Tuesday, 23 January 2018

LoveTheSales.com Ted Baker

LoveTheSales.com Ted Baker

Hi Darlins

You have heard me mention Love The Sales previously, so my passion for this web site is no surprise and you can read my previous thoughts here.

The Beauty of using Love The Sales is that you can find the very best of the high street and designer sales without leaving the house, literally grab a cuppa and browse to your hearts content, my washing machine died just before Christmas, the Mr was to be found searching the Internet for the best deals when suddenly it occurred to me that Love the Sales isn't just about fashion. Bingo best deal found, but washing machines are boring, lets talk about shoes. This is my absolute favourite place for designer shoes at crazy prices, this time I went for a pair of Ted Baker Ballet pumps,  £74.95 with 40% off down to £44.97  the only warning I would give you about using this site is BE QUICK if you see something you want don't hesitate, I have lost a couple of serious bargains by waiting.

LoveTheSales.com Ted Baker

Simply search by percentage off up to 70% or brand name, size, colour, style etc.  you will be spoiled for choice, while everyone else is out in the cold and wet, you are sat at home toasty warm getting the best deals delivered to your door!
There is also a facility for you to browse upcoming sales and be notified by email.

Check out   https://www.lovethesales.com/ 

Lyn x

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