ensure that whatever activity you are undertaking the fit remains perfect, leaving you confident and secure.

Tena Lady Pants Plus Adventure

No one ever needs to know you may have a problem, these pants are so discreet and comfortable only you know you are wearing them. Anything that can give a woman more confidence and allow for a normal lifestyle is a winner in my book, and the fact that Tena have recognised that we don't sit in an armchair all day after retiring is especially positive, regardless of age or nature playing a mean trick on us we still want to be able to do it all. Now we can.

Tena are so confident you will love their products free samples are available on the website.


Currently with £2.00 off at

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