Tuesday, 10 October 2017

No Mo - Stache

No Mo - Stache

Hi Loves
I recently discovered one of the best little kits I have seen in a long time, not only is it cute and handy, it is a mighty good product.

If you have the joy that is upper lip hair, you will know what a pain it is to book a salon visit to get it sorted, not to mention the delightful trip home with a cherry red top lip !   No Mo-Stache is a salon quality solution to use at home, holiday, anywhere.  This fabulous little tin contains 12 hypoallergenic waxed strips for the face, these are double sided so you only need to use one, I can hear you thinking "and ? " facial wax strips are not new, and you're right they aren't but having used them and having used these the difference is incredible, fortunately It is something I really don't need to do often, I do it more for the sake of foundation looking better, and if I am honest thought these were a gimmick, yep the tin is the cutest thing ever but I thought, like you, just wax strips !

No Mo - Stache

Having used them I am 100% converted, even when you go to a salon you find the same spot is often repeated to grab each and every last hair, No Mo-Stache for me was one application on each side of the upper lip and job done, the salon quality wax literally grabbed every tiny hair. The kit also contains Post waxing Aloe cream to soothe.

No Mo - Stache
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This Hollywood brand is available in the UK at

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