Friday, 13 October 2017

Lucy Blenkinsopp Wellness Coach

Hiya Darlin

As you know I have gone through a bit of a rough patch health wise, major steroids for one condition, culminating in heart problems and hospital, anyway enough of that boring shizz, lets just say it left me in a pretty bad way weight and health wise, during this time I was watching the antics of a 57 year old woman on Instagram, Lucy Blenkinsopp, daily she posted positive quotes and amazing photo's of herself in various Yoga poses, I don't know how I came across her or why I followed her as I was in no fit state to want to copy her - they do say sometimes in life people enter your life for a reason !

I often commented on Lucy's posts and she enquired after my health, to be honest I had no clue what she did for a living, she just seemed like a nice woman. One day she sent me a DM ( private message) to say that when I felt up to it she would like to help me, at the time I thought oh that's sweet, and thought no more of it, a few weeks passed and I was feeling as though I wanted and knew needed to try and get my health into some sort of shape again as I pretty much looked like and felt like crap, those of you that saw me at events would have seen this bloated out of breath object dying of shame as nothing fitted properly and I was always moaning if there were stairs or any kind of walking involved, having to stop for breath every couple of yards was highly irritating lol, not least embarrassing. 

I don't know how it happened but Lucy and I communicated and she said she wanted to offer me three months of guidance, right- here is where I need to be honest ( sorry Luce)  I thought oh bleedin hell she is one of those Yoga nutters that is going to have me doing yet another crank diet or something, I kind of said yes please out of politeness as she had been so nice and supportive during my illnesses.  We booked in our first skype meeting and Lucy sent me a questionnaire to complete, lifestyle, diet etc.    p.s she did get me into Yoga ha ha

I was..........being honest again, kind of dreading it, I don't do skype and equally I really don't do well being told what to do !  we chatted for an hour and at the end of it I really liked her, you couldn't not, she has a positive infectious personality, and give her due, she is living proof that whatever it is she is doing clearly works, so having discussed everything with him indoors and my girls we decided I had nothing to lose by taking her up on her offer, plus the words NO DIET worked wonder for me.

This is the point where I want to tell you everything that I was guided to do but feel it would be giving away too much of Lucy's hard earned knowledge, lets just say, 12 weeks on, I can walk a hell of a lot further without getting out of breath, I am definitely happier, I no longer eat meat ( my choice ) him indoors even saw the positive effects Lucy Lou was having on me and has since given up meat, that was NEVER going to happen he was a total caveman.  And I am happy to report I am ONE STONE lighter and have dropped a couple of dress sizes. I actually don't feel as though I have made any major effort at all in 12 weeks, she didn't have me eating Lettuce and doing boot camp at 5a.m, it has all just fallen into place and the results are speaking for themselves.

What I would say about having a wellness coach is that it's not all about diet and exercise, she has been a confidant, a massive support, and my biggest cheerleader, she really does somehow bring out the best version of you, and maybe a version you didn't even know was in there.

If for any reason you are feeling that you need support in any way, get in touch with her, she offers a free 50 min session for you to see if you can work together.

Have a look at her website   have a chat with her and see what you think.

Lyn  x 



  1. 22 October 2017 at 01:46

    Sounds fantastic and most importantly like you're feeling so much better. Diets are are dirty word as far as I'm concerned! x

    1. 25 October 2017 at 22:35

      It has been a huge change Lyn but loving it, I love your new recipes. Lyn xx

  • 11 November 2017 at 13:22

    Well done, Lyn

    Think I'm going to need this lady when settled down after the move and got new laptop and can Skype

    1. 13 November 2017 at 22:04

      Oh Lyn It was the first time I had used Skype in many many years, Lucy is amazing she really helped me. Lyn xx

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