Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream

Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream
Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream

Hello to your gorgeous self,
Was I right in thinking it would be impossible not to fall in love with this cream based on the packaging alone ?  I did, and was rather hoping that the contents lived up to my expectation, I love anything gold and shiny and with it's 24 Karat Gold particles I was hoping for good things from this glamorous jar.

Firstly it would be easy to think that the gold flakes are a gimmick - But no, when absorbed by the skin they release active gold ions that are rich in trace minerals.  On first dip into the jar ( it does come with it's own spatula )  the formula is almost gel like, when applied to the skin it has a water burst effect that delivers pure moisture and hydration, the gold flakes simply disappear leaving you with the dewiest, glowiest, skin ever, probably not real words, but it gives you an idea. 
 I would say pat this in gently to your face, neck and decolletage and just feel your skin drink in the moisture, if your skin is slightly dry or dehydrated this will literally feel like a fountain of moisture, it has such a cool soothing effect it is a sheer pleasure to use.

Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream

What I would say about this night cream, is what at first seems like a cute marketing gimmick, turns out to be some serious skincare at a bargain price, I looked up the price after testing, and have to admit to being totally shocked, I expected this to be around £60 +  it is in fact  Currently on offer at £15.95 ( link below )  I can honestly say I am blown away !!

Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream

This is my first outing with Bio Essence, but expect to see more, I have looked at the range and now have a shopping list, if this one night cream is anything to go by I am totally looking forward to discovering more.

Lyn 💋

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