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This is an interesting one, Boots commissioned thousands of women over a two year period to share their skincare stories both good and bad, it was over this period and with this information that the dermatologists at Boots developed the range YourGoodSkin, it is formulated for all skin types and with specific problem solvers Boots are so confident that we will love it, they are offering a 28 day money back guarantee. Launched this month in store and online.
 ( confident indeed ! )

The interesting thing about this range is that the community of women are still talking, and daily hundreds are joining the conversation, so not only can you do the 28 day cycle, which is actually in line with the skins natural cycle, you can chat with others doing the same routine and compare notes on the community page    I don't usually mention prices in my posts but in this case I have been blown away, I have literally just looked at the prices and can honestly say I am shocked !  in a nice way, not in a million years would you expect this level of skincare at these prices.

I have 3 items from the range starting with;

YourGoodSkin  Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

YourGoodSkin  Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

YourGoodSkin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser 125 ml

This creamy rich fragrance free formulation is massaged into dry skin where is melts make up dirt and oil, removed with a fresh muslin cloth and warm water, your skin is left clean and glowing, the muslin also aids in light exfoliation, remarkably at this price there are two cloths included. Contains Green Tea, Vitamin C and Bisabolol  ( essential oil from German Chamomile)  used for it's healing and anti inflammatory properties. Suitable for even sensitive skin types. Do NOT get this in your eyes.

YourGoodSkin Purifying Treatment Mask
YourGoodSkin Purifying Treatment Mask 

YourGoodSkin Purifying Treatment Mask 125 ml

This was a real surprise for me, as a mineral clay mask I expected it to dry to a crisp and draw on the skin, it did neither, it is a 5 minute mask which in all honesty I didn't think would be long enough to do anything, I was proved wrong.  A creamy consistency which didn't dry or pull, it rinsed off fairly easily and left my skin feeling ridiculously good in literally 5 minutes !  It's fair to say I was impressed, again containing Green Tea, Vitamin C and Bisabolol it is suitable for all skin types, and is paraben and fragrance free.  at £ 5.49 for this huge tube it's a bargain !

 YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate

YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate

YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate 30 ml

This serum has been specifically designed to improve 5 key signs.

  1. Skin Texture
  2. Moisture Levels
  3. Oiliness
  4. Skin Tone Evenness
  5. Radiance
Use after cleansing and before day cream SPF/ Night cream you don't need a huge amount simply smoothed over the face it gives a perfect base for your next cream, The skin is left feeling comfortable and plumped, visually brighter and more hydrated I have to say this serum compares well to others I have tried at 3 times the price.

I have used all three of these products and am genuinely impressed at the quality for the price, I didn't see any real differences in my skin as in fairness to the products my skin gets a lot of treatments in the course of this blog so it would be difficult to see a vast change, however if I were looking for a one stop shop for skincare I would be tempted to go with a whole regime from Your Good Skin, I think if you are looking to start a new routine you would be hard pressed to find better skincare at this price.

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