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Rejuvenated Protein Smoothie Review

Hiya Gorgeous reader,

 please don't think that this post is going to preach to you about health and fitness, firstly I am no fitness guru, far from it, I am however, the world expert on yo yo dieting, and have done them all from the uber sensible to the extremely bizarre, each with varying results.
Rejuvenated protein smoothie review

Of course I will join the rest of the world and "start again in January" lol.  My relationship with Protein powders has been a very long one, in my younger years I was obsessive about weight training to the point that it was my life, that came to a halt after emergency life saving surgery that resulted in my gorgeous 6 pack being sliced open :(  a 6 month recovery period resulted in me staying away from my passion for years.

I firmly believe that diet is 80% and exercise is 20 %  of the total package, I personally find the primal/paleo lifestyle works best for me,  and my body seems to function at it's best on high protein.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try Protein Smoothies by a company called Rejuvenated, a completely different protein for me, one that is raw vegetable based rather than a whey protein.

Rejuvenated Protein Smoothies come in 3 flavours Strawberry, Butterscotch & Banana and Chocolate, I tried the Strawberry and Butterscotch &  Banana.  The smoothies come in re-sealable pouches with 17 servings in each, they come with a scoop so that you can perfectly measure 1 scoop per smoothie.  And the best bit.......99 calories.  The key ingredient is Glucomannan fibre that swells in the tummy keeping you full for literally hours. Each shake contains 21 grams of pea protein, so are perfect for vegetarians.

I have one for breakfast, and seriously have to remind myself to either have another one or food at lunchtime, I would say they work for me for around 5 hours.

Simply perfect for either keeping on top of your protein levels, or as a meal replacement when dieting.

Mixed with 300 ml water 99 kcals
Skimmed milk 300 ml 204 kcals
Almond milk 300 ml 135 kcals
Rice milk 300ml 249 kcals
Coconut water 114 kcals

At 17.99 these packs are excellent value for money,  See the website for more details Rejuvenated

This review is based on my own personal opinion, I am not a Doctor or Fitness Trainer.

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