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Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation

Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation
Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation

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I could not count the amount of foundations I own. I seem to spend a sheer fortune on trying the latest this that and whatever is deemed to be the next big thing, I also buy quite a few hoping to be able to write that I have found something great for my readers * you* often they are useless, sometimes they are ok but as yet I have never discovered the holy grail of foundations.

You may or may not of heard of a brand called Babor it is predominantly available in Spa's and Salons, and is possibly better know for it's skincare than makeup.  The journey began in 1956 funnily enough the year I was born, so you can see the brand has 60 years of experience behind it, founded in Germany by Dr. Micheal Babor , proudly German the company is committed to sustainability and respecting the environment with the use of green electricity and maximum respect for the environment, Babor never test on animals.

Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation

I have yet to try skincare from the brand as I wanted to try out their makeup first, I am so so happy I opted for this choice, as I have discovered the HOLY GRAIL in foundation for me.  My skin being mature, fairly normal with no problems other than the usual lack of moisture battle associated with ageing.  Let me start by saying I have never ever found a matte foundation that didn't leave me looking like the crypt keeper, I need glow not a flat looking base, equally I don't want so much moisture that my face slides off !

Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation

Babor Age-ID Serum foundation is by far the best foundation I have ever used in my makeup wearing years. It comes in a glass bottle complete with a pumped pipette system that draws just the right amount of fluid for your face, it is thin in texture but has the best pigment and literally smooths across your skin like liquid silk, the finish I would describe as semi matte if there were such a thing, it feels dry to the touch like matte but still remains glowing, I have never used anything like it in my life, the lasting power is beyond belief and it never ever sinks into lines or wrinkles, it just leaves a flawless looking base that will have you examining your face close up. The beauty of this product is that you can apply a super thin layer and get great instant coverage or you can build it in thin layers for a more finished evening look, it never looks thick or clogged which ever way you apply it.

The brand supply a small cosmetic sponge for application, I usually apply foundation either with a brush or a beauty blender but for this product my personal preference was the old fashioned method of using my fingers, you of course can use which ever method suits you best.

If you do decide to try this for yourself I would pick a shade lighter than you think you need, as it is highly pigmented.

View Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation Here

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