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Boots Botanics

Boots Botanics 

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I have had huge pleasure reviewing these products from the Boots Botanics range, the last time I reviewed for Boots was in October last year with the launch of the phenomenally successful YourGoodSkin launch which you can read about here.

The Boots Botanics come in a variety of ranges even down to accessories, all produced in partnership with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Carefully created collections which have been tested on people not animals and contain no parabens will suit every skin type even the most sensitive, the skincare collections are colour co-ordinated.

  • Pink - Brightening
  • Green - Organic
  • Blue - Hydrating
  • Purple - Mature

Hydration Burst 3 in 1 Micellar Cleanser 250ml

Designed for dehydrated and sensitive skins this cleanser removes eye make up easily ( not tested on waterproof mascara) removes daily make up and grime while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated with no signs of redness or tightening. Alcohol free and infused with Clary Sage known for it's soothing and antiseptic properties this gentle formula has no strong fragrance and left my skin feeling really soft with no irritation at all.

Boots Botanics

80% Organic Eye Cream 15ml

From the Organic collection this soothing eye cream is 80% organic and contains Rosehip, known for it's repairing qualities on fine lines, stretchmarks and scars. The cream absorbs easily leaving the eye area moisturised and hydrated without feeling greasy or leaving a film on the skin. Used mornings either alone or under make up, and in the evenings as part of your night time routine. I didn't notice any real fragrance with this cream so there was nothing to irritate the eyes, and to be honest mine are fairly sensitive when it comes to fragranced products.

93% Organic Hydrating Super Balm 11ml

Super balm really is a fabulous description for what I would call a little pot of miracle, 93% Organic, again containing Rosehip this little pot should stay with you always, it's super convenient for dealing with any areas of dryness on the face or body and is perfect for sore dry lips. It's one of those products that you didn't realise you needed until you try it!

Hydration Burst Day Cream 50ml

Designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin this gel like formula is literally a drink to your skin, it absorbs easily and left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft to the touch, the fragrance is a light delicate floral which is clean and fresh. There is something rather special about the formula of this cream that really leaves you feeling you have soothed your skin and given it the best start to the day, I love this simply for the fact that it does what it says without leaving any signs of greasiness to the skin.

Boots Botanics

Radiant Youth Night Cream 50ml

As you would expect from a night cream this is a much richer formula, that said, it absorbs well and leaves a light film to the skin, it's not so heavy that your pillow will be wearing it. The fragrance is a soothing botanical smell that will allow you to drift off to sleep thinking you are at a luxury spa, both the fragrance and quality of this night cream are that of brands 4 times the price. On waking I had visibly moisturised and hydrated skin which still showed signs of the product on touching. It really was a pleasure to use this at night and I looked forward to drifting off with the comforting fragrance.

I have to say I have been 100% impressed by this range, at first glance ( Boots don't hate me for this) but I think it would be easy to walk past this range on the shelves as while the packaging is nice it doesn't shout out at you.  I also think it would be easy to underestimate the quality given it's low price, but once again as with YourGoodSkin Boots have blown me away with their own brand, I should by now know not to judge a book by it's cover and can honestly say I am delighted to have discovered the Botanics range.

I am also delighted to say that even though the prices are exceptional there is currently 25% off the entire range at 

Lyn x 

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