Monday, 30 October 2017

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat

Hi Loves

We all know the trauma of getting a manicure or spending an evening doing your nails only to see it chipping and peeling within a couple of days, bearing in mind that nowadays we have dishwashers and rarely get on our hands and knees to wash the floor by hand.  If you are anything like me, and I hope for the sake of your hands and nails you aren't, my hands are constantly in bleach, I fail to ever wear gloves for housework or gardening and should really hang my head in shame for the abuse I put them through.

I have recently been testing out CND Vinylux range of polishes, WHO ? I hear you cry.  CND are not a brand you may be familiar with and in all honesty I don't know why as the range is immense, with oils and treatments included.  On to the polishes, I have four shades plus a top coat to show you.

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat
Cashmere Wrap

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat
Radiant Chill

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat
Berry Boudoir

Eternal Midnight

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat
Weekly Top Coat

These polishes are designed to give you 7 days wear, the brush is the first thing that will strike you, the perfect shape and size for a really easy application, the formula itself needs two coats for full coverage and dries fairly quickly, the magical finish is the Weekly Top Coat, that gives a gloss that is out of this world, I doubt you have ever experienced a shine like it, the gloss will dull slightly on around day three so to keep it like glass I suggest a quick top up, the whole manicure lasted a full 5 days, not the 7 as advertised, that said, as previously mentioned I made no attempt to look after the manicure so I would imagine a normal person would easily get the full 7 days, I could have pushed it to 6 or 7 days as the chips were nothing major, but I was keen to try new shades ! 

If you usually shell out on shellac ( no pun intended) at a salon, this polish will give you huge savings in terms of cost and time.

Lyn 💋

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