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Nurture Replenish

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You may, like me, have not heard of Nurture Replenish from Healthspan it is a brand that believes wholly in a two step approach to Beauty via optimum skincare, haircare and health, it has been specifically designed for women in the Menopause and beyond, the company have an impressive list of experts in Hair, Beauty and Health on it's panel, and on reading it I can see that I have had the pleasure of meeting two of them previously, so I know that they know :) 

Nurture Replenish 10-In-1 Hair Oil

Moisturise, Boosts shine, Provides colour protection,Improves softness and smoothness,protects against damage, improves manageability, increases strength, increases condition,provides anti-breakage protection,protects against heat.

Having used this oil extensively I can confirm that it has left my hair soft, shiny and seriously healthy looking, the fragrance is not overwhelming but has a fresh wash smell to it that lasts, as always with hair oil less is more, apply a few drops to towel dried hair, and style as normal, you will want to run your fingers through your hair to keep checking the softness.

100ml £11.95

Nurture Replenish Facial Wash 

I was, I will admit wary of this facial wash, whilst I love wash off balms and cleansers I am not keen on anything foamy for fear of drying out my skin, from the very first use my skin was fine, it didn't feel tight, or look red and itchy, it was left clean and soft, I used this both as a morning cleanse, a first cleanse to remove make up, which it did nicely and a second cleanse after an oil, it performed really well as an all round cleanser, the pearl like consistency foams into a really cream lather and rinses away easily, containing Borage Oil which is naturally high in fatty acids and vitamin E this cleanser is thorough while at the same time moisturising. I favoured this as a morning cleanse as it really livens you up and smells heavenly fresh.

75ml £7.95

Nurture Replenish

Nurture Replenish Collagen Boosting Serum

A lightweight serum that literally glides onto the skin, vanishing within seconds, it leaves your skin feeling coated but not greasy or sticky, contains phytoestrogens from Soy Bean extract, these Phytoestrogens mimic natural oestrogen helping to boost oestrogen and collagen levels in the skin.  I loved this serum, my skin looked more alive with the use of this, whilst I used it as part of a whole routine from Nurture Replenish I would be confident to say you would see improvements by adding it to whichever skincare you use.

 30ml £15.95

Nurture Replenish

Nurture Replenish Eye Serum 

I am not a huge fan of eye creams, some I find make my eyes look worse rather than better and waking up to puffy eyes really is no joy, this is not an average eye cream, being serum it is incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving the skin around the eye area looking softer with diminished creasing, I had no puffy eyes and have to say my eyes certainly did look pretty flipping good in the morning, I used this twice a day morning and night, it worked well under make up unlike a cream which tends to sometimes make the eye area greasy, resulting in panda eye from mascara.
30ml 12.95

Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF15

This jar of day cream is a sheer delight to use, in conjunction with The Collagen Boosting Serum you will see the best results, but again as with all of this range I think you could quite easily cherry pick this day cream and add it into your usual routine, it has a beautiful creamy consistency while still being lightweight and easily absorbed it left no greasy residue just seriously soft fully moisturised skin which actually smooths fine lines leaving you looking fresher and healthier. I have used moisturisers costing 4 times the cost of this and not had better results !

Nurture Replenish Neck and Decolletage Cream

Here I am going to be really strict, ONLY use this product at night, and as always do a test patch, This cream is said to tighten and improve the jawline and decolletage, and YES indeed it does, it is a miracle of a cream, it heats up the skin not in a stingy horrible way but more a gentle warming, containing a combination of Caffeine and Retinol amongst other ingredients they work together to bring you tighter firmer skin, use nightly over 4 weeks and you will be shocked at the change in your skin, that said I noticed a difference from around day 6, this is one that I can't now imagine being without, on a side note, I expected it to have a Deep Heat/Ralgex fragrance to it alongside the heating properties, but no, just a pleasant fresh fragrance. 

50ml £16.95

Nurture Replenish

Nurture Replenish Day/Night Skin Nutrition Supplement

A course of 30 Day and 30 Night supplements designed for use during the menopause and beyond to give your skin everything it needs from the inside, so you are treating it in the two step treatment I mentioned previously, this way you know you are doing everything you possibly can to give your skin everything it needs to stay healthy and fully moisturised.

Our skins need different things at different times of day which is why there is a day and a night capsule.

The daytime pill contains 

Hyaluronic Acid 10mg
Soy Germ Extract 100mg
providing isoflavones 40mg
Vitamin C 80mg (100)

and the night capsule contains 

Echium Oil 200mg
Borage Oil 250mg
combined providing
Omega 3 Fatty Acids (SDA and ALA) 70mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids (GLA) 65mg
Lycopene 6mg
Natural Vitamin E 10mg (83)

So you can see both are providing different benefits.

30 Day Tablets and 30 Night Capsules £ 13.95

I wanted at the end of this review period to have decided on what bits I like and what I don't like, in fact I like it all, I especially like the prices, they represent incredible value for money for what can only only be described a very impressive range of skincare, as I have said previously you could cherry pick items of particular interest, but I bet a pound to a penny you would be keen enough having tried one to go back for more, this truly compares to products much much higher in price and could even be said to out pass many !  I really love it when something unexpected hits the spot.

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