Saturday, 19 December 2015

Brand Loyalty, do you suffer with it ?

Hi Darlins,

this post is really more for the bloggers and writers out there, I want to talk about brand loyalty and how you deal with it ?

Our job as bloggers, especially if you work at it full time like I do, is to report and review our honest opinions on products we are lucky enough to be given to try out, and when I say lucky enough, I mean it, I know it's a two way street and we are offering a hell of a lot of hours, testing writing blogs, and tweeting like crazy to promote something with no hourly rate, but I still believe it is the best job ever !  and trust me I have had a few, from cleaning loo's as a single Mum with a small baby, working behind a beauty counter for a well known brand, to Director of a large recruitment Company, and finally owning my own business, which having given up last year found me falling into blogging. 

This brings me to question of loyalty, I was spoon fed the belief that it is a true test of the character of a person, but blogging makes this a dilemma for me, firstly I make it harder on myself by turning down projects I don't find interesting and secondly by not blogging if I don't like something I have tested, I would rather tell the company straight up that I won't be writing about it rather than give a bad review, it's not my job to slate someones company. 
If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all is my motto.

I have in the 6 months I have been blogging full time come across some absolutely stunning brands with even more gorgeous brand owners, I of course do my very best to promote something I love, but what happens when along comes a job from an almost identical brand that you need to write about.......OMG  I feel awful, as though I am being disloyal,  now I know this is stupid and have recently discussed it with a close blogger friend who said " you don't owe them exclusivity "  which is true, but my stomach still churns at the thought of seeming disloyal.

Let me know please how you overcome this ?  I really do know that you need to be thick skinned for this job, so maybe it's me ?  help................

Love N Hugz
Lyn x

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