Friday, 6 October 2017

XIP Professional Platinum Passion Eyeshadow Collection

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You will have seen me recently write about the British Makeup brand XIP Professional, if not you can catch up here.

This time I have been dipping into what I would say is one of the nicest, mo practical palettes I have had the pleasure of using, don't for one second confuse nice and practical with dull ! - oh no.  Far from it. This amazing bit of kit contains the most beautiful mix of shimmer and mattes, which is something I particularly like as I hate it when a palette is all one thing, either all matte or all shimmer.

I love that XIP stands for Xtremely Important Person, it just makes me smile and fits so well with this shade collection as they are perfect if you want a played down subtle look for day, or to really bling it up for the evening when you are prancing around being an XIP ! - I am a fab prancer after a Vino.

12 highly pigmented shades that are formulated with something called nylon-12 I have no clue what it is but what I do know is that it makes the shadow last and blend beautifully with a super soft silky texture, giving the shadow the ability to absorb oil and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. You need the smallest amount of the butter soft  shades to get a great impact, there is no fallout with these shadows making them easy to apply even for a novice. I honestly can't sing it's praises any higher, I absolutely love it !

I wore these shades all day on a recent shopping day, in some serious heat -England's cranky on/off Summer and found that rather than wearing off or melting the powders stayed in place and looked as good when I got home as they did when I left the house, this never happens to me, quite often I can't even tell that I had eye make up on at all after a day out. 

Starting in the top right corner the shades are:

Dark gold, black, smokey grey shimmer, silver shimmer, warm copper, milk chocolate brown, rich chocolate brown, soft peach, light gold, baby pink, rosy pink, champagne shimmer.

The recyclable palette also comes with a super soft double ended application brush that picks up pigment without any fallout. I also found it to be a really good practical size, unlike those horrid little sponge applicators you often find lurking in palettes. Yes Dior I am looking at you !

Check out the XIP Professional Platinum Passion Eyeshadow Collection  

XIP are a cruelty free brand.

Lyn 💋

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  1. 9 September 2017 at 16:16

    The XIP shadows look blissssssss. Shall keep an eye out.

  2. 10 September 2017 at 21:44

    It's such a great *go to* palette tthat is really flattering.
    Lyn x


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