Friday, 18 December 2015

Odd things about Christmas

Cleaning the house to within an inch of it's life just in case Santa is a producer for "How clean is your house " and of course it will still be immaculate after an hour of being up !

Clean sheets  and towels on Christmas eve in case Santa notices.

New jammies on Christmas eve, don't even ask me why ? when the kids were little everyone had them ;)

Buying food items that no one on the planet ever eats, you buy it because your Mum did, and well.........because it's Christmas........ pickled walnut anyone ?

Buying and wrapping gifts for your pets, then unwrapping them yourself only to be disappointed when said pet isn't jumping with joy, miserable fur baby.

Having a little tipple while cooking lunch which results in a Christmas day burn of some description every year ( oh that's just me then ? ) 

Having a plate with a minimum of 12 different food items on it and wondering why you need a nap.

Going for a walk !!!!!!  what the frig is that about, why does someone always think going for a walk is a good idea ?  I would quite happily drive them.......muppetts !

I'm sure I could go on with this list, and I am pretty sure you have some random oddities that go on in your Christmas home :)  don't be shy, spill the beans, I would love to hear them.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x

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