Monday, 9 October 2017

Lee Stafford Air Dry

Hi Loves
Fancy saving time and effort ?  OK - you don't have to answer :)  of course you do.
Now if like me, you have to go through the whole blow dry and straightening routine with your hair a product that would allow you to skip all this effort would be good right ?

Lee Stafford have come up with a couple of solutions that could work for you in the Air Dry range, the first is  Lee Stafford Air (or blast ) Dry Foam the second Lee Stafford Air ( or blow ) Dry Cream LiTe. both of these products have been designed to save time when dealing with your mop.

Lee Stafford Air Dry

My hair is neither naturally straight or curly, best described as ( kinky ) ......ohh er missus
quite frankly without work it is a mess and looks quite horrific left to its own devices.  I was pleased to try both of these products as I thought they would allow me to have ( lazy ) days.  I started with the foam, applied to towel dried washed hair, a couple of pumps spread all the way through and left to dry naturally, it was actually OK, as you know I don't have the kind of hairstyle that would usually be left *undone* being a bob it's usually very straight and sleek, but this was actually OK, it looked soft and natural without any frizz, the lift and volume were fabulous and to give it credit it did make it look a bit wavy,  I think for me, this would be 100% perfect for holidays and the summer, sleek bobs don't fare well in the humidity and heat, plus I can't bear the whole styling thing when it's hot, so for that reason I would buy this and take it away with me, for home it's great for days when you really can't be bothered, but for me it wouldn't work for going out anywhere special.

Lee Stafford Air Dry Cream LiTe worked really well for me, as a blow dry cream, you can of course use this on washed hair and left to dry, I tried both, left to dry naturally, it gave a smooth finish to the hair, you don't need a lot, and I would recommend using the majority on the ends not roots. a much sleeker finish than the foam and you can actually mould your hair into shape while it is still damp, this would be perfect for hair with some length to it, it did work on turning the ends of the bob under which was impressive.  I preferred it as a blow dry cream, just on the ends of washed hair it gave a smooth sleek finish which left my hair incredibly soft and shiny. 
Both of these products smell almost identical, with a light floral summery fragrance.

Range Here 

Lyn 💋

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