Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun
Filorga UV Bronze After Sun 

Hiya Darlins

How about this heatwave?  I personally love every single second of it. Although our poor scorched lawns are looking pretty sad and sleeping isn't as easy as it could be, it's still worth every second.

This could be an unpopular opinion but I have never really given tanning much thought in the UK, I know we can get caught out on the odd sunny day and end up with a glorious builders tan (vest shape) you know the look you have the white vest shape and red limbs.  We have all been there - but this year!!!!  It's time to take tanning seriously, there is something a bit special about a home grown tan, people love to tell you that you look "healthy" and you feel a million times better with a golden glow.

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun
Filorga UV Bronze After Sun 

To that end; you want the glow to last as long as humanly possible, even if the weather turns and we are back to jeans and jumpers having a golden glow still makes you feel great. On holiday we are obsessed by after-sun, most times it's something we British only give a lot of thought to as a way of easing the burn and calming the redness, and usually involves slathering on gallons of greasy white lotion and trying getting dressed for the evening feeling sticky and gross!  No More.......Filorga known for expertise in skincare have come to our rescue with Filorga UV-Bronze After-Sun, this incredible gel contains 4 oils which have all been associated to Hyaluronic acid Apricot, Avocado,Almond and Argan alongside Amino Acids and Minerals which combined literally melt into the skin conditioning and soothing with no sticky white residue, Filorga UV Bronze after-sun also contains a tan stimulator complex to ensure your glow lasts for as long as possible. When I first read this I instantly thought it contained some sort of fake tan solution. NO it's literally the combination of ingredients that work to keep your skin hydrated and at the same time prolonging your tan.

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun

Filorga also do a range of Anti-ageing  tanning products for both the face and body which I am sure are excellent, if this After-Sun is an example to go by they are well worth looking in to.

While looking at Filorga it's well worth checking out the Paris Meso Mask which I reviewed Here


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