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Beatitude Peace

Beatitude Peace
Beatitude Peace


Hi Loves,

I don't know about you but sleep is something of a pain for me, when I was younger I could literally sleep for England 12-14 hours was easy! nowadays I'm lucky if I can get 4 and that's usually broken by at least one trip in the night to the cold tiled space.  I am no Maggie Thatcher and four hours is not cutting it;  it means that by 4.30 in the afternoon I dare not sit down or I will without even realising be drifting off, also I can't help thinking that everything to do with health and maintaining wellness always put a good 7 or 8 hours at the top of the list, no wonder I feel like an empty old shuck in the afternoons!

Beatitude are not a new brand to me, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the Christmas Comfort Candle and a small sample of Bath Oil you can read about those here.
This time around I have been trying out a combination of Beatitude Peace Pillow Spray & Room Spray alongside Beatitude Peace Dispersing Bath Oil.

Beatitude Peace

Let's just start with how beautiful this bottle of Aromatherapy Bath Oil looks - it's like having a bottle of very expensive perfume sitting on the bathroom shelf. The 50ml bottle will provide you with about 10 baths you really only need the tiniest amount and the room is filled with relaxing aroma. The oil disperses into the water leaving no greasy residue but manages to fully moisturise and soften your skin while bathing.
Simply lie back close your eyes and let the combination of essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Mandarin, Petitgrain and Cedarwoood clear your mind of any of the day's stresses and strains, when treating yourself to an Aromatherapy bath I think it's best to announce to the household that you are taking a bath, in other words "please leave me alone" you need this time to unwind and calm any racing thoughts that are going through your head.  Before entering the bath I gave my pillows a spritz with the Peace Pillow Spray and added a few sprays to the bedroom and closed the door.

Beatitude Peace

I honestly wish I could bottle the feeling of laying in that fragrant water, wrapping in a warm dressing gown and entering the bedroom!  It was like a spa experience like no other, you are literally enveloped in aromatherapy fragrances that melt away anything that could possibly be causing you stress. 

Bingo!  I slept like a baby, I didn't even make one trip to the loo which in itself is a miracle, I don't remember dreaming or turning over on if fact anything at all!
I woke naturally after 9 hours!!!!!!!!  yep 9 hours it was like being knocked out with some sort of pill, I honestly couldn't believe it.  I think if you were to do the ritual every single night it may lose the impact, but for me 2-3 times a week will be perfect, in fact it will be quite an exciting thought to look forward to during the day knowing that whatever the day throws at you will float out of the window when you set up your bedtime ritual.

Beatitude Peace
Beatitude Peace

I know people look forward to going to bed, but getting excited about it is a whole new novelty for me.

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Lyn  x

This post was written in collaboration with Beatitude, the company had no input on my thoughts or words.  Link is not affiliated I make no money from you using it.
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