Thursday, 26 July 2018

Beatitude Joy Body Oil

Beatitude Joy Body Oil

Hello My Gorgeous Friend

Today I would like to bring you Joy, of course I would like to bring you Joy in everything you do but for now we will talk about Beatitude Joy Body Oil.  You will notice in the photo a small 10ml trial size of Beatitude Joy Bath Oil, this comes free with each purchase and the 10ml is enough to tempt you into wanting a full size, so be warned :) this delicious foam is a delight for the senses it fills the bathroom with breathable joy and leaves your skin soft and refreshed. The oil disperses into a foam so you are never left with a greasy messy bath.

Beatitude Joy Body Oil

The fragrances from Beatitude are purely designed by nature, no artificial perfumes are involved in the production of the aromatherapy products it's simply nature at it's best. Joy is affectionately known as "sunshine in a bottle" as the blend of citrus and uplifting oils will lift your mood instantly giving you that all over feeling of Joy.  The Oil itself comes in a glass bottle complete with pump which dispenses just the right amount of oil to sit in your hand for easy application, the product literally melts into the skin with no greasy after effect, the oil can be applied to either dry or damp skin, I did use it on both and have to say application to damp skin after showering worked best for me, my skin was left soft and glowing. The feeling of well being you get from using this product is amazing it leaves you wanting to just breathe in and smile, I have to say though that the fragrance is not one that is so overpowering it stops you using other products. Once applied I could leave the bathroom moving on to my daily routine without a mix of products being overwhelming.  The one major thing I would say about this body oil is that I found the best benefits came at nighttime especially on the legs, not only does it solve any dry skin issues, massaging in to tired legs before bed was lovely and left them feeling less "heavy" at night.

Beatitude are the proud winners of Ten Beauty Awards. Never test on animals and are 100% natural.

Find Beatitude products HERE

Lyn x

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