Sunday, 28 May 2017

Makeup Over 60

Hi Loves
This isn't a make up lesson, my lord I am in no position to teach anyone anything, everyday I learn something new on the internet, but yesterday for some reason I had a little play with my phone camera when I was doing my face, anyone that knows me will know that this is beyond rare !  I hate photo's being taken of me with a passion, I don't have a problem with getting older at all, but I think that being conditioned by beautiful images in magazines and the internet, you criticise your own face more and more, this is not a good thing, and I really need to practise what I preach when it comes to women celebrating themselves.

I posted said scary pictures to my instagram page thelavenderbarnltd if you want to have a look, these pictures were of me with no mascara and only one eyebrow done !   Yep, NO mascara, and this was the thing that got me thinking about age, at what age did I seriously deem it acceptable to be seen without mascara ? you may be thinking, what's the deal ?  why would this even occur to her ?  I think it's fair to say that when I was younger I was what would nowadays be called a "poser"  in my day my Mum just called it vain, NEVER EVER would I pop to our local shop or open the door to the postman without my "eyes" on, it would have been unthinkable. I had my first baby at 18, my Mum rang the maternity hospital to say my waters had broken, they told her to bring me in, 3 hours later I arrived having done my hair in it's hot rollers aka Farah Fawcett style, top and bottom fake eyelashes and enough lip gloss to fry chips !  Bemused as to why these women were annoyed at me for wasting time, and while they admonished my poor Mum, as apparently she should have known better, I set about the 13 hour task, lashes and all !  and when my daughter was born, I was told my long red painted nails would need to be cut off before I could bath  "baby"  my answer at 18 was well "baby" will stay dirty then !  I am ashamed to say.  My point being, is when did all of this stop being my priority ?  I would like to think it was becoming a Mum that did it, but noooo I remember feeding my girl while sitting under a hooded hairdryer in the kitchen of my flat, on a daily basis, the thought of being arsed with rollers and a hairdryer just to go to the shops daily is laughable to me now, but back then it was just a normal part of getting ready in the mornings, I even recall spending years sleeping in mascara as I didn't want the Man to see me without eyes. I do and you will see from Instagram resemble a new born piglet with no mascara, I know that today everyone is shocked to hear that the make up Queen herself Charlotte Tilbury does the same and has what she calls bedroom eyes, fair play to the woman, I wish I cared enough LOL

So going from not opening the door without eyes, to posting a baldy eye picture to thousands really got me thinking.

My Question girls, is when did this happen ? and why does it happen ?  is it just me ? 

Lyn 💋


  1. 28 May 2017 at 19:47

    I think it's one of the positives of getting older Lyn. We're less self conscious and willing to show our true selves without the makeup mask. I only wear makeup occasionally now but like you it used to be essential!

  2. 30 May 2017 at 19:24

    I think you are so right Gail, all that pressure we placed on ourselves is gone thank goodness.

    Lyn x


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