Monday, 2 July 2018

Too Faced Sweetie Pie

Too Faced Sweetie Pie
Too Faced Sweetie Pie 

Hi Darlins

Ohhhhh my lord, what about this weather?  I know a lot of you don't like it, but I am honestly in my element as soon as the sun shines. I love everything about Summer, Linen clothes, fresh clean fragrance, holiday fragrance products and long ice cold drinks. Even if you have a balcony or a square foot to sit in it all feels like luxury with a long drink.

Too Faced Sweetie Pie
Too Faced Sweetie Pie 

Too Faced Sweetie Pie
Too Faced Sweetie Pie 

This weekend I didn't have time to indulge in laying around, I had errands so needed to look reasonably *done*  well as much as you can in this heat, as I said in a previous post I am a melter, so makeup is pretty hard in the heat.  I decided to attempt a natural looking bronzed look as I do have a little colour on my freckled chops so decided to go for it!  You can stop laughing now- it looks good in magazines ha ha.  To this end I pulled out the Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer, I have previously tested this out at home with foundation and it was great, but had not been brave enough to use it on a bare face and actually leave the house!  It was REALLY hard to use this. It broke my heart swishing a brush over the beautiful design and actually using the product, I wanted to keep it all pristine and gorgeous as it truly is an object of beauty!  I have this same problem every single time I pick up a Too Faced product, I literally want to sit staring and sniffing the Peach & Sweet Fig Fragrance, if you have never used anything from Too Faced before. Take care- that fragrance is addictive. With a mirror in the lid this is perfect for your handbag for touch ups although I have to be honest and say my face didn't need it, the eyes in the heat were another story!

Too Faced Sweetie Pie
Too Faced Sweetie Pie 

There is something about this little bronzing compact that although it is a matte it literally lights up your face giving you and instant radiance, there is no disco ball look going on here, just a beautiful healthy sheer glow. The formula is creamy soft, you don't need to blow or tap a ton of excess off your brush unlike the huge cheap bronzing compacts that are more like tan dust, this is sheer heaven. I can imagine reaching for this daily now throughout the Summer and using it during winter months for a lift in complexion.

I have recently had a couple of emails about the use of bronzer as often things can get a little complicated, contour, highlight, bronzer, blusher. It seems an awful lot to use in one go, unless it's a full on evening look. I use a bronzer almost in the reverse way to a highlighter, when I am going for a bare faced look, I swish the bronze where the sun would naturally hit, rather than a highlighter which hits where the light would hit. I find a sweep across cheeks, nose and hairline on the forehead hits the spot, and for a little cheat to reduce the chin, a little swish under the chin the darken down and add shade.

As always with Too Faced Vegan Friendly. 

At the time of writing this post, this link will give you FREE UK shipping direct from Too Faced, where you can also find online exclusives not available in our UK stores.  If you can't get into London for the full collection in store, I have you covered!

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Lyn x 

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