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Sond Midnight Feast Night Cream

Sond Midnight Feast Night Cream

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Sond really do prove the saying that small is beautiful, they are a fairly new small  Swiss brand (only 5 products in the range) It is a clean looking unisex skincare range that concentrates on the PH balance of the skin and believe in keeping the skin cells in an alkaline state in the deeper layers where they can function best. This award winning range of skincare for sensitive skins is 100% against animal testing, using 95% recyclable packaging and no Mineral Oil or Parabens is delivers the most gentle results even to the angriest of skins. and any company that will offer you a 30 day full refund on the products show a confidence second to none.

Sond Midnight Feast Night Cream
Sond Midnight Feast Night Cream

The packaging truly tells the story of this night cream, clean, unfussy and pure. the  100ml pump action delivers just the right amount and I found two pumps enough for face and neck. The cream itself is a bit of a contradiction in that it is creamy rich but also lightweight and absorbs super quickly, leaving the skin feeling coated in moisture but in no way slippery or greasy, I found this amazing for night time as I don't want product all over my bedding! when waking the skin still feels moisturised to the touch but looks calmer and fresher, I don't have sensitive skin unless soap goes anywhere near it, but this night cream seemed to calm and relax overnight. The fragrance is fresh and clean as though you have just stepped out of the shower.

Formulated with SSC (Silica Salt Complex) Argan, Coconut and Hemp Seed it has the ability to calm skin while delivering optimum moisture.  While Sond is best suited for even the most sensitive skins it is also suitable for all skin types. 

Vegan + Cruelty Free Discover Sond with Videos HERE

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